23% of People Buy their Phone Plans Online in Australia

buying phone plans online

Online SIM purchases increasing

SIM cards are a necessity for a functional mobile device. From mobile phones to many smart devices, SIM cards are an integral aspect of a wide array of technologies today.

SIM cards can be procured in a number of ways.

  • Carrier stores (for major telcos such as Telstra and Optus),
  • Retail telecommunications stores, and
  • Online.

Over the years, online SIM procurement have increased steadily. According to research carried out by Roy Morgan, the proportion of Australians procuring SIM plans online has risen by 50%. No statistics were offered on the kind of SIM plans being procured, however — whether prepaid or postpaid. Whatever the case may be, it is evident that there are many advantages associated with getting your SIM online.

In a study conducted by Roy Morgan, results show that more Australians are procuring their SIM plan online.

More Australians are procuring their SIM plans online. Source: Whatphone

Why are more Australians purchasing SIM plans online?

Purchasing a SIM plan online comes with a number of advantages, similar to other e-commerce purchases.

  • Convenience — Convenience is arguably the largest factor behind the rise in online SIM purchases. Online purchases can be done anywhere in the world. For subscribers who are simply too busy to visit carrier stores — or simply uninterested in doing so — online shopping platforms solve their problem in totality.
  • Pricing discounts — With certain telcos, acquiring your SIM plan online can fetch you impressive discounts. For some subscribers, nifty discounts are all the motivation needed to procure a SIM plan over the internet.
  • Exposure to perks — Subscribers are better exposed to perks when shopping SIM cards online. Unlike shopping SIM cards in brick and mortar retail stores, subscribers are granted knowledge on the full range of perks obtainable on the network when visiting its website.
  • Little to no human interaction — For some subscribers, the fact that shopping for SIM plans online offers little to no human interaction is all the reason they need to choose this optoin. Every individual is different and for some, particularly those who suffer certain forms of social anxiety, any form of human interaction poses an inconvenience.

On which networks can I procure a SIM plan online?

Online SIM plan procurement is quite common, and so many networks — both major and MVNOs alike –offer this option.

SIM plans can be procured online through Australia’s ‘Big Three’ telcos.

Australia’s numerous Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) also offer the online SIM procurement option. Some of these MVNOs include:

To purchase a SIM plan online, simply visit the website of your network of choice and shop their selection of available products.

What do I have to look out for when purchasing a SIM plan online?

While convenient and mostly satisfactory, there are certain factors to be looked out for when shopping a SIM card online.

  • Additional cost on products — More often than not, subscribers incur unwarranted charges on unnecessary products. This is simply because attention was not given to potential additional costs on orders made online. Such costs may include shipping and delivery fees. It is important to note that except a telco specifies delivery on products is indeed free, all deliveries will likely incur a cost. Delivery charges vary according to the telco.
  • Critical Information Summary (CIS)Subscribers looking to procure their phone plans online may be doing so due to the quick, convenient nature of the service. It’s very important, however, that subscribers take a quick glance at the Critical Information Summary/More Info section offered by the telco. By doing so, the subscriber is made aware of the exact specifications of the plan they will be subscribing to. That way, nothing takes them by surprise.

Final words

Online SIM card procurement has increased steadily over the years. e-Commerce transactions are generally popular for their convenience, and online SIM card purchases are no different. Although other factors such as online promotional discounts may contribute to the increase in online SIM procurement, convenience is sure to be the leading factor. With the many Australian telcos offering this option, both major and MVNOs, we can expect this increase to continue.

Neil Aitken

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