How to Check Your Mobile Data Usage on Telstra

check your Telstra data usage

Why Should I Check my Mobile Data Usage?

These days, smart phones are basically mini computers – and like a computer, they need an internet connection to get the most out of them. When connected to Wi-Fi, there isn’t much need for concern about how much data is being used by your phone. However, when you switch to mobile data, you could start inflating your bills without even realizing.

Data Allocation

Almost every plan contains an amount of data that the customer is entitled to. But what happens when that data is used up? It can differ between phone companies and between the options that the customer chooses, but in most cases the customer will be charged for the extra data. It’s common for phone companies to charge a flat $10 for 1GB of extra data automatically once the limit has been breached, as an example.

All these extra charges are in addition to your regular bill, and they can add up. In many cases, regularly exceeding your data allowance means one of two things – either your data allowance isn’t meeting your needs, or you’re not being careful with how much data you use. Either way, knowing how much you use can help you decide your next move – upgrading your plan, restricting your data usage, or maybe even both.

Being aware of your data usage and knowing how to check it puts the control back in your hands. Here are some of the ways you can check your mobile data usage as a prepaid and postpaid subscriber on the Telstra network.

Checking Your Data as a Prepaid Subscriber

As a prepaid subscriber, you can check your mobile data usage in three main ways;

  • On a smartphone or tablet
  • On your mobile’s browser
  • On your desktop

To check your data on a smartphone or tablet, open the Telstra 24X7 App and select your prepaid number. Your data balance will be shown on the screen.

On mobile browser, disconnect your device from any connected Wi-Fi and type into your browser. Your balance will be shown under ‘included bonuses and packs’.

On your desktop, sign into your Telstra 24X7 My Account. Select your prepaid number from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Select ‘balance remaining’ under the ‘balance and recharge’ page to see your balance.

Checking Your Data as a Postpaid Subscriber

As a postpaid subscriber, you can access your data usage in three simple methods;

  • With the Telstra 24X7 App
  • With the Telstra 24X7 My Account website
  • With a text message

To check your data usage with the Telstra 24X7 app, open the app and log in. If this postpaid mobile number is your only service, tap ‘skip login’ and click ‘I understand’. Once logged in, click on ‘my services’. You will be redirected to a page that looks like the graphic below:

Telstra self service app

Once here, tap ‘data usage’ and then select ‘view detailed bill’. Once clicked, you will be redirected to a page which looks like the graph below:

Telstra download data usage

Once you opt to download your data usage over a stipulated period of time, you will be redirected to a page which looks like the graphic below. The information represented in the graph shows the mobile data usage over a period of time.

Telstra check data usage

It is important to note, however, that the mobile app does not offer many details on the historical data usage of the subscriber. Customers are usually better off accessing their data usage on the Telstra 24X7 My Account website than the app.

Telstra historical data usage from the app

To access your data usage on the My Account website, simply sign into the website using your Telstra ID. Once logged in, select the relevant Telstra account from the blue drop menu at the top of the screen. Once selected, your mobile data usage will be displayed on the screen.

To access your data usage via text message, simply send the word ‘Use’ to 176.

Keeping Up with Your Data

In order to save on unnecessary expenses such as excess data charges, it’s important that individuals know how to monitor their data usage.

On the Telstra network, both prepaid and postpaid subscribers can monitor their usage on three primary platforms; mobile apps, the website, and by text message.

Keeping track of your data is easy and can allow you to identify areas that need change, and is the first area to look at if you are thinking about upgrading your plan. Keep an eye on your usage, take control of your mobile data, and stop paying too much.

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