Alcatel Launch Another New Smartwatch Focused On Kids

Alcatel smartwatch for kids

Protect your kids without giving them a smartphone

Monitoring your kid’s activity is not an option; it’s a necessity for the safety of your child. Most Australian parents are using GPS tracking apps and geo-fencing technology to keep an eye on their child’s activities and whereabouts.

Smartphones provide features capable of tracking whoever the user is. This includes children, where a parent purchases one for the child. However, giving a smartphone to the kids at an early age to stay in constant touch with them can be risky, and their non-attached nature can result in them being lost and/or stolen.

Other devices may come in the form of wearables — attached devices in the form of watches and other accessories that are worn on the person. Wearables are growing quite popular in Australia, and when in the form of a watch, they usually have tracking abilities. This is preferable to smartphones for kids, given their smaller designs, attached nature, low data consumption, and more.

Alcatel has entered into this market, and has launched another new smartwatch that’s specifically focused on kids.

Alcatel kids-friendly family watch

Alcatel 3G family watch for kids

Alcatel launches family watch for kids. Source

On March 6th, Alcatel Mobile launched the Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch 3G to help Aussie parents keep connected with their children without burdening them with a smartphone. Available exclusively through Vodafone Australia, this watch allows children to call or send texts to their parents.

The watch also provides exact location tracking and geo-fencing features. Using the TCLMOVE app, parents can track their kid’s whereabouts, customize features their kids can access, and contact the device anytime.

Technical specifications:

  • 3G connectivity
  • IP67 rated
  • Dust-proof and water-resistant
  • Bluetooth
  • Chipset: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Wear 2100
  • Location mode: GPS/LBS/WLAN/AGPS
  • Battery: 450 mAh
  • Weight: less than 60g; Size: 44 × 43.5 × 14.55 mm; Wristband Size: 210.4 × 20.0 × 3.0mm
  • Memory: RAM – 512MB; ROM – 4GB
  • GPS tracking via iOS – and Android-compatible TCLMOVE App

Features of Alcatel kids-friendly family watch

Parents in Australia often give smartphones to their children at the age of eight, in an effort to stay connected with them. This involves parental controls, along with monitoring of their social media activities to prevent potential cyber risks.

The Alcatel Family Watch allows children to send and receive calls and messages from designated and pre-authorised contacts. They can set reminders and create to-do lists without requiring smartphones.

  • Fun and easy-to-use functions

The Alcatel Family Watch comes with a colourful touchscreen that appears attractive and is easy to use for kids of all ages. In addition to making and receiving calls to the contacts in their list, children can add their friends using Bluetooth and send funny emoji icons and messages.

The to-do list and reminder function makes life easier for parents by helping them teach their kids time management and marking important dates or appointments.

  • Durable and ergonomic design

You can change watch faces and wristbands as per your kids’ liking. This cellular connected device comes with a battery life of up to two days on a single charge. It is also IP67-rated, dust-proof, and safe in static water up to one metre for up to 1 hour.

  • Parental peace of mind

The Alcatel Family Watch has many location features, such as providing indoor and outdoor positioning, geo-fencing, and two-way calling. The latest technology used in this watch combines robust security with multiple cellular networks and satellites to give location information accurately and quickly. Simply touch the dedicated icon on the TCLMOVE app on your mobile and locate the current position or location history of the watch.

The Alcatel Family Watch allows parents to track their child’s location and set a geo-fence safe zone. Just enter the addresses, set the range on the map, and save to enable the selected zone. You will receive alerts every time your child goes beyond that safe zone.

In a dangerous situation, children can use the SOS button. Holding it for five seconds will trigger a push notification to contacts and direct them to the chat screen so that they can communicate with family members via voice messages.

Setting up the Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch

Setting up the Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch

Inserting SIM in Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch. Source

A nano-SIM is required to set up and use the Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch. To insert your SIM card, simply remove the strap, remove the SIM cover, and insert the SIM. Use tweezers to push the SIM card softly and replace the cover.

Price and availability

The Alcatel MOVETIME Family Watch (MT30)3G is an affordable watch, available at $180. It is available exclusively online and in stores with Vodafone, without lock-in contracts. Parents can buy it with the payments spread over 12, 24, and 36 months installments.

The connectivity cost is just $10 per month for unlimited calls and texts, plus 1GB of internet data to keep GPS features working all the time.

Final words

Alcatel’s MOVETIME Family Watch solves the tracking needs of parents. Where smartphones are entirely capable of tracking kids, they seem too bulky for the purpose especially for younger kids. Smartphone also present higher risks of being lost stolen, given their high value and the fact that they are not attached to the person. Wearables like Alcatel’s kids watch address those issues and more, and add a number of kid-friendly features that make the device as much for the kid in question, as the safety-conscious parent.

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