Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X – What phone is right for you

Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X – Introduction

Comparing the Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X is a tough gig. These are my two favorite devices in the mobile phone market at the moment. Between them, they represent the current best of both the Android and mobile phone market.

It’s a Clash of the Titans. It’s a Vegas prize fight. It’s Cup Final Day. I used the HTC One X for weeks when I first got it – and I loved every moment. Then I moved to the Galaxy S3 and found I loved that too. But, although I’m hesitant to do it, I know, it’s time to pick a favorite between the only two quad core products on the market right now and find what phone is right for you.

Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X – Overview

The first thing you notice, holding the Galaxy 3 in your left hand and the HTC One X in your right, is the quality of both products. The Galaxy S3 looks next generation. The blue casing is modern to the point of futuristic.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC 1 X Picture 3

It has curves in all the right places and I want to stroke it when I touch it. But the HTC One X’s body – posh plastic created by pointing LASERs at it ( we’re told ) does feel stronger and more durable. They both feel light.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC 1X Picture 2

Aesthetics is personal preference so I’ll let you choose but be reassured, neither is a bag of spanners in the looks department. I would consider them so close in size as to be identical for the ‘normal person.’ One key difference which will come up below, is that the One X has a ‘unibody’ – no removable back compartment. That means you can get in to the battery and memory card slot for the Galaxy S3 but not the HTC One X.

Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X – What’s The Same ?

Obviously, Samsung and HTC talk to the same component suppliers in their search to produce the best Smartphone. There is little to pick between the products from a hardware point of view.

  • Processor.
    Both have quad core processors, 1 GB on RAM and laugh with pity at any task you throw their way. Browsing, video editing, artificial intelligence ( not really ), anything you want, they throw up quickly. With animation. And overlay hints when you first turn them on. Brilliant.

Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X – What’s Different ?

  • Real life battery usage :
    Was NOT about the same, whatever the technical specifications say in terms of standby hours and talk time. With a little bit of forethought, they’re both usable products. I like the screen bright, wi fi on, emails on push ( all the stuff that puts a constant load on the battery ) and the HTC One X went far better on battery than the Galaxy S3. Even with all that usage, the HTC One X managed a full day. The Galaxy S3 didn’t. It typically ran out at about 5PM. I always keep a spare charger in the office to avoid going off the grid but if you want a strong battery, the One X is a better product.
Samsung Galaxy S3 vs HTC 1 X Picture 3
  • Screen.
    Both have high definition 1280 x 720 screens. The Galaxy S3 is Super AMOLED, the HTC One X Super LCD. This section is supposed to be about technical specification differences between the products. Screen wise, the HTC One X is 0.1 inches ( less than 3mm ) smaller. On the diagonal. There should be no real difference ( to you ) in the screens between the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3. But it looks like more. It might be the black bar which surrounds the screen on the HTC One X ( where the screen on the Galaxy S3 goes right to the plastic casing. ) Whatever it is, the Galaxy S3’s screen does feel bigger when you look at it. I found the colors more saturated on the Galaxy S3 but to be honest, whether you like your images realistic or ‘enhanced’ is another personal decision. Watching video is a pleasure on either. I did find the HTC’s screen easier to use in bright sunlight while I was out and about.
  • Camera :
    They both have 8 MP cameras and take comparable shots. They’re both great cameras. The Samsung Burst Shot capability is something you won’t be able to stop using and the Galaxy S3 allows you to do the same trick as the HTC One X. You can snap photos while you’re videoing. I found the features on the camera for the Samsung Galaxy S3 easier to get in to and use. But the quality of both is just amazing for a phone.
  • Video Recording :
    Both mobiles have 1080 high definition recording capabilities. However, the HTC One X records only at 23 frames per second. I found that when panning, this gave a more stuttered view of the video when it was played back.
  • Expandable memory.
    The HTC One X comes with 32 Gig on board which I find adequate for all the multimedia I need at any one time. However, the expandability of the Samsung Galaxy S3 gives it the edge. Knocking some of the purchase price down initially and putting the choice of what memory to buy and install later. You also, obviously, have the chance to have multiple memory cards and transfer loaded cards between your mobile phones if you’d like to ( which I do. ) The Galaxy S3 takes this aspect of the Smartphone well.

Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X – Other Influences

Both the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 run on ICS – Ice Cream Sandwich, one of the latest Android Operating Systems. More recently released LTE Samsung Galaxy S3s have Jellybean. Both devices can be upgraded to Jellybean. So the only additional influence is which overlay you prefer.

Samsung Install the latest version of ‘TouchWiz’ on top of ICS for the S3. HTC install Sense 4.0. The difference is slight but worth considering. Personally, the short cuts, the keyboard and look and feel of the Touchwiz interface makes it better to me. Despite it’s rubbish music transfer capabilities. HTC Sense has some nice features, notably the ‘Car’ application which gives you access to music, radio and mapping features in an easy to use way before you start your journey.

Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X – Summing Up

The Galaxy S3 is the better mobile phone. It just pips the HTC 1X to the post on the most important elements of the experience – except battery. It outsells the HTC One X as a result and I genuinely love the Galaxy S3. However, you’re not going to make a mistake here. They’re both spectacular products. The build quality of the HTC One X is better which is something to consider if you’re clumsy !

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.