How Technical SEO Helps Your Site?

In the digital age of the internet, the success of your e-commerce business depends on your website marketing. The more you optimize your website, the more user-friendly, functional, fast, and searchable it gets. Technical SEO is a vital component of your website marketing. It can be defined as a search engine optimization subcategory that handles the infrastructure of your website. Technical SEO is essential to your e-commerce business as it essentially helps you ensure that your website is fully functional and optimized according to the latest Google standards.

More importantly, it also ensures that your website is free of technical issues and easy to navigate so that your customers can easily find what they are looking for. A technically optimized website is more searchable and will be ranked higher by search engines such as Google. Implementing technical SEO allows you to increase your organic traffic, lead generation, and conversion rates, among many other things.

What is technical SEO?

Essentially a subcategory of SEO, technical SEO is an SEO technique that allows users to optimize certain parts of the infrastructure of their e-commerce website to make it more searchable and easier to index and crawl by search engine bots.

This SEO technique helps businesses optimize the technical elements of their website, such as the site navigation tools, site schema, URL structure, page speed, etc. Every business on the internet needs organic traffic to drive revenues, and a site optimized for technical SEO can attract such traffic from search engines.

If your target audience can’t properly navigate your site and access what they need, your site content and design are good for nothing, no matter how much money you’ve invested in them.

Why technical SEO matters

Many businesses focus on content and on-page SEO, white label link building, completely overlooking technical SEO as most business owners find it too complicated to handle. However, they aren’t aware that technical SEO is critical to achieving their goals, such as attracting more consumers or getting their website on the first page of search results across the top search engines.

Technical SEO can be simplified enough with the help of an automotive SEO company to help you make your website more functional, user-friendly, easier to navigate, mobile-friendly, and faster to load. No matter how attractive your website is, it will mean nothing if your consumers can’t find what they’re looking for on mobile devices or your site takes forever to load.

How technical SEO benefits your business

The most significant benefit of technical SEO for any business online is that they get an opportunity to generate more organic traffic. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg regarding all the benefits of implementing technical SEO. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits to understand the importance of technical SEO. Technical SEO can benefit your business in many different ways, including:

  • Adhering to the best techniques, methods, and practices for website optimization by leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.;
  • Making your website easily accessible from any mobile device;
  • Ensuring your website loads fast enough to provide modern consumers with expected customer experience;
  • Ensuring your website is easy for search engines to rank, index, and crawl;
  • Eliminating all intrusive elements that could hinder customer and user experience, such as pop-ups;
  • Keeping your e-commerce website safe;
  • Ensuring your URL structure is search-engine-friendly;
  • Ensuring there are no 404 pages and broken links on your website;
  • Making content on your web pages more optimized and structured for displaying in the search results;
  • Helping search engine bots to crawl your website better and rank it higher in the search results;
  • Improving website indexing;

Put simply – technical SEO helps your business by making your website more searchable so that you attract a broader target audience and drive more traffic to your landing page.

Tips for getting started with technical SEO

If one’s ready to optimize their website for technical SEO to reap all the benefits it can offer, here’s what you should do to achieve higher rankings and better sales.

  1. Create an account on Google Search Console

Creating a Google Search Console account is free, and it is the first step you should take. This console allows you to track and measure the overall performance of your website in search results, as well as that of your web pages. In other words, this free tool allows you to find out how Google positions your website.

2. Create a robots.txt file

Web crawlers base their crawling queries on the instructions found in a robots.txt file. This file allows you to assign specific instructions for specific web crawlers, like those from Ask, Bing, or Google. It will help you increase the organic reach when looking to drive more traffic to your website.

3. Build HTML and XML sitemaps

An XML sitemap is vital to making your website more searchable as it helps crawlers find your most important web pages, like services or products. On the other hand, an HTML sitemap is also a roadmap to your customers and web crawlers. These maps make your site easier to navigate and find in the search results.


Technical SEO is simply crucial to your website’s rankings. It helps your business by making your brand, products, and services easier to find on search engines, allowing you to attract wider audiences and drive more organic traffic to your business website. It also helps make your site more functional by discovering and fixing technical issues on your website.

Neil Aitken

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