Comparing Virgin Mobile’s Plans with Amaysim and Yomojo

Who is better? Amaysim, Virgin or Yomojo?

Virgin Mobile is one of the smaller Australian phone companies. There are a few of these smaller phone companies which piggyback the networks of bigger phone companies. They don’t own their own towers and wire infrastructure. Virgin, Amaysim and Yomojo all lease access to the Optus 4G network and sell SIM Only plans.

Each of the smaller phone companies benefit from their ability to negotiate access to Optus’ network at wholesale rates. As a result, they don’t have the same overheads as the network owner and can devote themselves to the task of providing the best deals and customer satisfaction.

For these reasons, they can offer mobile users contracts or month to month agreements at more favorable terms. Essentially, if you go with a SIM Only plan from Virgin, Yomojo or Amaysim, you’re likely to do better ( by which we mean pay less ) than if you went to Optus direct. And that’s for exactly the same network

Just in case you might be concerned that subscribers from other companies get a low priority on the Optus network, Virgin Mobile go to great lengths to reassure you there is no such discrimination.

From the options you have then, the question becomes : “Which of the smaller phone companies offers the best rates on the Optus network ?”

What is Virgin Mobile’s Network Coverage?

Virgin Mobile coverage is exactly the same as Optus’s coverage. Optus ( and Virgin ) get a 2G signal out to 98.5% of the Australian population. As Optus expands its 4G network Virgin Mobile, and Amaysim customers also benefit from this upgrade.

Do Virgin Mobile Plans Have any Special “Value-Added” Features ?

Your mobile data needs often vary from month to month. If the data allowance built in to your plan is on the low side, it’s far more likely that you will get through the data allowance you’ve been given each month. This can result in a bill which includes expensive additional ‘out of bundle’ charges.

On the other hand, if you choose a more generous (and hence more expensive ) data allowance, you might have some of your allowance left over at the end of the month. That’s where Virgin’s highest profile unique plan feature comes in – the data rollover.

What is Virgin Mobile’s Data Rollover ?

Virgin Mobile’s Data Rollover feature is a worthwhile addition to Virgin Mobile’s new postpaid mobile plans. You might be familiar with it, following the launch of Virgin’s marketing campaign, designed to explain it to customers. As the name implies, unused data from one month is rolled over to your next month’s account.

Is Virgin’s data counted to the kB or the MB ?

Virgin Mobile’s postpaid data plans also measure data by the KB rather than rounding it off to the MB. The bill you get therefore more accurately reflects the amount of data you’ve used. This is an improvement over some phone companies’ billing activities. Many still charge to the nearest MB. Some indications suggest that you will get through your data allocation twice as fast with MB rather than kB charging.

Are postpaid plans better than prepaid plans?

It depends. Prepaid plans can reduce the stress you place on keeping tight control over mobile phone costs against having the freedom to use services as much as you want. In prepaid plans you pay in advance for a certain service bundle so there are no unexpected extra costs to cover. When your credit is finished you must top it up to continue using the service.

With postpaid plans you pay a set amount each month for a certain service allowance, plus whatever you might owe for going over this allowance.

Virgin Mobile have a separate suite of prepaid plans to their postpaid plan range. Yomojo and Amaysim allow you to buy any of their plans as prepaid plans.

How can I get cheaper access to the Optus network ?

Comparing Virgin Mobile phone plans with the plans of other the Optus network resellers shows what you can gain from “shopping around.”

The following is a comparison of a selection of Virgin Mobile’s prepaid and postpaid plans with a selection of Amaysim and Yomojo phone company plans. This table summarises some of the key differences between them.

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Comparing the Virgin Mobile phone plans with Amaysim and Yomojo plans shows how:

  • The basic price plan differential favours Amaysim and Yomojo in almost every case. Where the difference is in Virgin’s favour, it’s pretty insignificant.
  • The basic plan data allowances of Amaysim and Yomojo exceed the allowances offered by Virgin Mobile for any spend level.
  • Amaysim and Yomojo plans offer cheaper rates for calls and text messages sent to subscribers of other Australian networks than Virgin Mobile.

To be fair to Virgin Mobile, they do have some interesting and unique plan features.

  • Virgin Mobile’s charges for exceeding data allowances are lower than Amaysim and Yomojo charges.
  • Virgin Mobile’s data-rollover feature helps ensure that users who underuse their mobile data allowance can get to it the following month. This reduces wastage on their plan.

Assess your Priorities and Compare your Options

In simple terms, Amaysim and Yomojo plans are going to be more appealing if your primary focus is on saving money.

As with any service purchase, having a clear idea of your priorities will make deciding on the best phone plan much easier.

In simple terms, Amaysim and Yomojo plans are going to be more appealing if your primary focus is on saving money.

Before deciding that a certain plan is the best for you:

  • Make an approximate estimate of the number of mobile calls you make and the data you use each month (all phone companies offer apps and website information to help you keep track of your usage).
  • Find the mobile plan that best matches your mobile call and data needs.
  • Compare mobile plan prices, including excess charges.
  • Consider if a prepaid or postpaid phone plan is better for you.
  • Save yourself browsing time and take advantage of the online SIM-Only phone plan comparison feature available at

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