Cheapest Plans For Low Data Users

Cheapest Plans For Low Data Users

Cheapest plans for low data users

Are you a low mobile data user – probably because you use wifi all the time, or you are just careful, or because you don’t really browse much on your phone? Are you tired of paying too much for data you don’t use, just to enjoy unlimited calls and text? Well then, Amaysim has just launched the perfect plan for you. Make unlimited calls and text for just $10 – this is currently the cheapest deal in the market!

Amaysim SIM only plans

Amaysim SIM only plans

Amaysim recently announced two plans for $10 and $20 that cater to customers with light data needs. Representative research conducted by The Clever Stuff for Amaysim surveyed 18-69-year-old mobile phone users in July this year. They noted that more than 20% Australians spent $20 or less on their mobile monthly bills. These are 10 million people who use less than 1 GB data per month, and if you are one of them, there is finally a product just for you.

What you can expect:

  • $10 for 1 GB and $20 for 2.5GB data on a 28-day cycle.
  • $30 for 5GB, $40 for 10GB and $50 for 14GB data on a 28-day cycle
  • Unlimited calls and text on all these plans
  • Unlimited international calls and text to China, India, New Zealand, South Korea, UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and USA on $30 and above plans.
  • Additional 300 minutes international standard calls and text to Austria, Cambodia, Chile, France, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Netherlands, Philippines, South Africa, Turkey, Bangladesh, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Pakistan, Poland, Taiwan, and Vietnam on $40 and above plans.
  • $5 off launch promo (ends 19 Nov) on $30 and above plans.
  • Use of Optus 4G plus network, which covers 98.5% of Australia’s population.
  • Free, standard SIM delivery on all plans

More Choice For Consumers

While most telcos are trying to outdo each other by providing more data and more features at higher and higher prices, Amaysim is moving in the opposite direction. It recognises that less is more for many Australian customers and consumers should have the choice to pay for only what they need. These plans are especially useful for the many tourists, new immigrants and immigrant families who come to Australia for temporary stay of 3-6 months duration. The above plans let them talk to family abroad and locally at incredibly affordable rates. University students can benefit from the cheap talk time while parents of teenagers can control their mobile bill while still giving their kids access to a decent plan that meets everyone’s needs. Cost-conscious, wifi-savvy mobile users, who purchase their handsets outright, can enjoy these plans too.

More control in your hands

Amaysim is giving more power and control in the hands of customers through convenience and award-winning customer service.

  • Amazingly simple plans with no hidden charges.
  • Auto renewal of your plan by default. Stress free recharging without you having to lift your finger.
  • No service interruptions, if you run out of data. Additional 1GB will be automatically added to your plan for $10/GB.
  • Unlimited calls and text includes MMS to mobiles and landlines, calls to 13 and 18 numbers and voicemail.
  • If you purchase the card online, you will receive a 3-in-1 pack with standard, micro and nano SIM cards. Pick the one that is compatible for your device. You can also purchase the card you need from over 12000 retail stores including Woolworths, Coles, 7-eleven, BIGW and Australia Post.
  • Transfer your current number, upgrade your plan, sign on and sign off through their online subscriber portal.
  • Choose between pre-paid and post-paid options
  • Cancel anytime for no extra charge.

The Amaysim App

Amaysim provides a free app to customers to manage their account. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms and lets you:

  • Check your data balance at a glance
  • Manage auto-renew and switching between the various plans
  • Top up with additional credit or recharge using a voucher in two taps
  • Customise plan settings including call waiting, voice mail and roaming settings.

You can also add extra data and check recent usage history, making sure you never lose control over your mobile data usage.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.