iPhone 4s vs HTC 1X / HTC One X : What phone suits you ?

Whatphone compares the iPhone 4s vs HTC 1X / HTC One X

When you are  considering the iPhone 4s vs HTC OneX, you know you’re looking at two of the top 7 Australian mobiles.

It’s probably fair to say that each represents the strongest current offering of the Apple / HTC companies’ phones.

It’s tough choosing a new mobile phone.

It’s especially hard to break from the herd.

Going against the trends of the last few years means choose something different to an iPhone 4S.

That’s why Whatphone was started. We want to simplify the process for you.

However, we also want to be transparent and honest with you about what we’re saying and why here.

Obviously, the mobile phone you choose is very personal to you.

We can openly examine the differences in features and specifications. We can give you our honest point of view.

But what you end up with is going to come down to your own experience and needs.

iPhone 4s vs HTC 1X / HTC One X : Specification differences :

The major differences between the two products’ specification are in the areas of Processor, Screen and battery.

Everything else is pretty much the same between the two devices.

Considering the iPhone is the better part of a year older, that’s testament to the quality of the product.

In the opinion of Whatphone, from a purely hardware perspective, the HTC One X / HTC 1X is the better device, no question.

  • Processor :
    The HTC One X has Quad Core processors. The iPhone 4S has dual core. As we’ve said in other areas of the Whatphone site and at other times, the reality is that software and application production houses have not yet delivered any apps which really stretch the Quad Core processing capabilities of the new device releases. However, given the rate of change of, well, everything right now, Whatphone would be nuts to suggest anything other than you betting on the fact that they will, at some point, device software which needs Quad Core. Unless you want that to make your mobile outdated in the middle of your contract – or at least run that risk, Quad Core is the way to go.
  • Battery :
    The other advantage of the HTC 1X’s Quad Core processing capabilities may be reflected in the battery performance of the HTC One X. I’ve used both the iPhone 4S and the HTC One X as my primary device for more than a month. The iPhone 4S’s battery is noticeably better than previous incarnations of iPhone. However, the HTC One X beats it by a healthy margin. As a heavy user, I needed to charge both devices every night but I didn’t have nearly as many gut sinking moments with the HTC One X as I did the iPhone 4S. There were fewer times when I realized that I needed to charge it again quick or I was going to run out of battery. Out of battery and you go off the grid ( can you IMAGINE being out of contact for a few hours  ?! <Shudder.> )
  • The technical talk is that the more processors you have the more they split the tasks, the less they need to ‘strain’ to do the processing and the less batter juice you use. Frankly, at Whatphone, we care about the end, not the means. The battery life was longer on the HTC One X so that’s that.
    Apple iPhone 4S vs HTC1X/OneX
  • Screen :
    Wow. This has got to be the biggest, most noticeable difference in the fight of the iPhone 4s vs HTC 1X / HTC One X. I used to love the screen on the iPhone 4S. I was impressed at the fluidity of the video images of what I’d downloaded form iTunes. I was, frankly, grateful that someone had found a way for me to reliably watch video when I was on the bus or in a ‘plane.

Things have changed.

I’m limited here to words to express one of the body’s senses, which is always going to lack clarity.

I can only do what my English teacher told me to at times like this and use a metaphor.

  • The HTC One X screen is like witnessing the sun set over an infinity pool on Hamilton island
  • The iPhone 4S screen is like watching the KGB’s boots stomp past your grimy Moscow basement window as they try to arrest your father.

In the unlikely event that my English teacher was wrong, we need to consider the fact that you might not understand exactly what I meant there.

The One X’s screen is clearer, brighter, warmer and a genuine pleasure to behold.

In comparison, Apple’s screen seems darker, more cramped and, potentially, threateningly communist. ( Clearly, at least the last bit, is untrue. Apple is the world’s most valuable capitalist company, I believe. )

If you play a lot of games or watch a lot of multimedia content, a great screen is going to be important to you.

The same goes for browsing.

However, to be fair to Apple about that particular feature, their browser is slicker, more mature and less glitchy.

Even if it doesn’t ‘do’ Flash – which means some of the websites you visit on an iPhone will not work.

iPhone 4s vs HTC 1X / HTC One X : Commonalities :

  • Weight :
    They weigh within 3 grams of each other.
  • Memory :
    The HTC One X comes with 32 Gig of memory on board which, stupidly, you can’t expand. The iPhone 4S’s memory can’t be expanded with Micro SD cards either but at least you can get it in different memory variants : 16GB / 32GB and 64GB so you’d have to give Apple the edge there.
  • Video :
    Both have great 1080 HD ( High Definition ) video capabilities although the FPS ( Frames Per Second ) rate on the HTC One X is slower – 23 FPS vs 30 FPS on the iPhone which gives the latter smoother movement.
  • Camera :
    Both have 8MP cameras. I prefer the camera on the HTC One X. I think it gives better quality images and I love the fact that you can take pictures while the video is running. I found I used this feature more than I expected to. However, others in the office prefer the Apple iPhone 4S’s camera so there is no clear cut winner.
  • Both are 3G although there is an HTC One XL, available from Telstra right now which has Dual Core chipset and LTE ( 4G wireless data access. )

iPhone 4s vs HTC 1X / HTC One X : Other factors to consider

  • Aesthetics, the way the device looks is a very personal thing. You’ve got to make your own mind up about it. My view is that the HTC One X’s polycarbonate ( posh plastic ) body looks better, looks more modern and, importantly, looks different from the ubiquitous Apple iPhone’s chassis.
  • Operating Systems :
    Apple’s 4 x 4 grid of familiar apps in familiar places appeals to some people. I guess the sort of people who have been reading the Sydney Morning Herald at the same coffee bar every week for the last 20 years. My view is that one of the key aspects of a good mobile these days is its configurability. The Android device range has a personalization application which allows you to set – basically, everything. Apple let you change the wallpaper. This might sound trivial but the Android devices have an interesting ability. It’s possible to use, configure and position wherever you want them, widgets. Widgets are applications which perform their function without being ‘opened.’ This surfaces live information like stock prices, weather, the time and, for me, the location of nearby Russian Intelligence Agents, on the screen of your device, as they change. If you don’t think this is important, you underestimate the capability.

iPhone 4s vs HTC 1X / HTC One X : Summing up

So, that’s it. I much prefer the HTC One X myself, if that didn’t come through.

But you know what ? My jeans cost $95 Australian. I don’t need bells and whistles of a posh brand. When it comes to jeans, I just want them to do the job.

And you might feel the same about a mobile.

  • If you’re starting your ‘advanced’ mobile phone ( some people call them Smartphones ) experience rather than optimizing it
  • If you want something reliable to get you going.

Then the iPhone 4S might just be the way to go.

When you’re choosing what phone is right for you, we suggest to you that features and specifications are only half the battle.

The other component is the pricing from the telcos ( that’s telecommunications companies like Optus, Telstra, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone Australia. )

If you want to get price alerts across all those operators sent to you, every week for just one month the sign up.

If you want to receive the Whatphone price alerts we’ll send price changes to you as they happen on the iPhone 4S and HTC One X.

And, generally, if you have any feedback at all ( not on Russia please, I know it’s a great place and that it hasn’t been a communist nation for some time ) then we’d love to hear from you.

Drop us a line through the contact us section.

Aug ’12

Written by:

Kurt Hands


Sarah Kesteven

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Sarah is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.