How Much Mobile Data Do You Use?

check your data usage

You can monitor your monthly data usage to make sure you never exceed your data limit.

With the increasing availability of video streaming and increasingly data-hungry apps, it is normal to exceed your monthly data limit. In this case, consumers often end up paying a significant amount in fees for the extra data they use, on top of the cost of their monthly phone plan.

In fact, a report shows that Australians paid $259 million in excess internet data charges in 2017, which is an increase of $113 million (or 78%) as compared to the previous year’s report.

Consumers can save themselves from exceeding their data limit by gaining some control over their data habits. Here’s how to check the amount of data used:

Checking your internet data usage on Android

Android devices come with in-built data monitoring tools. Using these tools, users can figure out their monthly mobile data usage easily. Whether you own a Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel 2, or any other Android device, you can follow these steps to know how much mobile data you’re using every month.

  • Go to Android Settings menu.
  • Tap on Network & Internet. If you are using a Samsung device, tap on Connections.
  • Go to Data Usage.

data usage history android

Measure mobile data usage on Android. Source

The results will only display data sent through your cellular data connection and not the Wi-Fi connection. If you have to figure out your Wi-Fi data usage also, click on the menu button and select Show Wi-Fi usage. To know the most accurate data usage on your phone plan, you have to specify your billing cycle.

Since the data will reset on the first day of the new billing cycle, your usage habits the last month don’t count. Moreover, you can set data warnings as well. To do this, adjust the slider bar to set when your phone will warn you about low data. When you reach the cut off limit, you’ll receive a warning that will let you know.

Checking your internet data usage on iPhone (250)

Fortunately, it is straightforward to check your iPhone’s data usage so that you can stay within the monthly data limit on your phone plan. You can also find out the apps that consume the most cellular data if you are watching your activities closely every month. To check your mobile data usage on iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Go to your iPhone settings.
  • Click on the section called “Cellular.”
  • On the following screen, you will see a new section, “Current Period.”

Check data usage on iPhone

Measure mobile data usage on iPhone. Source

  • The number you will see on the right of “Current Period” indicates how much cellular data you’ve used. Below this, you will see all apps with a number that indicates how much data you’ve used on each of these listed apps. You can turn off the green toggle button next to each batch to prevent the app from consuming your cellular data.
  • If you don’t know your “Current Period,” scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  • Below “Reset Statistics,” you will see “Last Reset” with a date. Your “Current Period” data usage number starts with this date.
  • To measure your data usage according to your billing cycle, click “Reset Statistics.” it will reset the “Current Period” of your internet data usage.
  • Click “Reset Statistics” when it pops up.

Check your data usage with the provider’s app

All major network service providers in Australia (including Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, and most MVNOs) have a data usage app. Users can download the app on their iPhone or Android device to find out the up-to-date information about their data usage on phone plans.

If your carrier doesn’t provide a dedicated app for this purpose, you will find an online portal or the company’s official website where you can check your data usage. You can download the app from the telco’s official website or from Google Play Store (if you are using an Android device) or Apple’s App store (if you are using an iPhone).

These are some easy ways to measure your data usage for every billing cycle. Knowing how much data you use is the first step before you begin the process to either reduce your usage or upgrade your phone plan. Use these tips and you could save yourself from paying excessively for extra data.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.