TPG mobile customers who would prefer to stay on the Optus network

TPG mobile customers who would prefer to stay on the Optus network

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Here are the key findings from the recent news that TPG is merging with Vodafone and what this means for customers that want to stay on the Optus network, there are more details in the article below.

  • TPG is a telecommunications company which has a strong position in the data infrastructure market and is a competitive national broadband network operator.
  • The merger between the two companies has been reported as they are simply both getting ready for 5G in Australia and working together is in both companies best interests.
  • For TPG customers who prefer to stay on the Optus network, there is a great range of deals with either them or those offered by MVNOs which resell the same Optus network.

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Existing TPG customers who want to stay with Optus

TPG is moving in batches all of it’s existing 320,000 customers and new subscribers to the Vodafone network. As TPG has recently partnered with Vodafone, all current customers which have previously been enjoying the Optus network, will now be migrated over.

But what about the existing TPG customers who enjoy the Optus 4G network and services which Optus provides?

When asked about this Craig Levy, COO at TPG Telecom responded.

“We’re going to be inviting our mobile base. We’re going to give them a bonus period that lets them get a welcome pack and try the network without paying for it. Their access plan will come for free for a period if it’s an included value plan. “If customers take the new offer from us and they’re not happy, they can choose another alternative.”

If existing customers are not happy about this or want to shop around for a better deal there are plenty of competitive MVNO providers in the market which offer just as good or even better deals, which consumers can take advantage of.

How can MVNOs save you money

MVNOs save their customers money by leasing network access ‘in bulk’ from the three, major Australian phone companies. Then they sell it, to customers like you, at a significant discount.

With MVNOs, you can take advantage of lower rates, and SIMs that are contract-free.  They almost always offer better deals than the major phone companies. They don’t have the same marketing spends to pass on in the costs they charge you. They don’t spend nearly as much on advertising their brand as the others. By keeping their business models simple, they reduce the support costs and pass the savings on to you. They also need to charge less because they’re not as well known as their multinational competitors.

By keeping their business models simple, MVNOs reduce the support costs and pass the savings on to you in their SIM Only plans.

It’s important to realize that the network coverage component of the ‘product’ the MVNOs sell is very often exactly the same thing being sold by Optus or Vodafone. The coverage you’ll get from an Optus MVNO is exactly the same as the coverage you’ll get from Optus itself. There are a few exceptions and ‘gotchas’ to think about. We’ve covered those in detail, below.

Optus Network or MVNO Comparison


Myths about MVNOs: Prioritization

Some shoppers suspect that MVNOs are getting low quality network bandwidth. For example, minutes that aren’t used by carriers during peak activity. That’s just not true.  In many ways, network access is like electricity. It’s a utility which is the same whomever or whichever company you buy it from. You will not get a lower priority on the network if you go with an MVNO.

Why are MVNO deals cheaper?

The MVNOs marketplace is highly competitive. The competition is focused where you want it. MVNOs have an agreed charter with the major phone companies. Each MVNO is set up to focus on servicing ( selling to ) a particular segment.

A segment is just a group of users. Here are a couple of our favorite MVNOs and the segments they are designed to address.

What other MVNO’s choices are there?

Currently in the Australian market there are a lot of choices if you look past the major national carriers and look at the highly competitive MVNOs. These reseller companies use the same premium networks as the big three do but compete better on price, service and prepaid plan offerings.

With so much choice currently in the Australian market, there is a provider available which is suitable for your needs and usage levels. Selecting the network provider which is best for you doesn’t need to be a daunting task. Below we have reviewed some of the best deals should you choose to stay with Optus or pick an MVNO provider on the same network.

Optus network 4G deals

By choosing the Optus 4G network as your prepaid mobile service provider, you can take advantage of flexibility and affordability which comes with all prepaid plans on this network.

Existing TPG customers don’t need a new SIM card and can stay on the existing network if they so choose. If you want to buy a new mobile phone you can also purchase one from Optus upfront, along with a prepaid starter SIM pack, or your existing number with no lock in contracts.

Optus currently offer a great range of prepaid deals which are comparative to what TPG is offering all customers which agree to be ported over to the new TPG/Vodafone network.

For customers which choose to stay on the Optus network and not migrate to the Vodafone one, Optus are offering a great deal to stay put. Existing eligible customers can receive a $10 monthly discount over 12 months on selected My Plan Plus or SIM Only plans.

Comparing TPG and Amaysim

Amaysim provides customers with real unlimited calling nationwide in Australia with no catches or gimmicks. All of the Amaysim prepaid plans feature different price points but for the sake of comparison we will use the benchmark $30 per month prepaid plan.

For $30 per month on Amaysim you get access to the Optus 4G network (the same as if you went with Optus direct) and receive unlimited texts/calls, unlimited international texting and a generous 30GB of mobile data.

In comparison on the Vodafone network for the same $30 you receive 25GB, but you don’t receive access to global roaming or international texting.

Comparing Coles Mobile and TPG

Coles Mobile is the latest Australian MVNO to enter the marketplace with their prepaid plans. Currently, they are only offering two plans, of which one is really only for people who require an emergency phone plan, or have very low spending habits.

The second prepaid plan which Coles Mobile offers is the 10 days for $10 deal. This is unique to the industry and something that Coles is hoping will resonate with their supermarket shoppers, which is the audience they are targeting.

The 10 for $10 works out to 3 recharges per month for a monthly amount of $30. The prepaid plan is inclusive of unlimited standard national calls and text messages, with no sneaky hidden service fees.

Each month you need to recharge your plan and each time you are given a total of 400MB of mobile data, for a monthly total 1.2GB. Compared with the same price point from Vodafone you receive 2GB which is a better deal, but if you are doing your weekly shopping at Coles, it might work out to be more convenient to top up at the checkout.

Coles Mobile is using the Optus 4G network, so you know that your mobile data speeds will be fast, so long as you have a capable smartphone handset.

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In conclusion

If you want to stay with Optus there are great choices from the MVNO providers such as Amaysim and Coles Mobile. Both have their own pros and cons while providing the same great coverage, service and access to the Optus 4G network.

If you live in a poor coverage area with Vodafone or not happy with the new TPG and Vodafone partnership, you can vote with your wallet and switch either to Optus directly, or take up one of the great prepaid plans on offer from the MVNOs.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.