HTC One Or Samsung Galaxy – HTC Vs Samsung’s Best

HTC One Or Samsung Galaxy – Summary

This article summarises comparisons  of the HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy Range devices currently available in Australia. It contains links to more in depth Australian reviews of the HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S3 & separately, the HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 articles which are also available on this site.

Due to be released in February 2013 and delayed 2 months by component shortages, HTC really dropped the ball on the launch of the HTC One. Which is a shame. Because it is a spectacular phone. Some would say it’s the best Android device ever made.

If you’re trying to decide what’s best, the HTC One Or a phone in the Samsung Galaxy  range, here are the key differences you might like to consider.

HTC One or Samsung Galaxy Specification Comparison

HTC One Or Samsung Galaxy S3

WhatPhone has an in depth review of the HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S3.

Key differences between the products are :

  • The way they look.
    HTC One is a beautiful device with a full metallic body. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a more rounded, plastic shell.
  • Software :
    Both are Android devices running Jellyeab. That’s a version of the Android Operating System which was released in 2012. On top of that, however, both HTC and Samsung have added their own special software.
  • Key features unique to the software of the HTC One include :
    Blinkfeed, a homepage screen that collates different feeds of information for you to keep you up to date with everything from the BBC to Facebook. Zoe which automatically pieces together pictures and videos you’ve taken in to an entertaining review of the day.
  • Key features unique to the Samsung Galaxy S3 include :
    Smart Call which makes it easy to move from one form of communication with people to another. For example, swiping a text message from someone is an easy way of calling them back. Smart Stay keeps the screen turned on until it senses your eyes looking away – and then it turns the screen black to save battery. Smart Alert informs you with a vibration ( or other signal ) if you have received new messages when you pick your phone up after you’ve been away from it for a while.
  • Speakers.
    In a break from the norm, the HTC One has a 4MP camera. On the face of it, you’d think the 8MP camera was better on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Not so. Clever engineering and software in the HTC One means it actually performs better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 in low light conditions.

You can check out the full and detailed comparison of the HTC One Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 here.

HTC One Or Samsung Galaxy S4

WhatPhone has an in depth review of the HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4. Key differences between the products are :

  • The way they look.
    The Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost identical to the plastic, rounded Samsung Galaxy S3. The HTC One has a full metallic body and machine drilled grills to cover the stereo speakers at it’s top and beautiful bottom.
  • Software :
    Again, both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are Android devices. Both run Jellybean, the current version when they launched, soon to be upgraded to Key Lime Pie ( Samsung and HTC say you’ll be able to upgrade. )

The HTC One Unique Software features are covered above in the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 software is even better thought out than the Samsung Galaxy S3’s. Somehow, Samsung have added extra features and made it simpler to use, all at once. The homescreen draws through interesting images from Trip Advisor. Quick Glance uses Infra Red technology to sense when your hand is near and automatically shows you a summary of missed messages by type. The video player software, already best in class has been further refined. Now, when you look away from your phone, the video you’re watching will pause until you look back !

Remember, there is a more in depth analysis of the differences between the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 in this article.

HTC One Or Samsung Galaxy  – Differences They All Have

The Samsung Galaxy range has a number of consistent elements to it. Many of these features are different to the capabilities of the HTC One. For example :

Expandable Memory :
Every device in the current Australian Samsung Galaxy Range has a slot in to which a Micro SD card can be inserted. Instead of paying for memory installed on the device and being limited by that, with Galaxy Range phones, you can choose the memory that’s right for you. Of course, memory gets cheaper over time which means you’ll get more memory for the same spend if you buy it later in your contract. People who have large music collections, quantities of video to watch or who take a lot of pictures on their device might equally benefit from the capacity expandable memory gives you to swap cards in and out of the device. The HTC One has an enclosed chassis and no expandable memory capabilities.

Swappable Battery :
Every phone in the current Australian Galaxy Range has a removable battery. Since batteries wear out over time, after repeated use ( and phone batteries are in almost constant use ! ) It’s often useful to consider the benefits of being able to swap a battery out. Of course, a removable back cover and interchangeable battery offers the facility to install bigger batteries which last longer or a spare, charged battery to keep up your sleeve for when you need it.

The HTC One’s enclosed body means it’s not possible to swap the battery over without taking it in for ‘repair’.


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