The Best $30 Phone Plan Deals Around Right Now

$30 Phone Plan Deals

Check out $30 phone plans available to Australian customers

The number of Australians moving from expensive plans to low-cost plans continues to increase. Fortunately, all three major Australian telcos, along with a slew of smaller telcos (MVNOs), provide cheap plans under $30.

If you need to talk and text without limit while having a few gigabytes of mobile data each month, $30 phone plans are right for you. These plans come with sufficient internet data allowance and unlimited national calling and text. Some of these plans also offer international texting and calling. The cell phone plans that cost $30 give you huge flexibility and a lot of features. These plans also cover the average data allowance and usage by Australians.

Average data allowance Australia (2018)

Average data allowance as of 2018. Source.

In this article, we cover some of the best $30 phone plans available for you right now.

Telstra pre-paid SIM starter kit

Until December 23, you can get a $30 Telstra prepaid SIM starter kit for only $10. This includes 30GB of data plus an additional 15 GB of bonus data for 3 months. Once you’ve used the included amount of data or your plan has expired, you’ll need to recharge your plan. The best part about Telstra’s prepaid plans is that you can save up to 200GB of unused data to roll over to the next recharge and beyond, thanks to their data vault, which is one of Telstra’s response to customers who want their telcos to treat them fairly.

Optus $30 SIM started kit

This prepaid plan lets you enjoy data, entertainment, and much more on your phone plan. With this plan, you get 35GB standard data on the first three recharges. After that, a $30 recharge avails 10GB of standard data. You will also get up to 10GB streaming data only on Stan, Netflix, ABC Kids, ABC ME, and ABC iView. Featuring the data rollover option, this plan lets you bank up to 200 GB of leftover data. It is important to note that streaming data doesn’t roll over.

Amaysim $30 pack

With this plan from Amaysim, you will get access to 40GB data over Optus’ 4G Plus network. This plan also comes with unlimited talk and text to national and some international destinations. The plan automatically gets renewed every 28 days. There is no lock-in contract, and you can switch your plan anytime you want. This plan also allows you cancel your subscription without paying any cancellation fees.

What to consider when buying a $30 phone plan in Australia?

Before purchasing a cheap plan, try to be realistic about what inclusions to expect for $30 on a monthly basis. You can easily find special deals at this price point for a limited time period, but a typical $30 plan will likely lack all the entertainment bells and whistles of more expensive plans.

However, for the user who finds value in basic plans with unlimited voice and SMS, along with generous amounts of data, $30 plans are an excellent opportunity. This is especially true when deals and promos are being offered, if you don’t have any problem with changing your network provider regularly.

Choose a plan that best accommodates your monthly needs. As stated, at the $30 price point, you may not get those flashy extra plan features. But many plans offer quota-free streaming or credit or data rollover if you recharge within the expiry period. Some plans even offer a certain number of international calling minutes or credit.


Australian telcos offer many attractive plans for $30, and these plans have a lot of the inclusions that you get with more expensive plans. The telecom industry is highly competitive in Australia, and telcos try to engage and retain customers by offering cheap plans with high inclusions. This translates into a bevy of attractive plan options for your $30 budget.

The best part is that for many of these plans, you don’t need to enter into a lock-in contract. Just find out the plans, compare them, and choose the one that best suits you.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.