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  • Free Antivirus Protection & Scanner

    (After 30 days, you can upgrade to the premium version or keep using the free features.) 

  • 50MB of Cloud Storage to backup contacts/ photos/etc.

  • Privacy Scanner for Facebook


  • App Virus Scanner

    Scans every app you have installed or downloaded, filtering out virus and malicious apps that can steal your information and your money

  • Malware Cleaner

    Removes malware and restores your smartphone’s normal settings

  • Lost Device Protection

    Lets you find, lock, and wipe a missing device

  • Privacy Scanner

    Warns you of apps that could steal your data

  • Safe Surfing and Call & Text Filtering

    Helps keep your children safe from unwanted contact and content

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Get the license key on the Trend Micro Website


Download the software from your app store. ( A link is provided on the Trend Micro site )


Start the app on your phone, insert the license key ( iPhone users set up an account on the Trend Micro site first )

Security Threats to Mobile Devices


The harm viruses can cause to personal computers is common knowledge. The threat they pose to mobile devices is far less well understood. Perhaps this is why, while virtually every PC has an anti-virus program, most even included at point of sale, many mobile devices lack the same sort of protection months and years after their owner started using them.

A number of misunderstandings exist ‘out there’ in the world of mobile phones as to how worthwhile antivirus software is. Some people are under the impression that their brand of phone is immune to viruses. Most often, we hear this sort of claim from iPhone users who simply refuse to believe they are facing a threat. Some, up to 30% of users according to some surveys, believe that modern ‘smart’ mobile phones have their own built-in anti-virus apps and needn’t worry.

Unfortunately, neither of these beliefs is true. Potential dangers have simply not been researched thoroughly enough.







Why we Recommend Trend Micro Antivirus Software


Mobile Phone Threats and AntiVirus Software


Antivirus Research – Attitudes to Mobile Phone Security Risks


In an October 2013 survey of consumer views, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) discovered that 90% of PC and laptop users had installed an antivirus app. In contrast, only 52% of mobile device users had installed the equivalent : a mobile antivirus app.

These are surprising findings given the circumstances. The truth is that mobile phones face more risks than desktop or laptop computers, not less. In addition to the well-known virus threats faced by PC users, mobile phone owners have special concerns, unique to the portability of the device and the types of information which are held on them. Information held on phones is often more personal than that kept on desktop computers. Mobiles are more likely to contain contact details for family and friends, pictures of people you know and banking details held in on-board apps, for example.

Whenever you download files from the internet on your phone, or even just browse the web, the risk of viruses and malware is present. Even a quick analysis of the situation shows : It doesn’t make sense to leave all this important personal information unprotected on your mobile.

  • Malware Risk for Androids :
    In the case of Android, malware (malicious software) is the main security threat. Malware is often designed to be deliberately hard to recognise by the layman. Ingenious software writers generate malicious software specifically designed to resemble other software. Users can be enticed in to downloading what appears to be a genuine, even familiar application. Additionally, phones can be tricked in to downloading software when users perform an application update. Once installed the malicious software can access, manipulate and transfer any information residing on your phone.
  • Hacking into iPhones :
    As a string of high profile cases in the public eye have proven, iPhone and iCloud accounts certainly can be hacked. Contacts, photos, emails and other details on your iPhone, automatically backed up to somewhere else can be obtained much more easily by the maliciously minded if users have not protected them with an iOS antivirus program.
  • Anti-Theft Protection for Mobile Phones :
    The primary aim of cybercrime is not just to manipulate and embarrass users, it’s to make money. The most valuable data is most often sought by criminals. The result is that it’s especially personal financial data which is typically exposed from the contents of a phone. Anti-theft protection is a must for your mobile device. And the software you choose needs to have critical functionality. For example, in our view, it is crucial that you be able to remotely wipe personal data from your device if your mobile falls into the wrong hands.



Meeting the Mobile Data Security Threat with Trend Micro Mobile Security


The real threats we’ve outlined to your mobile data security, require a comprehensive and highly effective security app. After comparing leading mobile antivirus apps on the market, our conclusion was that Trend Micro Antivirus best addresses these requirements, in each of the critical areas.


Trend Mobile Security Startpng

Easy to install and useTrend Mobile Security Activation


  • Trend Micro Mobile Security is simple :
    Trend micro have been selling mobile security software for a long time. In our view, their most unique and useful feature is a simple one. Trend Micro’s Mobile Security is just easy to use.
  • Just purchase the license key :
    It’s as easy as entering your credit or debit card details on their secure site. Then register your details on their site if you have an iPhone.
  • Now download the app :
    Insert your new license key in to the app from the Google Play or iTunes store and you’re off.
  • Easy to use :
    Trend’s app is user friendly, intuitive and very simple to operate.





Trend Mobile Security Download App

Trend Mobile Security Download



Prevention of Virus and Malware Infiltration


Once installed, Trend Micro Mobile Security thoroughly scans every file on your phone. It performs this check regularly. This includes a scan of any apps you have downloaded and installed. Potential threats to your information security are identified to the user. You will then be presented with the option to remove viruses and malware.

This advanced mobile phone security app will:

  • Block malware apps :
    Block the installation of any applications containing malware which have been downloaded from the Google Play / third party app store.
  • Trend Mobile Security ScanningProtect your ‘on phone’ data :
    Provide iOS antivirus protection for personal data on both your iPhone and iPad.
  • Scan websites :
    Provide an Android antivirus scan for your smartphones and tablets when browsing websites.
  • Access the latest cloud based antivirus solutions :
    Maintain a high level of data security through unlimited cloud scanning connections, and via regular automatic updates of anti-virus files.
  • Always up to date :
    Malware threats surface every day : Trend constantly monitor malware threats and update their antivirus software in the cloud. It’s then downloaded if you need it. If Trend Mobile detects a malware installation on your smartphone, it downloads an application specifically designed to remove that type of malware.


Guards Against Data Theft Through Spyware


To counteract the increasing sophistication of cyber thieves Trend Micro Mobile antivirus meticulously scans your phone. Regular checks of this sort ensure it is free of any ’spyware’, the risk of which is that it might covertly monitor and reports your activities to someone you don’t trust.


Supports Safe Internet Use with Parental Controls

Trend Mobile Security Scanning01


Through blocking access to malicious websites and allowing you to apply filters, Trend Micro enables tighter parental control over mobile device use.

  • Block words :
    You can set filters to block certain words. This allows you to prevent access to websites with adult language or content.
  • Filter out texts / SMS from strangers :
    You can set filters to stop calls and text from anonymous sources.
  • Block specific users :
    You can draw up blacklists and white lists that exclude voice or text communications from undesirable parties while ensuring messages from family and friends get through unimpeded.


Adds Anti-Theft Safeguards to your Mobile


Although no anti-virus application can prevent thieves stealing your mobile, or stop you losing the device; it can render the activity pointless :

  • Remote locate :
    Trend Micro allows you to quickly find where your mobile is located via Google Maps. Trend Micro even records the location of your mobile immediately before it runs out of battery power so you get a ‘last best shot’ at recovery.
  • Remote alarm :
    You can set off an alarm while the mobile is in silent mode. You can also remotely lock the device with a password protected code. If the person who is using it does not have the code, the phone will lock as soon as the SIM card is removed, or when the phone is restarted.
  • Remote reset :
    If you mobile device is stolen, you can remotely reset it through a web portal. This act removes all your personal data from the device.


Includes Valuable Data Backup and Battery Life Extension Features


Trend Micro provides a reliable backup and restore feature for calls, text, photos, video and other mobile data. It’s basic backup capacity extends to 50MB but you can extend this to 5GB if required.

  • Manage Info :
    History files that might infringe your privacy are easily selected and removed with a single tap.
  • Backup Contacts :
    Contact information transferred between your iOS and Android devices is also saved.
  • In addition to data protection, Trend Micro preserves battery life :
    Trend improve battery by increasing your status awareness, for example, the amount of time needed to complete a recharge.
  • Improves battery efficiency :
    It automatically aborts any battery-consuming processes not essential for the device’s effective operation.
  • Schedules low usage periods :
    You can also opt to use the mobile device as a phone only and Trend Micro switches off all its other features. If desired, “Auto Just-a-Phone” can be scheduled for certain times of the day, or whenever battery power is low.


Trend Micro Mobile Security also has Full Technical Support


A knowledge base, online forums and an email support line offer the full technical support you expect from the best mobile antivirus on the market.


Trend Micro Mobile Security Special Offers


You can save money off Trend Micro Mobile security by taking advantage of their special offer. For a limited time, you’ll get 30% off the regular $30.00 purchase price. Click through from this page to get Trend Antivirus at a discounted rate for a special promotional period.


Summing Up : Better Safe than Sorry with Mobile Device Security


With almost one third of Australians (according to the ACMA) using mobile devices for personal internet banking, the importance of guarding mobile data has never been higher.
In our view, the small investment that the purchase of Trend Micro Mobile Security for your phone demands is well worth it. It guarantees your information security and mobile device protection. Can you really afford to take the chance or even leave your mobile totally unprotected?