Amaysim Flexi Plan Review

Amaysim Flexi is the sort of plan you should be considering if you use your phone every day but not all day.

Since Amaysim included 4G data in their plans at the start of 2015, Amaysim Flexi has best the best in market. Amaysim Flexi $19.90 offers the average user, who has either a 3G or a 4G phone the best plan on the market. Amaysim Flexi is the sort of plan you should be considering if you use your phone every day but not all day. For $19.90, you’ll get about 110 standard 2 minute calls to other Australian phone numbers. That’s 3 or 4 per day. You’ll also get 500 MB of 4G data. Amaysim use the Optus 4G network.


Is this plan right for you?

The Amaysim Flexi plan is right for you if :

  • You talk on the phone but don’t have to share every moment of your life immediately with some one else
  • You make an average number of calls
  • You have limited data access requirements

Amaysim have won awards from Money Magazine for the value in their plans and from Roy Morgan and Canstar Blue for network quality, customer service and customer satisfaction. Amaysim are well worth a look if you’re in the market for a Flexible Plan.

Plan inclusions and what you pay extra for 

Not included in the plan

  • International calls :
    International calls are charged at rates which differ from the 9c call rate in Australia. International rates are expensive with Amaysim unless you buy an optional international calls pack. If you want to make international calls, we recommend Lebara.
  • SMS to other countries :
    International SMS cost 25 cents each.
  • 19 Numbers :
    19 Numbers are simply blocked from this plan – so you won’t get a large bill for using them. Because you can’t call them.

Remember, if you choose the postpaid version of this plan ( in the industry, this sort of postpaid plan is known as an ‘On Account’ plan ), any charges which are relevant to your account and outside of your bundle will be charged at the end of the month. Make sure you know what you’re going to get charged before it happens. We always advise people to install the Amaysim Self Service app on their phone, to regularly check their usage so there are no nasty surprises. We also suggest that people the CIS or Critical Information Summary available for your plan so you know what is and is not included. You’ll find it next to the plan details on the Amaysim website.

You can choose between prepaid or postpaid

The Amaysim Flexi Plan is offered as both a prepaid cap and a postpaid plan. On either, if you don’t use the full value of the plan by the end of the month, it’s rolled over to the following month.

  • Why Prepaid Flexi Plan?
    For total predictability. You always know where you are with prepaid. You will never exceed the amount of money you’ve paid for the recharge so there can be no nasty surprises ( beyond the $19.90 you’ve spent. )
  • Why Postpaid Flexi Plan?
    The primary benefit of taking the Amaysim Flexi Plan as a postpaid offering is convenience. In the industry, this sort of plan is known as ‘On Account’ charging. Money will be taken from an account you provide to Amaysim monthly, in arrears. This means you’ll never run out of credit at the most awkward time – which seems to happen a lot with prepaid.

However, unlike a contract, if you stop payment, you’ll stop getting charged and your relationship with Amaysim will end..



So, what’s good about Amaysim and the Flexi plan?

You can use your existing phone

Smart phones have been around for 6 years now, since the launch of the original iPhone. There are a number of ways you could have ended up with your own phone out of contract.

  • Some people are always buying the latest phone. They sell their old devices or give them to friends or family members
  • You could have been in contract with your previous provider for a ‘free’ phone and the contract has now ended
  • You could have bought your phone online either from eBay or a grey import from a company like Kogan.

Whichever applies to you, the great news is that you don’t need to tie yourself in with one of the major phone companies. You can just BYO Phone and take a SIM Only deal. BYO phone is one of the biggest trends in telco. More than 60% of all customers are doing it.

BYO or SIM only plans offer users a huge amount of flexibility. You can move up or down price plans according to your need without penalty ( doing that under contract is fine if you are going UP a level – and want to pay more but mocing down usually incurs some early exit fees. ) You can change your provider ( from Amaysim to Virgin for example ) if someone has a special deal on and you want to take advantage of it.

You also get great pricing because you’re not paying off a phone as part of the plan you’re on.

You’ll be on the Optus 3G + 4G network

Amaysim uses the Optus 3G / 4G network. Believe it or not, there are a lot of phone companies which rent the network from Optus, Telstra or Vodafone. Because these companies don’t have to pay for the network build, network maintenance or network upgrades that the major phone companies do, they can keep their costs down and pass the result on to you as savings. That’s why the Flexi Plan from Amaysim is such good value. The Optus 3G network covers more than 98.5 % of Australians and their 4G network is getting to the same level of coverage.

Award winning customer service

Customer service is an often overlooked component of the service you buy from your phone company. When something goes wrong, people have a right to expect that their phone company is going to understand and fix the issue quickly.

96% of Amaysim’s customers would recommend them to their friends.

Amaysim’s customer service sets them apart. The statistics say that a substantial proportion of people are extremely unhappy with the customer service their phone company provides, especially Telstra’s. Amaysim, on the other hand regularly wins awards from some of the most intensive research houses in Australia. Roy Morgan have Amaysim with “Most Satisfied Customers” every month in a row for well over the last year. You can check out Amaysim’s current rating here.

Amaysim’s customer service is 100% Australian and they only do mobile phones. If you’ve ever had a frustrating experience getting through to the right department in a major phone company – and most people have, then rest assured, you won’t be having that experience with Amaysim. Problems with comprehension caused by overseas accents are no longer an issue. 96% of customers who use Amaysim would recommend them to their friends.

But, to be honest, the best Phone Customer Service is the one that you never call. For most people, their Amaysim plan just sits there, doing what they need it to – and they never have to call.

Amaysim’s value is award winning

You can’t argue with a Money magazine endorsement. And Amaysim have received 5 wins from Money Magazine, since they launched on the Optus 3G network back in 2010. Money Magazine highlight the key players in many Australian markets and compare them in depth, to offer the best in class decision to their readers. Amaysim comes out top for value.

You get more for your money

The equivalent plans from the 4 major Australian operators don’t offer nearly as much value.

Amaysim Flexi is better value than all competitors.

  • Amaysim Flexis is better than Virgin Mobile :
    Probably the best comparison for the SIM Only Flex Plan from Amaysim is with Virgin Mobile. Both Amaysim and Virgin Mobile provide their services on the Optus network which means it’s mostly a fair comparison. Virgin Mobile’s $20 SIM Only plan provides $250 of Cap Value ( which will give you around 84 x 2 minute calls – that’s less than Amaysim include in their flexi cap ) and only 200 MB of data. As with all Virgin Plans, you’ll get the Virgin benefits including free Virgin to Virgin calls, free voicemail retrieval, included international calls.
  • Amaysim Flexis is better than Opus :
    Optus’ SIM Only pricing starts at $30 per month. It’ll give you around 150 standard 2 minute calls per month and requires no contract. You’ll also get 500 MB of data with Optus’ standard SIM Only pricing. As a result, Amaysim’s value is better. And remember, Amaysim are using the full, entire Optus network with exactly the same coverage and 4G speed capabilities these days.
  • Amaysim Flexis is better than Vodafone :
    Vodafone’s entry level SIM Only plan is usually $35 per month. This plan gives you $500 of voice inclusions or about 3 or 4 calls per day. Note, you’ll also get unlimited calls and SMS to other Australian Vodafone users. Amaysim beat Vodafone for coverage of both 3G and 4G footprints.
  • Amaysim Flexis is better than Telstra :
    And Telstra’s Small Plan starts at $50 per month ! That gives you $600 or around 250 x 2 minute calls and unlimited Australian texts. Yep, you heard right, the Telstra SIM Only pricing doesn’t even start until 250% the price of the Flexi Plan from Amaysim.


You can get a Nano SIM

Nano SIMs are the type of SIM used by iPhone 5, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. These are Australia’s favourite handsets and this SIM type is unique to them. In the early days of iPhone 5 availability, Amaysim didn’t manage to get all the Nano SIM stock they needed. It created a bit of a PR headache for them which is why we’ve had so many questions about Nano SIMs.

Amaysim PAYG Amaysim Flexi Amaysim Unlimited Plans Image Map


Common questions about Amaysim 

What if I need unlimited calls for a while ?

Well just move plans. If you’ve taken out a Flexi Plan and you want to use unlimited for a month or longer, there are a variety of easy ways to do it. You can move up / down plans using the Amaysim App, you can do it through their online self service ‘My Account’ facility, you can call them, text them or get yourself a new SIM from their online shop.

Is Amaysim’s coverage any good ?

Yes it is. Amaysim use the Optus Dual Band 3G network. It covers 97% of the Australian population and you can see if you’re covered on the Amaysim coverage map :

How long does it take to get my SIM delivered ?

The answer to this one depends on where you live. If you live in Sydney, you could have your SIM within around 3 hours of ordering online. In most other areas, you’ll get it next day.

Can I keep my old phone number ?

Yes you can. If you move to the Amaysim Flexi Plan, you’ll be able to keep the phone number you’ve always used. There are some more details about this one above, in the Amaysim Flexi Plan article.

Can I have the flexi plan on my phone ?

Yes you can. Just make sure you order a Nano SIM when you’re working through the checkout process through Amaysim online.

Are international calls included ?

You can use your Flexi Plan balance to cover International Calls, sure. Domestic Australian phone calls typically cost 9 cents per minute on the Flexi Plan. There are a few headline countries where it is actually cheaper to call, for example, the UK, than it is to call Perth, using the Amaysim plans ! You can check out every country, including those which are important to you, here, in alphabetical order.

> Check cost of international calls

What ways are there to top up my credit ?

You can take out a Flexi Plan either Prepaid or Post Paid. If you go prepaid, you can recharge online, using the app or with a voucher in a retail outlet. If you choose postpaid, you’ll have your balance topped up automatically using the credit or debit card details you provide to Amaysim as part of the sign up process.


Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.