Android Kitkats’ Innovative Features

KitKat (that’s version 4.4 of the Android Operating System) is the next step on the Android sweet foods journey towards the perfect operating system. Many features built in to it work only on the Nexus 5. Here are the key feature improvements in Android KitKat that will work for you, whatever Android phone you end up with.

Better multitasking:

KitKat optimizes memory better than previous versions of Android and helps anticipate your touchscreen needs so it can react more quickly. The result is improved system performance which, to you and me, means a faster phone.

Automatic caller look up:

KitKat has redesigned the contacts interface on Android devices. Contacts are now automatically ordered according to how often you interact with someone. And, for the first time, if someone calls you, your phone will look up who the caller is on the internet for you  and tell you who it is.

Quick office is included:

Never get caught away from the office again. Open all the attachment types you usually would using Quick Office. You’ll be able to open and save any cloud stored files from your mobile, edit them and save them back. Or start a document on your phone.

Google Now has been embedded further into Android KitKat:

Where it was once an app you installed, Google now is imbedded within the OS itself now. Google Now is a voice based interaction system that allows you to  talk to your phone. You can inistiate actions verbally using Google now like instructing it to search the web, play and change music, get directions, call people, and send texts all without touching the screen. You initiate Google Now with a voice command of ‘Ok Google’, then say what you want done.

Cloud print:

Kitkat can now print photos, web pages, and documents from your smartphone or tablet, at any time, from anywhere if you are connected to Google Cloud Print, or any HP ePrinters, along with other eprinters that have apps in the ‘Google play’ store.

More emotions:

For those of you who like to use Emoji emotion icons, you no longer need a third party app to use them. The native Japanese Emoji icons are now built into the default Android  key board.

Android Device Manager:

Kitkat offers better security Kitkat improves the security of your phone. Android Device Manager is a software feature that, only a few years ago, was rare to have even in the sort of high end BlackBerries your company might have given you. Device Manager (with a Google Account) gives you the ability first, to attach your phone to the facility and then, to find it if you need to. Remote device management features available include  the ability to locate and wipe the phone clean wherever it is.

Camera software:

KitKat has improved its photography capabilities by offering panorama, landscape and portrait photo options. They have also improved the photography capabilities by snapping rapid shots to get the best shot possible. With the

Hangouts App:

Android Kitkat, you can have all of your sms, mms, and instant messaging conversations in one place by using the ‘Hang Out’ app.

Immersive mode:

When you’re playing games, watching movies, reading, etc. on your, other information will be hidden by using the immersive mode and you’ll see your focus full screen. The information is easily able to return with the swipe of your finger from the side of the screen inwards.


Your Android Kitkat phone can be used as a pedometer to count the steps you take. Note, you’ll need to install a fitness apps like ‘Move’ to be able to use this feature.

Google Wallet improvements:

You can keep all of your payment information in the cloud, on your device. SO iif you use Google Wallet, you can tap on your phone to easily and quickly make purchases.

Remote Control:

If your phone has an infrared emitter, you can use KitKat as a remote control to any electronic devices which can be operated with a remote.


Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.