How To Sell Your Second Hand Mobile Phone

selling second hand phones

What to do with that old phone

Regardless of how you choose to do away with your old phone, it’s good to consider the fact that someone somewhere can put it to better use and might even be willing to buy it at a decent price.

Most people dispose of their phones in ways they later regret. We are all wary of the hassles it takes to sell old phones. Sometimes, we tuck them away in drawers until forever; sometimes we procrastinate on decisions about selling them; sometimes we throw them away at a giveaway price.

Most of these old phones are forgotten after we purchase that sleek, pricey, latest release. But there are better options — your used phone is probably worth something and so it pays to cash in on its maximum resale value.

Over 40% of Australians keep their older phones in a drawer and never get rid of them.

Most Australians never sell their older phones after an upgrade. Source: Whatphone

Every little detail of your used phone can affect its reselling price, so don’t take anything for granted if you want to maximize the resale value of your phone. You also need to wipe the phone inside out to ensure you don’t leave any sensitive information behind. This involves erasing all data from your phone, including your Google account info, if you have one. You also need to take out your memory card and SIM card to prevent passing on sensitive information.

Tips for selling your used phone for the maximum value

  • Protect your device against wear and tear:
    You basically determine the resale value of your phone with the manner in which you use your phone. If you use your phone conscientiously, guarding against wear and tear and broken parts, you significantly elevate your chances of getting maximum value for its resale.Protect your phone with a casing, cover its screen with screen protection, and always pull and plug cords gently.
  • Be honest with your description:
    If your phone isn’t in optimal condition, you’ll only drive down its price if you put up a false description of it. It pays to be honest with your phone’s condition and to avoid anything that might startle the buyer during a physical inspection. If they notice any faults or blemishes that you failed to disclose to them earlier on, they might suspect the deal is fishy and might want to minimize any risks by bargaining for a lower price, if not abandoning the deal altogether. But don’t forget to list out the impressive features of the phone in the description, because that’s also part of being honest.
  • Get your timing right:
    The timing of the sale is critical to your old phone’s resale value. With most manufacturers churning out new models of their phones on a yearly basis, your phone is constantly being pushed down the pecking order with the passage of time. As such, the resale value of your phone diminishes to some extent every time an upgraded version hits the market.
  • Enhance your phone’s appeal using accessories:You can increase the value of your phone by presenting it along with the extras that were pre-assembled with it. These include the headphones, SIM tools, USB cable, screen protection, etc.

Phones With the Best Resale Value

Your phone’s model is a critical determinant of its resale value. Given the intrinsic value that they offer, some brands have an average resale value that’s greater than those of others. Such brands include:

  • iPhones: As a high-end model, iPhones generally attract high resale prices. Even the used models of much older iPhones can be sole quite close to the price points of their new units on online stores like eBay.

Major brands ranked on phone depreciation.

Apple iPhones generally hold the most resale value among smartphone brands. Source

  • Samsung: Another brand that commands a high resale value is Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy models come with an impressive range of functionalities, so much so that its fairly used units can still command premium prices.
  • Google Pixel: Yet another creme-of-the-crop brand, the Google Pixel models come with the best features that the tech giant can offer phone users. As such, you can expect the fairly used models of Google Pixel to attract an upscale price.
  • Other high-end brands: There are many other high-end brands which command an average resale price that is greater than those of other brands. These include Huawei, Oppo, OnePlus, HTC, LG and Sony.

Final words

Upgrading your phone doesn’t have to be such an expensive ordeal. Always remember your current phone may have some great resale value. Rather than let it sit in the drawer forever, you’re better off putting it on the market to recoup some of that money you spent on that new phone.

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