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Galaxy S3 vs HTC 1S – Overview

See below for a detailed specification by specificaiton comparison of the Galaxy S3 and HTC 1S.

The Galaxy S3 is best in class and competes directly with the HTC 1X. The HTC 1S is the ‘little brother’ of the HTC 1X. It’s in the same range but deliberately pitched as a smaller sized product with specifications a bit ‘lower’ than the 1X. A glance at a feature comparison list will tell you that.

They look very different. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a grown up, cutting edge product. The 1S, smaller and offering a form factor which is less imposing – it’s impressively thin at only 8mm.

Galaxy S3 vs HTC 1S – Key device specification comparison :

Unusually, within comparisons of the top 7 mobile phones that Whatphone offers, there are some enormous differences in the capability of the components used in the Samsung Galaxy 3 and the HTC 1S.

The One S definitely picks up the rear specification wise.

Galaxy S3 vs HTC 1S – Key device specification comparison : What’s different ?

  • Processors :
    The Galaxy S3 has Quad Core 1.4 GHz processors – compared to the Dual core 1.67 GHz processors in the HTC 1S. However, there is little difference to the experience of using even high load applications like video in terms of perceived performance between the 2 mobiles, when the devices are used in a normal way. Browsing, scrolling through pages, email and all the normal stuff that will make up 95% of all your activity are almost identically performed, irrespective of which device you’re using.
  • Screen :
    The Galaxy S3 has an amazing screen. 1280 x 720 High Definition Super AMOLED. The 1S has a Super AMOLED screen too – but the resolution is only 540 x 960. For me was the worst thing about the 1S. Although the 1S was brighter than the S3, the quality of what was rendered really let it down.
  • Weight :
    The HTC 1S is lighter. 17 grams or so lighter. What seems strange to me is that the screen is so much smaller on the HTC 1S but the height and breadth dimensions of the 1S are not substantially different to the Gal S3. It’s only half a centimetre less across and tall than the Galaxy S3.
  • External Memory :
    The 1S is limited to a maximum 16GB of on board memory which, in my view is nowhere near enough. The S3 comes in 16GB ad 32GB options and has an external memory slot in to which you can put as much and as many SD memory cards as you want. Especially important for anyone with a decent music collection they want to take with them or who watches video on their devices.
  • Battery :
    We have some serious questions about the battery on the Samsuns Galaxy S3 at Whatphone. Not just one but several S3s seem to have consistently challenged batteries. The battery on the HTC 1S was better but still not great.

Galaxy S3 vs HTC 1S – Technical Specification Comparison – What’s the same ?

  • Camera :
    Both the Galaxy S3 and the HTC 1S have 8 Megapixel cameras and both take good shots & 1080 p ( High Definition ) video – although playing them back on the One S’s screen is not nearly as nice an experience as a result of the reduced resolution.

Galaxy S3 vs HTC 1S – other influencers

As was covered in the HTC 1X / Galaxy S3 comparison, there are small differences in the installed GUI – or Graphical User Interface – which is put in place by Samsung ( TouchWiz ) and Sense ( HTC. )

Both companies have installed the latest version of their GUIs and each has its strengths and weaknesses. Overall, I prefer the Galaxy S3’s new gadgets and gizmos.

My favourite is the Smart Alert feature on the S3 which watches your eyes to see when it can turn itself off. It tries not to when you’re looking at it. It’s not perfect but it’s a big improvement on the most annoying aspect of Smartphones with big screens – them hibernating to save battery.

Galaxy S3 vs HTC 1S – summing up

I prefer the Galaxy 3. Despite the battery management issues. I can forgive the dual core processor in the 1S, there’s little practical difference between the perceived performance on both products right now. For me, this comparison comes down to a couple of key things

  • The screen on the 1S is not nearly as good as the Galaxy S3. If you watch video, take photos or have had any experience with a better screen, you’re going to feel let down while you’re using this one.
  • The 16 GB of on board, memory which can’t be expanded is so restricted, it can only really be sufficient for a light smartphone users.

In truth, I think the 1S is more of a competitor to the Galaxy S2 than the S3. The technical specifications between them ( the Galaxy S2 and HTC One S ) are almost identical – the pricing isn’t. The Galaxy S2’s substantially less expensive.

The 1X is a much better device and competes on more even terms with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Don’t compare the HTC 1S to the Galaxy S3, it’s not a fair fight.

Galaxy S3 vs HTC 1S – price alerts

Why choose the HTC 1S over the 1S when there is such a small price difference  ?

As usual, it all comes down to the balance of quality and price. As such, we invite you to sign up to the whatphone price alerts. Every week for a month, we will email you the best price plan deals for each of the handsets.

Between them, the top 7 cover more than 90% of what people actually buy ! Currently, the top 7 includes both the HTC 1S and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Nov ’12

Written by:
Kurt Hands

Neil Aitken

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