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What are Android Phones ?

Android Phones are simply phones running the Android Operating System. Currently in market versions of Android, sold on new devices in Australia are Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean.

Top 3 Features introduced by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

One of the great additions in Android 4.0 is the data usage option in the settings menu. Some phone plans apply penalty charges to the bill if the user goes over their allotted amount of data. With the addition of the data usage options, users can now get notifications when they are getting close to their limit. If you choose to, you can even have the Android Operating System shut down data hogging applications when the limit is reached. 

The native Android keyboard has also been revamped. Myself, I’ve never liked the default Android keyboard. I’ve always found myself downloading different ones, trying to find one that was similar to that of the iPhone. In Android 4.0, the keyboard problems have been fixed. Auto-correction  correction is far better this time around, which makes the default keyboard the only keyboard you ever need to use.

The addition of near field communication (NFC) is very useful. Users can now share information with one another by tapping their phones together.

Top 3 Features introduced by Android 4.1 Jellybean.

Compared to the 4.0 updates, the features added to the interface in 4.1 represent a smaller set of feature updates that just help things run smoothly.

One addition is an innovative feature which  anticipates where you will touch the screen next. This feature was added in order for the user to experience as little delay as possible while manipulating the touch screen.  In short, it makes Android even faster to use.

Another nice addition is the v-sync timing. This feature locks the frame rate for screen updates at 60 frames per second, which makes sure things are very smooth all around.

Android 4.1 also saw the inclusion of Chrome as the default browser.  Chrome has been available before this update in beta form, but it’s nice to see it now included with the phone from the beginning. Overall, it’s a better browser than the previously included “Browser” app. The tabs work well and make it one step closer to a desktop experience.

Current Australian Android Devices

The Android phones in the top 7 are the HTC One S, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Galaxy SII, and the Galaxy SIII.

What features make these Android phones special?

The Galaxy Note II is a unique phone. Besides the fact that it has a large screen, it also has an interesting feature called the S Pen. The S Pen is a stylus that is capable of 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity. This makes it a very precise stylus, nothing like what you may have used on a Palm Pilot back in the days when the stylus was much more common.

It begs the interesting question “Are we beyond the stylus, or is it going to make a comeback?” Not an easy one to answer.

Ever since the iPhone came on the market, it seems that the emphasis has been on apps and interfaces that can used with fingers.  But now, many third party companies are manufacturing styli that can be used with many of the phones that did not include one to begin with.

The Galaxy SIII is a step ahead of the rest when it comes to the processing power and the dimensions of the phone. For a phone with a 4.8” screen, it is quite impressive that it only weighs 133g. The device is almost all screen. 

The S3 comes with an app called S Voice. This is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Siri Voice Assistant Technology. The previous phone in the Galaxy Series, the SII, has since been usurped, but in the time when it was a cutting edge device, it was considered by many to be the best Android phone on the market. The S2 had even better sales than the iPhone in Q3 2011.

Up there with the Galaxy S3, the HTC One X is one of, if not the best display available on the market. It has been praised as having an even brighter, sharper, more vibrant screen than that of the iPhone.

Also, just like the rest of HTC’s modern phones, it comes with Beats Audio technology, which makes it one of the best sounding phones ever made – when you’ve got the right kind of Beats Audio headset.

The HTC One S is similar to the One X. It is a step down, but it does include the same great Beats Audio technology along with the anodized aluminum case, which is preferable to the plastic that many phones on the market are made of. Although it has a lower speed processor than the HTC One X, at least on paper, in practice, it works just as well. 

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