How to Activate Mobile Broadband

Activate Mobile Broadband

What’s mobile broadband?

Mobile broadband devices

Mobile broadband devices are portable, allowing you to carry high-speed internet connection with you everywhere. src

There are many types of broadband internet options, but one of the most popular nowadays is mobile broadband. Mobile broadband connects your devices to the internet through mobile modems. This means that, unlike fixed broadband solutions like cable internet and other wired connections, mobile broadband connects to a data network wirelessly.

You can get mobile broadband from a carrier who provides a broadband stick that connects your laptop, smartphone, and other devices through. They typically use a device that attaches a mobile broadband plan through a SIM card, like a picket WiFi or MiFi, giving users the freedom to access the internet wherever they go.

Advantages of mobile broadband

The main highlights of mobile broadband are speed and portability. With mobile broadband, you can get fast internet connectivity wherever you go. As long as there’s a 4G or 5G network coverage, you’ll be able to use the internet through a mobile broadband.

Although carriers in Australia offer mobile broadband plans with huge amounts of data, mobile broadband is generally more expensive compared to fixed broadband. It may also have slower speeds with higher latency and stricter download thresholds. But here’s why these drawbacks should not deter you from purchasing a mobile broadband:

  • It’s an alternative to fixed broadband:
    If the fixed broadband in your location isn’t reliable, you can use mobile broadband as a backup.
  • It is the future:
    The world is increasingly leaning towards mobile technology. And with the rollout of 5G, the future of mobile broadband looks bright than ever.

How to choose mobile broadband

Choose a mobile broadband with good network coverage in your location. Some mobile network providers offer better deals than others. There are various mobile broadband devices that have different uses.

  • A mobile router is an ideal alternative to a fixed broadband and to connect many devices.
  • WiFi or broadband stick is suitable for your laptop and other devices without SIM capabilities.
  • In-car WiFi is the best option for your car.

Buying a mobile broadband

You can purchase a mobile broadband device and plan from Optus, Telstra, Vodafone and some MVNOs. These carriers offer prepaid or postpaid plans depending on your needs.

How to activate mobile broadband

Once you get your mobile broadband, activate it by following the directions below:


A WiFi mobile broadband device connects multiple smart devices to the mobile network. To activate it:

  • 1. Take off the back cover and battery of the Wi-Fi device.
  • 2. Slot the SIM card with the gold-coloured chip in a downward facing position.
  • 3. Insert the battery and replace the back cover.
  • 4. Move your device into an area of your home or office with good mobile coverage.
  • 5. Press and hold the power button until it the mobile broadband powers on.

What you need to know about Wi-Fi mobile broadband:

  • A prepaid plan must be activated prior to first use.
  • A WiFi mobile broadband may take up to 5mins before connecting to the carrier’s mobile network.

Connecting other devices to your WiFi mobile broadband:

  • The mobile broadband WiFi device has the name and password registered on its dashboard.
  • Search for your mobile broadband WiFi name on your smart device and enter the password.

 Broadband Stick

Your mobile broadband stick attaches to your PC’s USB port to give it access to mobile internet. To use your broadband stick:

  • 1. Take off the detachable panel by sliding it away from the broadband stick.
  • 2. Place the SIM card with the gold-coloured chip in a downward facing position.
  • 3. Replace the detachable panel
  • 4. Press and hold the power button until it the mobile broadband stick powers on.

What to know about broadband sticks:

  • Some broadband sticks may provide Wi-Fi service when connected to an AC adapter. That way, you can place the device in any area of your home or office when using it.

Connecting other devices to your mobile broadband stick

  • If your mobile broadband stick has WiFi capabilities, you may find the network name and password in the pack or on the device.
  • Use your smart device to search for the WiFi name and insert the password. You may also plug your broadband stick directly into compatible devices.

In sum

Mobile broadband comes in handy when you need to connect on the go. Yes, your smartphone already has a SIM card slot that allows you connect to the internet using mobile data, but your laptop and other devices may lack such capabilities. In such cases, your mobile broadband device solves the problem, and they allow you connect multiple devices to the same mobile broadband device and plan, all at the same time.

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