The six totally convincing reasons that buying a cheap Android phone makes sense

60-second Intro

Android smartphones gives Aussie consumers some of the best deals on the market. Along with SIM only prepaid plans, you can save a lot of money in comparison to being on a postpaid long term contract. Read on to learn how you can save money by making sure your next mobile phone is an Android one.

  • Buying a new mobile phone outright will always be cheaper than being locked into a postpaid 2 year plan.
  • An unlocked Android phone lets you to take advantage of SIM only prepaid plans, allowing you to enjoy some great value for money deals.
  • Android phones are cheaper to manufacture so you can pick up a great bargain online and save a lot of money.


An introduction to new phones

Most Aussies who plan to buy a new phone usually do so direct from one of the major national carriers, be it Telstra, Optus or Vodafone.

For most people this is the easiest and most convenient way of purchasing a new phone, but often people don’t realise that they can save a lot more money by buying a smartphone outright.

Buying your next mobile phone outright, means that you will save a lot more money than in comparison with being locked into a long term two year contract.

Monthly subscription payments to the Telcos are how they make their big profits. But, by purchasing an unlocked mobile phone you can pair it with a SIM only prepaid plan and save several hundred dollars per year.

1. An unlocked Android phone gives you more benefits

All unlocked Android smartphones can do the exact same thing that other brands of mobile phones can do.

Competition is fierce and companies know it. Android phones allow manufacturers to keep their construction costs down, which means they can pass the savings onto consumers.

Here in Australia, buying a brand new smartphone has never been cheaper than it is now.

Thanks to the increases in technology that have made the construction of mobile phones much cheaper to build and the discount priced plans on offer from MVNOs, consumers can take advantage of some great cut-priced deals.

2. SIM only prepaid plans are great value

SIM only prepaid plans will always offer a better deal for consumers in comparison to postpaid plans which often come with a zero dollars upfront new smartphone.

The problem is on postpaid plans is that on average they last for two years, locking you in and not giving you the freedom or flexibility to change if you find a better deal.

As well as this, postpaid plans always work out in the long run to be much more expensive, in direct comparison to BYO mobile phone and SIM only prepaid plans.

As an example, you could purchase a new mobile phone online from Kogan and then slip an OVO Mobile SIM card into your phone and it would only cost you around $20 per month.

While sure it does make sense to take out a zero upfront cost postpaid plan, if you can’t afford to buy a new mobile phone outright, the problem is over two years it will actually cost you money.

3. Android offers consumers much more

Android is a simple operating system to use and as it’s open source, a large amount of mobile phone manufacturers choice to use it as the preferred software on their phones.

The software is constantly updated by Google, is secure, open and versatile. Android also works with the Google Play store, which gives users access to thousands of free apps.

While Apple locks users into the iOS environment, Android doesn’t.

Unlike Apple, if you choose to change one Android based smartphone to a different Android operating smartphone, you can and you won’t loose any of your apps or data.

4. Android is low cost, giving consumers a cheap deal

Android manufacturers which use that free Android operating system can produce a relatively cheap 3G and 4G enabled mobile phone.

As well as this, functionality can often come as close as 80 to 90 percent of the recent Samsung next generation smartphones.

Instead of being stuck with one expensive smartphone on a postpaid contract plan for on average two years, you could instead choose to purchase several low cost Android based phones.

For gadget lovers that enjoy using different phones, this can be a cheap method of always having the best specs, camera and high level of internal memory in a smartphone.

5. No locked in contracts

So why aren’t more people going prepaid?

This is the most often asked question by Australian’s which buy their mobile phone outright than sign up to MVNOs for some of the lowest prepaid deals around.

The biggest problem that sucks most Aussies into postpaid contracts is the bait and switch tactics used by the major carriers.

Zero dollars upfront on a brand new smartphone is always used to suck people in. People don’t always read the fine print, or have the cash on hand to purchase a new phone outright.

Right now a lot of consumers don’t do the math when looking to purchase a new smartphone, instead tending to only focus on what the mobile phone can do and its features.

6. They save you money in the long run

Unlocked phones may appear to be much more expensive at first, especially when you need to have the cash on hand to buy one, but over the following years you will save a lot of money.

On average, unlocked Android mobile phones can be a lot cheaper and friendly on the wallet, so long as you look past the big brand names such as Samsung.

If you are on a budget, there are plenty of low cost smartphones with the exact same features and functionality which are found with the more expensive brands.

By opting to BYO smartphone to an MVNO such as Amaysim or OVO Mobile, you can save a lot of money, perfect for those who need to stick to a tight budget.

With the up-take of MVNOs in Australia, the trend towards SIM only plans and budget priced Android smartphones is only set to increase.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.