HTC One Comparison – Galaxy S3, S4, HTC1X, iPhone 4S & 5

HTC One Comparison With Top Selling Australian Devices

This page summarises the HTC One’s key benefits. Below are links to in depth reviews of the HTC One vs Top Selling Australian Mobile Phones.

HTC One Plus Points

At the time of writing, in the opinion of WhatPhone, the HTC One is the best mobile phone in Australia.

It’s blindingly fast, takes phone cameras in a new and useful direction, has some genuinely useful software, an upgrades front camera, a better battery than its predecessor, it’s 4G enabled, has a true high definition screen and better resolution than the Retina screen on an iPhone 5. Oh, and it looks beautiful.

HTC One Negative Aspects

The complaints we have about the HTC One are few and far between. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a removable back cover which means you won’t be able to fit your own expandable memory or swap the battery out. It’s released with Jellybean just before Key Lime Pie ( a more recent version of Android software ) becomes available. But then, HTC say you’ll be able to upgrade it if you’d like to, not long after launch. Finally, there’s no physical camera button and, for some, the on / off switch is awkwardly placed on the top of the phone.

That’s it. They’re the only problems we can think of to tell you.

HTC One Comparison – Detailed Comparative Reviews

The HTC One is one of the biggest device releases of 2013. WhatPhone knows many people will be considering the HTC One. Phones are big commitments. People will want to make sure that they have compared the phone with the other best selling handsets in Australia, before they make their decision. These resources may help.

  • HTC One vs iPhone 5. The best of Android vs The Best Of Apple.
  • HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4. Comparing the best Android devices ? Make sure you read this.
  • HTC One vs iPhone 4S. This comparison leaves little room for doubt over the right choice.
  • HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung’s brand is more popular and, at similar price points, these phones compete for the same type of buyer. Which is the better value ?
  • HTC One vs HTC One X. Is it worth paying the extra for the new member of the HTC family ?

HTC One Reviews

HTC One Review by Kurt Hands. Kurt spent a week with the HTC One and has summarised his thoughts on it in this article.

HTC One Review by Tim Orange. Tim’s review of the HTC One. Warts and All.

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