Best iPhone Rumors: What’s New for Apple Phones in 2020

Apple Phones in 2020

Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, we’ve seen updated models with new OS versions released in the market every year. According to the rumor mill, the tradition is expected to continue in 2020, despite the current pandemic shutting down production.

Plus, with ios app development growing at an unprecedented rate, Apple aims to make the iPhone hardware just as exceptional as the software installed. 2020 has various rumors and predictions surrounding the release of new Apple products.

The names aren’t confirmed, but based on past trends, we’ll see iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max sometime in the coming months. So, let’s see what Apple will bring forth for us in 2020:

Release Date

With the Corona pandemic spreading across the globe, manufacturing has either slowed or completely shut down for most companies. Apple is one such name to take a hit as supply chain issues arise with facilities in China going under lockdown.

Contrarily, some sources also stated that the delay was expected before the pandemic spread when Apple decided to set up its 5G antennas.

In February 2020, however, Apple CEO released an official statement confirming that the quarantine situation in China will slow down production more than he anticipated.

Meaning, while the company typically announces its new products in September, the delay will push the release date one to two months ahead. The Wall Street Journal, JP Morgan, and the Bank of America, all back up the story.


In 2019, iPhone 11 came with a pleasant surprise, priced at $50 less than 2018’s iPhone XR. For iPhone 12, it is expected that Apple will follow the same pricing model. According to predictions, the price will start at $649 for the basic model, marking the lowest cost in Apple’s history. For the Pro and Pro Max versions, however, the price is rumored to be $999 to $1,099.

Hardware Design

Apple is known to bring notable changes to its phones’ designs, giving them a fresh new look every other year. However, rumors surrounding the design of the 2020 iPhones are contradictory.

While some say that iPhone 12 will be similar to iPhone 11, with only the edges a little bowed, others expect Apple to pull a complete makeover with iPhone 12 and its high-end’s designs.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the new designs will carry sophisticated segmentation as well as trenching and injection molding techniques. Bloomberg also states that two of the high-end phones will feature flat, stainless steel edges, similar to iPad Pro.

A Japanese publication mentions that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will be taller but less in thickness than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The 5.4-inch model is also expected to be somewhere between iPhone SE and iPhone 8 in height.

Apart from its thickness and height, rumors also claim that iPhone 12 and its high-end models will have varying numbers of microphone ports at the base. Some of the other minor alterations in design that are predicted include:

  • Slightly larger camera lenses
  • SIM tray on the device’s left side
  • One less speaker on the right of the speaker grille
  • Thicker antenna for 5G
  • The power button would be slightly lower
  • Smart connecter on the right side of the device

One design element that Apple will continue with iPhone 12 is the lightning port for charging instead of moving to a USB-C cable.


Apple also presents new colors for its iPhones to give them a refreshing change along with the alterations in design concepts. In 2019, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max came out with a midnight green color. For iPhone 12 Pro, Apple may choose a navy-blue shade.

Other colors include violet, light blue, light orange, and more, according to the rumor mill.

Specs and Display Size

In 2020, design and color are not the only new things about Apple’s iPhone lineup. From display to screen size, there are changes throughout the series. iPhone 12s is expected to have a display size of 5.4-inch, which is larger than the 4.7-inches of iPhone SE.

Similarly, Pro Max is believed to be 6.7-inch in screen size, where iPhone 11 Pro Max had 6.5-inches of the display.

Furthermore, Apple may opt for OLED displays for iPhone 12, putting away the LCDs for good. A Korean tech site claims that the two lower-end models, iPhone 12 and 12 Max, will feature LG OLED displays, whereas the high-end versions will have Samsung’s Y-OCTA OLED display.

According to rumors, other specs include a 120Hz refresh rate for iPhone 12’s display and a ProMotion display for Pro, similar to that of iPad Pro. A standard refresh rate is 60Hz, but a higher refresh rate makes the phone faster and operation smoother, when browsing the web and apps.

Mobile Data Connectivity

Among the many advancements of technology, 5G is one of the most discussed, especially where IoT is concerned. But now in 2020, one of the predictions surrounding iPhones is that the iPhone 12 series will support 5G connection.

Apple’s analyst Ming-chi Kuo believes the company will launch three 5G-enabled phones. Plus, Fast Company goes on to say that Apple may use its 5G antennas to support the technology.

The rumors also state that Apple may reserve dual-band 5G for its Pro models while opting for sub-6GHz for the lower-end phones. Alternatively, it could launch regional variants on all iPhone 12 models. Meaning, there could be two kinds of 5G networks in play, namely mmWave and sub-6GHz.

Furthermore, according to Apple’s analyst models with mmWave and sub-6GHz will be up for sale in the USA, the UK, Japan, Canada, and Australia. Contrarily, other markets will only have sub-6GHz, which may be disabled in areas that don’t support 5G connectivity.

Rear Cameras

Apple first launched a new rear camera system in 2019 with the iPhone 11 lineup. In 2020, it aims to continue using the triple-lens set up with a few tweaks. The rumors state that the higher-end models will feature a time-of-flight rear camera, which may be absent in the lower-end versions.

All iPhone 12 variants will have different camera technology. The higher-end models at 6.7 and 6.1 inches will feature the tiple-lens camera, whereas the lower-end iPhones may have dual-lens cameras.

Additionally, Apple also introduced 3D depth-sensing technology in front cameras of iPhone X and those that followed. In 2020, rumors say it will take things a step further, by integrating the technology in the rear cameras, much like the LiDAR scanner in iPad Pro lineup.

EarPods: To Be or Not to Be?

Among all the rumors, one that iPhone users may not welcome is the lack of wired ear pods with the iPhone 12 and its high-end models. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reports that Apple may leave out the ear pods to raise demand for its wireless AirPods. It may launch a promotional campaign for the AirPods nearing the end of 2020, offering discounts to encourage iPhone users to make a purchase.

Final Words!

I hope the blog offers insight into what you can expect for Apple and its iPhones in the coming year. Until its launch is announced and it’s officially available in the market, updates are sure to come to light, but that concludes our list of iPhone rumors for 2020!

Keep your ears peeled for updates and put a pin in your plans to buy a new iPhone for now.

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