How Business Will Look in the Era of 5G

Business Will Look in the Era of 5G

With a ridiculously fast loading speed and sub-millisecond latency, 5G is the next-generation of wireless networks. 5G will comfortably outstrip the speed and capacity of previous networks.  Consumers are thrilled by 5G’s bold claims of 10Gbps upload and 20Gbps download speeds. It’s not only the general public who stand to benefit from this revolutionary technology. 5G capabilities are going to transform the way business is done.

Era of 5G

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5G-powered businesses will no longer be constrained by their physical office location, thanks to the improved service. These new capabilities will enhance business-customer relationships through superior business communication, IoT, AR/VR capabilities and many more yet-to-be-imagined technologies. 5G can realistically hit speeds of up to 5Gbps. That’s 500Mbps, which could let you download a 50GB game in just two minutes, or a 100GB 4K movie in under four minutes. It means 5G will come with a flood of opportunities for businesses. It all makes businesses more integrated, more robust and more productive.

While the mainstream 5G network is expected to complete the first stage of roll-out by 2020, there’s still so much for businesses to get excited about and prepare for.

The Big Business Incentives of 5G

Improved Business Connectivity

Ultra-fast network speeds will streamline the way organizations communicate regardless of their physical location. 5G will support enterprise collaboration on large and data-rich projects. It will reduce the hassles of poor connections during digital phone calls and video conferences by realizing high-quality and prompt connectivity along with more productive digital conferences.

5G experts also anticipate more face-to-face, real-time virtual interactions between businesses and customers.  It could also help distribute influential, original video content for training employees and associates.

Leveraging the full Potential of IoT

Every day, more devices are created with internet connectivity, even though they are working without 5G. When 5G finally arrives, it will enable increased connectivity among devices in highly dense areas which the present IoT infrastructure can’t support.

Businesses that are yet to head towards a totally connected future will get much more incentives to advance their business by utilizing digital technology. In addition to laptops, smartphones, and tablets, there will be wearables for staff, temperature control, self-driving cars, lighting systems, and much more to keep businesses totally connected. 5G is an ideal choice to manage these highly-advanced devices since it allows machine-to-machine communications for up to a million devices per square kilometre. Additionally, since 5G is more energy efficient, it will extend the battery life for these devices.

Data on Demand

Today’s enterprise is fuelled by data and maintaining the speed at which data shifts from source to destination is vital for sustaining good business practices. However, the amount of available data is increasing every day, presenting many challenges for businesses.

5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) will enable businesses to transfer huge volumes of data in nanoseconds. For instance, over a full-strength 1Gbps connection, it will be possible to download a 5GB file in less than a minute, which would take over 20 minutes on previous networks.

5G will save large amounts of time for companies while significantly boosting their productivity. Staff will stay focused on more critical tasks than the time-consuming job of data transfer.

AR and VR Capabilities

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) showcase exciting possibilities for the future. However, limited internet connection keeps businesses from leveraging the full potential of these technologies. 5G will help overcome this challenge due to its lightning speed. The demand for wearable technology and applications will grow following the use of 5G.

Planning starts now

5G is a gradual process, and it won’t happen overnight. If it lives up to its promises, the introduction of 5G will bring the fourth industry revolution – Industry 4.0, where everything is digitized and connected.

Businesses should start planning now to get first-mover advantages. Educate yourself and your team about 5G, appoint an internal team to plot your business’s 5G road map and get ready for new relationships with telecom providers.

Eventually, 5G will affect almost every aspect of business. Preparedness for 5G connectivity will keep businesses moving ahead of the competition in their industry.

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