Galaxy Note 2 vs Top selling phones

Comparing the Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a device that’s defined by its size for many. It’s superfast browsing, incredible screen and Jellybean software have won over many .

If you’ve narrowed your choice down to the Note 2 vs another device, and are figuring out what phone is right for you, check out the links below. You’ll find detailed, side by side comparison reviews. Compare and decide so you can be sure about how the Note 2 stands up.

Galaxy Note 2 or HTC One X ?

HTC don’t have quite the same brand following as Samsung. Unfortunately, that means some people don’t give the right level of consideration to great phones like the HTC One X. The One X has a mainstream 4.7 inch screen which will appeal to a broad cross section of the mobile phone buying public. The uni body chassis gives it a high quality feel. HTC’s Sense User Interface, on top of the core Android Operating System and provided free, out of the box, gives users a bunch of great software that you won’t get even on the Note 2. Which is the better product overall ? Check out the comparison review and find out in Galaxy Note 2 or HTC One X ?

Galaxy Note 2 or iPhone 5 ?

LTE or 4G ( really fast network access ) is completely changing the way people use their mobile phones. Data comes down so fast to LTE devices, the browsing and YouTube experience is so good, that users of the new technology are playing with their phones even more than they used to. The iPhone 5 was the first mainstream LTE product to release in Australia. It represents a genuine alternative to Android for the high end Smart Mobile shopper. Put it next to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, another LTE enabled product and you’ve got yourself a competition between two cutting edge products. But which deserves your hard earned cash ? Find out in the Whatphone article Galaxy Note 2 or iPhone 5 ?

Galaxy Note 2 or Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the fastest selling Samsung mobile of all time. It’s got LTE enabled variants in the Australian market, it shares the next generation looks of the Note 2 and it benefits from many of the capabilities that have made the Galaxy range so popular – including expandable memory. Separate the two and consider them feature by feature in the Whatphone comparison of Galaxy Note 2 or Samsung Galaxy S3.

Galaxy Note 2 or iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S is enough mobile phone for many people. It comes with the safety of a phone brand everyone knows and trusts, software One Eyed Freddy could use and build quality which means it can sit comfortably on a board room table in front of a CEO. Compare Apple’s penultimate release with one of Samsung’s best in Galaxy Note 2 or iPhone 4S.

Galaxy Note 2 or HTC One S

These two products are streets apart in physical dimension and just about every feature on the list. Which is right for you is going to come down to the type of user you are. See which user profile you fit, in the comparison review – Galaxy Note 2 or HTC One S.

Galaxy Note 2 or Samsung Galaxy S2

It’s not all about the latest and greatest features. Whatphone visitors have to consider bang for buck too. If you’re wondering whether to go for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Samsung Galaxy S2, you’re probably trading off the richest feature set on the market – the Note 2 – with one of the best value products out there – the Samsung Galaxy S2. Check out the review and make the right decision between the Galaxy Note 2 or Samsung Galaxy S2.

Neil Aitken

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