How Australia’s cheapest phone plan can save you a small fortune


An introduction to Vaya’s new plan

With the introduction of MVNOs into the Australian Telco market, competition has got a lot tougher for the embattled national carriers.

When it comes to low cost prepaid and SIM only plans on the market, there is a lot for consumers to choose from. But Vaya, which has recently been bought by Amaysim, has unveiled their cheapest phone plan to date. The company has made good on its plan to guarantee a “price beat” for subscribers. The budget priced Telco operates on the Optus 4G Plus network and offers consumers great valued plans. As a reseller, Vaya are able to offer some amazing deals and this past week launched its new 30-day prepaid plan. Known as the Unlimited S plan, users can take advantage of unlimited texts, calls and access 1GB of mobile data for $16 per month.

The Unlimited S plan breakdown

  • Unlimited nationwide calling within Australia
  • Unlimited nationwide SMS within Australia
  • 1GB of 4G mobile data
  • $16.95 per month or $14.50 per month if paid 12 months upfront

One of the cheapest plans on the market

When it comes down to the cheapest plan in Australia, this new offering by Vaya even beats out Kogan.

Kogan which operates on the Vodafone Australia 4G network, provides consumers with a comparable 30-day plan. The prepaid plan features unlimited calls and texts nationwide and 1GB of mobile data, for $16.95

Vaya beat out Kogan by only 0.69cents, while giving users access to the superior Optus 4G Plus network. In the last 6 months since Vaya was acquired by Amaysim, the MVNO has been working hard on saving users month.

How Vaya is gaining market share

Simple things such as cutting our unnecessary procedures and removing setup charges to receive the SIM card. The company also keeps an eye on competitors plans on a daily basis, ensuring consumers get a great deal. When it comes to the big three national carriers, Virgin’s $30 plan with 1.5GB of mobile data is the closest best deal. It’s really no surprise that Vaya is leading the low cost market, considering their recent price beat guarantee. For consumers that are leaving a post-paid contact plan, this is a great low cost entry point. The Unlimited S plan is also appealing for first-time users of prepaid plans. It’s also perfect for parents who are looking for a cheap prepaid option for their children.

With the Vaya Unlimited S plan, if kids use up all of the download allowance, they simple run out of data. Low cost prepaid plan options are driving a surge of Australians hunting for bargain priced plans.

Sydney based analyst firm Telsyte reported that in the month of June, 51.7 percent of mobile users are on prepaid plans.

For Vaya subscribers they can even get the Unlimited S plan at an even cheaper price point. If users decide to prepay the plan for 12 months upfront, for a total of $174, the monthly price drops to $14.50. This would give you an additional $1.50 per month saving, or $18 over the course of a year.

Vaya and the new Unlimited S plan

The new Unlimited S plan by Vaya is a repackaged plan with its monthly price cut down from $20 to $16. Its data allowance was also reduced, down from the previous 1.5GB to the current 1GB. Customers need to be mindful though of the small 1GB data limit, as overage is charged at $10 per each additional 1GB. But in fairness to Vaya, there is the option of calling the Telco and asking that automatic data renewal be switched off. This way users which hit their 1GB per month limit are not charged for any overage, as the service will simple stop once 1GB us used up.

Since Amaysim entered the Telco market and bought up Vaya, the company has launched a fierce price war. The company was modelled on that of a similar European company called Simyo, a disruptive player in the European market. It’s no surprise that since 2010 when Amaysim entered the Australian market, other providers have followed with similar products.

Amaysim CEO, Julian Ogrin, was recently quoted as saying that Amaysim’s strategy was to directly compete with “the big guys”. This is while at the same time Vaya was taking on smaller providers Coles, ALDImobile, Woolworths and TPG.

In Summary

If you only use your mobile phone for emergencies or want a cheap plan for the kids, this plan is a winner. And if you only require the occasional mobile data usage to download the odd email or check in on social media, this plan is a great deal.

With unlimited texting and calling this is the cheapest prepaid plan currently on the market. It’s important that you keep in mind that this plan isn’t for people who need mobile data on a daily basis. In fact, if you hugely rely on mobile data to get you through the day, we would have to say that this is the worst plan for that. This plan services one purpose only and that is for unlimited texting and calling.

In direct comparison to Kogan, another MVNO with a similar price point, you are getting the exact same deal. A deal that is 95 cents cheaper and saves you $12 bucks a year. Keep in mind if you pay for a full 12 months up front with Vaya, you can save even more money on this plan.

Vaya is a budget MVNO with plans aimed at casual mobile phone users. Their concept is pretty simple and that’s to provide fair value at a fair price to their subscribers. For Australians which need a little bit more mobile data each month there is more data friendly plans available on the market.

Both OVO Mobile and Amaysim (who own Vaya) offer great value for money plans, including much more generous mobile data limits. For the casual mobile phone user, or as a plan for the kids, the Unlimited S plan from Vaya is hard to beat.


Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.