OVO Play: Your Go-To App for Uninterrupted Live Sports and Data Rewards

OVO Play Your Go-To App

Australians love their sports. But even the biggest fans don’t always have the luxury of watching live sports in a stadium. Even making it to the couch in time for the game can be tricky with so many other things to juggle.

Mobile sports streaming is becoming more available and even more affordable as Australian telcos buy into the idea that offering customers live-streamed sport is a great way to create loyalty and attract new business.

OVO have chosen to cater for fans of niche sports with a dedicated but smaller following through their web app, OVOPlay.

What is OVOPlay?

Australia’s leading telco company, OVO, launched OVOPlay to bring out-of-the-ordinary sports to their fans.

OVOPlay is a web app, meaning you don’t need to download it from the app store. You can simply launch it in your web browser, much like a website, from your smartphone or tablet. When you register with OVO, you automatically get access to all content and features available on OVOPlay.

screenshot of OVOPlay app

Live Streaming Exciting Sports Content

OVOPlay offers unique sports that fans are unable to watch elsewhere, live-streamed and supported by additional content. OVOPlay has sports and entertainment videos on drag racing, water polo, gymnastics and much more.

OVOPlay sports content

Additionally, you will find sporting highlights, exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage, and regular updates on upcoming live events. Plus, OVOPlay lets you live stream your favourite local radio station from the Triple M and Hit Network.

OVOPlay sports streaming image 2

OVOPlay sources fantastic content with the help of its leading media partners, including Audi Sports Customer Racing, Australian Supercars, Gymnastics and motorsport partners. OVOPlay continues to update their partnerships and content.

What makes OVO Play Unique?

OVO customers can enjoy access to their favourite sports on OVOPlay and get rewardes for it. Some of the major highlights are:

  • It’s FREE!
    Users don’t need an OVO SIM to use the app (Although they need one to use data rewards, which we talk about below). Download OVOPlay free from the app store or browse online in your web browser to access hundreds of broadcasts. However, to access live sports streaming, you’ll need to be an OVO customer or have a subscription.
  • Live and HD Streaming
    OVOPlay subscribers can experience Live HD videos across all events, on the go. You can even cast to the big screen when you’re home.
  • Data Rewards
    When you spend OVO Time streaming on OVOPlay, you get rewarded up to 10 GB of free data on your next recharge to use however and wherever you want – even outside of OVOPlay. (2-10 hours of streaming gets you 1GB, 10-20 hours gets you 5GB, and 20+ hours gets you 10GB).

Fans of the live sports featured on OVOPlay need an OVO SIM card to stream everything with their Data Reward.

OVOPlay’s features are categorised into three packages:

  • Starter (FREE): On-demand sport, esport, motorsport & more, SD quality, stream instantly.
  • LIVE (FREE): On-demand sport, esport, motorsport & more, HD quality, live sport, screencast.
  • LIVE-PLUS: On-demand sport, esport, motorsport & more, HD quality, live sport, screencast.

preview of OVOPlay app

Downloading the App

OVOPlay is a web app, so it can be used without downloading. However, OVO recommends downloading the app to keep an eye on your allowances and to manage your service as things change. The app is available in Android and iOS versions.

OVOPlay sports streaming image 1

Consumers benefit from telco competition

Australian mobile providers are competing hard to meet the growing demands of consumers for easy access to live, HD sports streaming.  Even against Australian giants like Telstra and Optus, OVO are holding their own by specializing in niche sports and offering a quality streaming service.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.