From Competition Winner to Live Streamer of Drag Racing: OVO Has It All

400 Thunder

OVO is certainly making the headlines at the moment. It recently won the 2017 Money Magazine Best of the Best award for its great value mobile plan for high usage customers. This comprises, for use over a 30 day period, 8GB of data for use in Australia, unlimited texts and MMS as well as unlimited standard calls. This is a prestigious award to win and with a lot of competitors it’s certainly an outstanding achievement.

OVO offers all the talk time and data you could possibly want without the need to lock into money grabbing longer term contracts. If you choose OVO, all their stuff is prepaid and you can BYO mobile, WiFi or tablet. You are not locked into anything with the freedom to get out without debts whenever you please.

OVO is 100 percent Aussie owned and it uses infrastructure provided by the Optus 4G+ network. If winning a competition isn’t enough, OVO has also won the rights to broadcast and live stream 400 Thunder Australian Professional Drag Racing Series.


OVO Mobile and 400 Thunder

3 years of live streaming drag racing for OVO

OVO Mobile has managed to secure a 3 year long deal to offer live streaming of Australia’s Premier Drag Racing fixtures to eager fans. OVO is a well known provider of Mobile Data Free Communications and has been given the broadcast rights to live stream the 400 Thunder Australian Professional Drag Racing Series.

OVO Mobile will now be able to provide live streaming of the 400 Thunder events to the sports fans throughout the world and for all OVO Mobile paid up customers the data will all be free. This new partnership showcases the 1st free-to-access live streaming partnership for the popular 400 Thunder series Matt Jones, the CEO for OVO Mobile reported that all OVO Mobile Drag racing fans will get the chance to watch unlimited mobile video footage and live stream content of this adrenalin drenching sport without having to go into their account to check their data balance as the race goes on.

If fans aren’t spoilt enough by this generous offer they can join in with all the action and view footage taken behind the scenes which has all been shot by the OVO Mobile team as they are the official media and telco partner for Thunder 400. If you want to refresh your memory on all last’s year’s action you can gain access to all those highlights whenever you want.


Rachelle Splat - Speed Queen OVO Mobile

Rachelle Splat, the famous Queen of Speed, takes on an ambassador role

Splatt has been off the track for 10 years but is determined to make a comeback during this year’s event. As well as taking on the ambassador role for OVO Mobile, she intends to break the 300mph barrier for a second time when she takes up her position on home ground on 21st January at the 400 Thunder fixture staged at the Sydney Dragway.

Don’t worry if you are busy doing something else or you are working. You can take a few minutes off to live stream this awesome event on your phone or tablet using OVOPlay.

OVO takes on sports mad role

Lining up live sports events for fans has become a bit of a habit for OVO as it already offers:

  • Live audio streaming of Triple M and Hit radio stations.
  • Live Gymnastics events.
  • Drag Audi Sport Customer Racing in car.

All these events can be viewed through OVOPlay. Matt Jones believes that by offering the opportunity for people to view sports events from any location worldwide on their mobile devices is useful in more ways than one as it is not only super convenient but it gives the sport a chance to gain more followers. More than 500,000 fans have taken an interest in Australian drag racing. The number of competitors actively involved in the sport is on the rise too.

How to live stream the 400 Thunder Australian Series

You have to sign up on the OVO website for OVOPlay and OVOMobile first. Anyone can go into the events but those customers who have signed up with OVO for one of their phone plans will not have to pay for the data when they view the events. There is little doubt that the series will gobble up data by the second so signing up to one of OVO’s no obligation plans will put you streets ahead of anyone who is tied hard and fast to another data provider.

What is Thunder?

If you haven’t yet worked out what Thunder is, it is the Premier Drag Racing Series with its base in Australia. 7 championship rounds are raced in different parts of the country. In season 1 last year no less than 600,000 supporters latched onto the series. This year, 2017, Season 2 will be hitting the track, where speeds of up to 550kph it is hoped will be seen. There is sure to be a track not far from where you live where Thunder will be moving at lightning speed.

OVO Mobile Provides Content and Much More

OVO just proves that there is plenty of data to be had by all and restricting its use by tagging a high price is not even necessary for live streaming of events on mobile devices. OVO’s free data offers to be used for entertainment purposes, including sports, just shows what can be done in this rapidly changing era in communication. The Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) isn’t penalising its regular phone customers to pay for its content provision. Far from it, as it offers unlimited SMS and national calling as well as prepaid data packages which compete favourably with its competitors.

Live streaming drag racing with OVO

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