Benefits of Having a Dashboard Camera

benefits of dashboard camera

Dash cams serve more than just civilian purposes

Dashboard cameras – dash cams, for short – are gadgets gaining rapid popularity in Australia and the world at large. A dashboard camera is a small, compact, portable video camera that’s attached to the dashboard or rear end of a vehicle.

Though unlike typical technological advances for vehicles, dash cameras serve a wide array of functions. These functions serve commercial and personal drivers as well as government and security personnel.

Dashboard cameras have gained a lot of traction over the past decade, but they are no new inception. The use of dashboard cameras can be traced to the 1980’s, where analog video cameras were attached to the dashboards of a small number of police patrol vehicles in the United States.

Global dash cam market could hit USD$33 billion by 2024.

The growing popularity of dashboard cameras is reflected in the continuous global market growth. Source

Benefits of dashboard cameras

The popularity of dashboard cameras in this generation can be attributed to their many benefits. Here are some of those benefits:

  • Irrefutable evidence in accidents
    This is a major reason why millions of individuals have decided to invest in dashboard cameras. Dashboard cameras create irrefutable sources of evidence in accident situations. Once the vehicle is turned on, the dashboard camera begins to record everything that happens in and around it. In the event that the vehicle’s driver experiences an accident, dashboard cameras hold irrefutable evidence as to how exactly the circumstances played out.Driving is a risk to both the individual behind the wheel and everyone surrounding the vehicle. Accidents do happen and in the event that they do occur, dashboard cameras can be used to determine the innocence and guilt of the involved parties.
  • Prevention of insurance fraud
    Insurance fraud is one of the most prevalent criminal practices in the 21st century where vehicles are concerned. Insurance fraud mainly affects insurance companies, but it also has negative effects on car drivers. In numerous cases, honest drivers are not granted insurance because they cannot prove that the accidents their vehicles were part of are indeed accidents. It is also common practice for fraudulent drivers to purposely cause accidents and then extort money from unsuspecting victims. In either of these cases, the presence of functional dashboard cameras can prevent such unfavourable situations.
  • Prevents Vandalism and Car Break-Ins
    Typically, dashboard cams only record the vehicle and its surroundings when the vehicle is turned on. However, some dashboard cameras have the ability to record the vehicle and its surroundings at all times. These cams often contain motion sensors which turn the device on when a body is within its proximity. The feed from these cameras can then be uploaded to a computer or mobile device. These dash cams are not only connected to the vehicle’s electrical system, but possess in-built or external batteries.If you reside in a neighborhood where vandalism and break-ins are rampant, a dashboard camera could prove a crucial gadget.
  • Advanced features and functions
    Since their inception into the market, dashboard cameras have evolved rapidly.Today, dashboard cameras come with a plethora of features which are useful to commercial and personal drivers alike. State of the art dashboard cameras currently incorporate advanced features such as:

    • GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking
    • Low battery usage feature – Allows the device to function while using as little battery life as possible. This feature is essential if the dashboard cam doesn’t draw power from the vehicle’s electrical system.
    • Voice reminders and accelerometers – This feature alerts car drivers when they begin to drive in an unsafe manner.
    • Live view – A feature often used by commercial car companies, this allows fleet owners to view their vehicles in real-time.
  • Documenting road trips
    Dashboard cameras can be used for a number of recreational functions, such as road trips and adventures. Though mainly used for security or legal purposes, dashboard cams offer a twist to road trips for individuals who love adventure.Dashboard cameras help individuals turn otherwise basic road trips to fond memories that can be looked on when nostalgia hits.

A dashboard camera facing the driver.

A dashboard camera. Source

  • Monitoring car usage
    Dashboard cameras can be used to monitor car usage in commercial and personal settings alike.Parents with teenagers giddy for freedom can use dashboard cameras to monitor their activities. It’s not uncommon for teenagers to drive cars without permission, and the monitoring capabilities of a dash cam can prevent such a scenario or monitor it if it occurs. Employers can also use dashboard cameras to monitor the locations of drivers and couriers.

Final words

Dashboard cameras are an important add-on for any driver concerned about safety and vehicle security. These devices can prove to be the deciding factor in a court case concerning automobile accidents and other incidents, as well as for an insurance claim. But their benefits go beyond that to a number of other capabilities. All in all, dashboard cameras can improve the driving experience significantly.


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