Amaysim Review – Should You Go With Them ?

Amaysim have a great reputation with the people who know them. Not everyone has heard of them in Australia. Go with Amaysim for great value, cheaper access to the Optus 3G network and Australian customer service. See below for a full review.
Why choose Amaysim?
Excellent value for money
Powered by the Optus network
No lock-in contracts
Keep your number or get a new one
Award winning plans and customer service
Price $20 for 1st month new online orders valid until 28th of February 2015.

Amaysim plans overview

$ 44.90

/month VIEW PLAN
1 Month
Price $20 1st Month

$ 19.90

/month VIEW PLAN
$19 credit
9c / SMS
1 Month
Free delivery

$ 5.00

/month VIEW PLAN
As you go
Pay as you go
12c / SMS
1 Month
Free delivery

Is Amaysim right for you?

Amaysim is a good option if you:
  • You already have a mobile phone
  • Want simple plans and good value
  • Prefer to stay away from contracts
  • Are looking for a strong 3G network (Optus)

Looking for something cheaper?

Not everyone needs the number of calls, SMS and huge data inclusions offered by Amaysim. If you are more of an average user, let us help you with that. Read our advice to average users.  

So, is Amaysim a good choice?

Yes, in our opinion Amaysim is an excellent choice. Here's why:
  • Excellent value  Plans under $40 include the things you actually need
  • Great data packs  The Unlimited Plan includes a whooping 5GB, but even with the lower plans you can get great data add ons
  • Award winning plans  Money Magazine have awarded Amaysim Plans as “Best of the Best”
  • Award winning service  Canstar Blue consistently rate Amaysim service as the best in the industry
  • Powered by the Optus 3G network  Optus is one of the top networks and covers more than 97% of the Australian population
  • No contracts  You are not tied to a contract and you can leave anytime you like



Common questions about Amaysim

I haven’t heard of Amaysim before, can I trust them?

Amaysim have been in market for several years now. Their track record is set and demonstrated by the fact that they’ve received endorsements from Money Magazine for the value in their plans. They’re not going anywhere.

Can I keep my number when switching Amaysim?

Yes you can. You can keep your number if you move to Amaysim or you can start again and get a new one. It’s up to you.

How is Amaysim coverage in my area?

Amaysim use the Optus 3G network, you can check Amaysim coverage in your area here

Can I cancel my service if I’m not happy?

Of course you can ! You’ll have to finish up the month you’re in and cancel any automated payments you have set up. However, after that, unlike most phone company deals, you’ll be free to get moving.

Can I get a Nano SIM with Amaysim?

Yes you can. This is an option available in the online checkout when you buy online. It has to be said that it took Amaysim a long time to get hold of Nano SIMs when the iPhone 5 ( the first phone to use Nano SIMs ) was released. During the period they didn’t have Nano SIMs, they gave some questionable advice about cutting micro SIMs up and inserting them in to iPhones. However, now, Amaysim have sufficient stock of Nano SIMs for iPhones so there’s no need to worry.

What’s the cost of international calls?

Calls from you, on your mobile, in Australia, to overseas countries start at just 6c per minute ( 6c is the rate to the UK ) with Amaysim. Most charges are between 29 cents and 49 cents per minute. And there's no flagfall

Why does Amaysim only offer 3G speeds?

For many people, 3G speeds are fast enough. You can certainly watch a streaming You Tube video clip using 3G network speeds. Amaysim is an MVNO on the Optus network. They’re cheaper than Optus and part of the reason Optus uses to justify the extra they charge is that they offer access to 4G Data speeds. For you, it’s a question of what you value most. If you’d like the latest, fastest 4G network speeds, you’ll need to pay a little more for a plan from Optus, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone or Telstra.

Amaysim plan reviews

If you need more info about Amaysim plans, check the reviews below. If you'd like to, drop us a note. We'd love to hear from you.

Amaysim Review


Everyone wants to get a the best price plan deal. Not everyone wants a phone. Many already have one. For those who fall in to both camps – those who want a great deal on a SIM card but don’t need a new mobile phone, we feel like we owe you what we owe our other friends. I've worked in telco for years. My colleagues and I have designed our site to answer the questions our friends have when they’re looking at telecommunications products. One aspect of the site you may have noticed is that we always make a recommendation on the best price plan deal. There’s a reason for that – our friends are always asking for them. And, for the friends who already have a phone, we always make the same recommendation….Amaysim


What’s the key point ?

For people after the best price plan deal, who already have their own mobile phone, there’s only one answer. For years now, we have consistently recommended Amaysim’s $44.90 unlimited plan. It’ll save you a fortune.

What you need to know

Amaysim is an Australian company with affordable pricing for the telecommunications services they offer. They have been operating since the end of 2010. Almost all Australians buy their phone service from one of the top 4 phone companies. In Australia, people choose phone companies in the same way they choose banks. For some reason, people tend to trust the brands they’ve always known and steer clear of new ideas. And just like the big 4 banks, if you’re not prepared to shop around for your phone services, and consider alternatives like Amaysim, you might be missing on the best deals.


We feel so strongly about providing you with the inside track on pricing on what is consistently the best deal in the Australian market that we are taking the time and the special step, to write an article about this best in class offer. Just to be clear, this is not a sponsored article, it was not commissioned by Amaysim, and no, we’ve never written a review of any plan before ( let alone an Amaysim review – we are genuinely just writing this because it’s the advice we give our family and we think it’s the best advice we can give you. )

Amaysim $44.90 plan – key points and feedback

The Amaysim $44.90 unlimited plan has features which make it stand out.

  • It really is unlimited ( for calls and SMS in Oz ):For voice and text in Australia, the Amaysim plan offers unlimited use – and all for $44.90. Of course, the plan is subject to fair usage but unless you’re talking 24 x 7 – so long as your needs are those of a legitimate Australian Consumer, you’ll be fine. We know how much people worry about their mobile bills. Everyone we know has had a neck rubbing moment just after they’ve opened their post and cracked the envelope from their telecommunications provider. Do you know anyone who has not had a bill for more than $100 from their telco for services ? We do – the people we’ve recommended the Amaysim plan to. The best part of having an Amaysim plan is that you never have to worry again about blowing your cap.
  • 5GB of data is heaps:That’s a lot of data. I use a lot of data on my mobile. I stream the news on the way in to the office, I download tonnes of email from a variety of accounts every day with attachments. I use my mobile as a tethered modem all the time to update the site with the articles I’ve written. And I go nowhere near 5GB of data a month. Data users are broken in to 3 ‘types’.
    • Low users: They know who they are. They hardly surf and when they do, it’s a couple of times a month.
    • High users: They know who they are and they know what data they use. The top 20% of iPhone / other high end Smartphone users will go over 1.5GB – 2GB of data. They’re high users.
    • Medium users: These guys are the ones with the problem. They don’t know how much they use. Does that sound like you ? If so, go Amaysim. Right now, you have to be in the top 1 per cent of mobile phone users to go over 5GB of data ( what Amaysim include in their plans. ) You can sleep easy that you’re not going to blow this allowance !
  • No contract means ultimate flexibility:In the telco industry, this type of plan is called On Account. In fact, it’s no more of a commitment to the Amaysim company than a prepaid SIM is. You sign up, activate online and you give them your details – credit card or bank account. Then they charge you every month for the service. But, you can cancel any time. Unlike prepaid, you’ll never run out of credit when you need it most. And unlike a contract, if you want out, that’s fine. Give them a ring and end the contract. No termination fees, no arguments, you’re done.
  • 13 & 18 numbers are included: One of the things that really catches people out is that they buy a cap and it doesn’t include 13 numbers or 18 numbers. Then they have to call one of them when they’re out and about and they end up on call to a call center for 45 minutes getting charged an outrageous out of cap rate for it ! Not with Amaysim !
  • The service is great !I actually put my girlfriend on the plan 6 months ago with an old Whatphone phone. I asked her for her thoughts on the service and she said she loved it ! The call center is based in Australia and they even send you an email whenever they debit your account !

Things to remember

  • International calls: One note in the hope it will help : Remember, if you go outside of Australia and call then you will be charged for that.
  • Read the terms: As with all plans, it’s always prident to ensure that you read the terms and conditions before you sign up. Just because we love the plan doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for you . But – if you are an average person and you decide this is the right plan for you then you are very unlikely to get a shock when your bill lands in your email tray – ever again !
  • Awards: Money Magazine has awarded them twice for having the best unlimited and as you go plans ! What more do you want !?

As usual, if you have feedback or questions, why not drop us a line through the ‘get in touch’ section of our site. We’d love to hear from you. And if you’d like more reviews of plans, we’ll maybe we will !

Video Transcript

  • Sick of getting hit with huge bills for your phone calls ?
  • Want to be sure you’ve got enough data in your plan ?
  • Worried if you should trust a phone company outside the big 4 ?
  • Here’s the inside story about Amaysim.
  • Amaysim have been around for years now. If you check the information below,  you’ll see they’ve won a ton of awards for value and customer service.
  • This company is not going anywhere.
  • Their unlimited plan is genuinely that. It offers unlimited calls and texts to Australian numbers for $44.90 a month.
  • Better still, there’s no commitment, you can choose to leave whenever you like – so long as you pay for the month you’re in.
  • Amaysim use the Optus 3G network so coverage is great. And the unlimited plan includes a whopping 4 gig of data.
  • On average, people use far less than 4 gig of data a month so with Amaysim, you’re safe.
  • If you’ve got a phone you love, you want the best value plan and you prefer not to bother with contracts, choose Amaysim.
  • Click the button below to get your Amaysim plan today.

Where to find SIM Only deals

There are many offer SIM only / BYO plans out there, but below are the ones and a good place to start your search. Good luck!

Time remaining for February price $20 for the first month from Amaysim :