Comparing Yomojo vs OVO Mobile – Which Is Best For You ?

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Here are the key findings for both Yomojo and OVO Mobile, including their services & coverage. There are more details in the review which follows below.

  • OVO Mobile are doing it for the fans, providing subscribers with great value prepaid plans, large data allowances and exclusive access to exclusive Australian sports action.
  • When it comes to customisation it’s hard to beat Yomojo and their detailed plan choices. Pick and choose what you need, perfect for budget users or people that don’t need a lot of mobile data.
Comparing Yomojo vs OVO mobile



OVO Mobile – Included free content and great value plans

The OVO Mobile Range

OVO’s is a totally new way of looking at a phone company. Their plans are, in our view, at least as good value as you’ll find elsewhere. But on top of the usual calls and data, OVO’s include exclusive access to exclusive content. They launched their service with V8 Supercar content. Since then they’ve added Australian gymnastics and Audi R8 Customer Racing. OVO use The Optus 3G + 4G Mobile Network.

You’ll get

  • Free OVO’s content – Audi R8s, V8 Supercars or Australian Gymnastics :
    The price of the content is included in the monthly line rental charge you pay OVO for your prepaid plan. Importantly : You won’t see your data balance decline while you’re watching them, the streamed content is free.
  • Live In car telemetry and track side commentary :
    Up to 160 sensors all around the car ( V8s ) provide real time access ( during races ) to data that you can see visually on your phone. If you don’t have Foxtel, or you just prefer to listen to the radio broadcast – the track side commentary team are streamed live on OVO.
  • Live Streaming of Australian Gymnastics events :
    Watch them while they’re on or tune in at other times for exclusive training and performance content.
  • Exclusive interviews and behind the scenes content :
    OVO offer unique pictures, video, and access to stars of the sport including in depth interviews for all of their sports.

OVO Plans for your mobile

Picking an OVO plan is simple. All of OVO’s plans include Unlimited talk and SMS in Australia to Australian numbers plus superfast 4G data.

  • $9.95 Unlimited = $200 standard calling and unlimited SMS / MMS + 1GB of 4G data.
  • $14.95 Unlimited = $500 standard calling and unlimited SMS / MMS + 1.5GB of 4G data.
  • $24.95 Unlimited = Unlimited national Talk and Text in Oz + 2GB of 4G data.
  • $34.95 Unlimited = Unlimited national Talk and Text in Oz + 8GB of 4G data.
  • $44.95 Unlimited = Unlimited national Talk and Text in Oz + 12GB of 4G data.

There’s heaps more to say about OVO. You can learn more about them and their unique content in our OVO review.


All data is for use in Australia.


Both of these two great new MVNOs offer a lot to users, so you have a lot of choice on your hands. Whatphone understands comparisons can be difficult, when it comes to time to pick you next prepaid mobile phone plan. So read on in this review, to help you make an educated decision of which one of the two providers is best for your personal needs.

While both companies are relatively new when it comes to competing in the Australian market, both do have a Telco background. Yomojo was started by Scott Stavretis at the time Yatango went bust, in an effort to port existing subscribers over to Yomojo. Yatango customers were ported to Yomojo so that they could continue to enjoy great valued SIM only and prepaid plans, connectivity and service.

OVO Mobile while operating a bit longer than Yomojo, have rocketed off to a fantastic start, thanks to exclusive partnership deals with Australian Drag Racing. OVO Mobile is part of their parent company, My Mobile Data, which has an extensive history operating in the Telco space.

Both Yomojo and OVO Mobile provide users with access to the Optus 4G Plus network.

OVO Mobile is the clear winner.

OVO Mobile is the clear winner when it comes to comparing who is best between Yomojo and OVO Mobile. When it comes to extra added value OVO Mobile comes out in front of Yomojo. Both companies currently offer great value on their respective Unlimited range of prepaid plans. But, OVO Mobile provides their subscribers with exclusive Australian sports content, all unlimited and free through their OVO Play app.

With generous mobile data allowances, unlimited calling and texting and unlimited Australian sports action, OVO Mobile is our winner.

3G or 4G

Yomojo and OVO Mobile both operate on the same Optus 4G Plus network, giving subscribers access to fast 4G connectivity at all times. As always, when looking at which of the two companies is best, you need to look at your personal usage needs. On a direct Unlimited Prepaid plan comparison, Yomojo and OVO Mobile offer some great competitive deals.

Yomojo and OVO Mobile re-sell the Optus 4G Plus network to their subscribers. This allows subscribers to either MVNO to take advantage of a much better deal, than if they were to go direct with Optus themselves.

The Optus 4G Plus network covers 98.5 percent of the Australian population, giving users faster data speeds in even more places.

Flexibility / Personalisation

Both Yomojo and OVO Mobile offer a great deal of choice to their respective subscribers. For users which need a high level of customisation on their prepaid plans, Yomojo offer much more than OVO Mobile in this regard. Through the Yomojo website, subscribers can use the customisable pricing feature to select exactly what they need. With Yomojo you can select from three types of plan:

  • Personalised
  • Pay As You Go
  • Unlimited

While with OVO Mobile you are limited to a selection of three SIM prepaid plans. There is nothing wrong with this and is a fantastic deal for users who know what they want and don’t need the level of customisation which Yomojo offers.

With Yomojo if you can select your monthly mobile data allowance. If you are a light users you can select a lower amount or pay per MB, for heavy users a larger monthly number can be selected.

Comparing Coverage

Both Yomojo and OVO Mobile operate on the same Optus 4G Plus network. Yomojo use the Optus 4G Plus network as to do OVO Mobile.

For more information on coverage of the Optus 4G network, take a look at the Whatphone coverage page.

The Optus 4G plus network provides coverage to 98.5 percent of Australia.

For users which live in a remote or rural part of Australia, at Whatphone we recommend that you review Boost Mobile, a Telstra 4G network MVNO.

Prepaid or Postpaid

Yomojo’s plans can be bought either prepaid or postpaid, while OVO Mobile only offers their plans as prepaid.

Not sure of the difference? Read our article about it.

In general though when it comes to prepaid or postpaid, at Whatphone we believe prepaid plans are be more predictable.

Yomojo Vs OVO Mobile data plans

Yomojo and OVO Mobile offer subscribers competitive mobile data amounts, which is great news for consumers. On the lowest price point plan with both companies, Yomojo offer double the amount of mobile data than OVO Mobile does. But, OVO Mobile is currently running a 50% discounted monthly price (for the first three months), so the lowest plan is half the price of the Yomojo one.

For heavy data users on the higher end plans, OVO Mobile are offering 9GB per month and Yomojo are offering 10GB per month. Whichever MVNO you select, for heavy data users you can get a great deal for a great price. Even when you factor in that for the first three months subscribed to OVO Mobile, you can receive half the price discounted.

price changes - no 50 off price changes- no 50 off - tablet

Who offers the better customer service?

When it comes to which provider offers the best customer service, the clear winner here is OVO Mobile. Yomojo is a new company and doesn’t have the experience behind the scenes that OVO Mobile has. That’s not to say Yomojo is provides poor customer service, far from it, it’s just they are new to the Telco industry.

For customer enquires, both Yomojo and OVO Mobile can be contacted by phone, email and live chat support on their respective websites.

In Summary

When it comes to deciding which is the best bang for your buck, OVO Mobile is the clear winner in this review. Both Yomojo and OVO Mobile offer consumers competitive priced prepaid plans with all the usual calling, texting and mobile data.

The plans on offer from both come with large data allowances, with the higher end plans aimed at heavy users. But for fans of Australian and motor sports racing in general, selecting OVO Mobile is a no brainer.

For people that don’t need extras such as this and want specific plan details, Yomojo offer a great deal of customisation.


Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.