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The HTC One X vs Top Selling Australian Phones

The HTC One X was one of 2012’s major phone releases. Find out how the HTC One X compares to the other key devices in market at the time, the Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One S, the Galaxy Note 2, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and finally, the Samsung Galaxy S2.

The HTC One S vs Top Selling Australian Phones

The HTC One S was never a very impressive device. It was brought to market by the HTC company with specificaitons which were almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy S2 – it just cost $20 a month more. Sales were few – but it still had enough traction to nudge itself into the top 7. Read about the HTC One S vs The Top Selling Phones : The HTC One X, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

WhatPhone includes detailed comparison information on every phone combination for the top selling phones which make up more than 92% of sales. Generally, when choosing a postpaid mobile, people first Google the phone, then talk to friends about it. The spend a total of 2-4 weeks thinking about the phone they’d buy, comparing the network and customer service of the carrier on their short list. One critical step in the process which is not currently well served by comparison sites is, ironically, the element of the customer journey relating to comparisons. Even hi tech websites rarely delve deep in to the specifications of each new release, compared alongside another phone that people might be considering buying. WhatPhone is different. We take the trouble to address every aspect of the customer journey, including providing in depth comparison reviews for the phones you’re considering – individually but also considered alongside top selling alternatives on the market at the time. The result is a decision making process which is quicker, more efficient for our visitors and safer.


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