How To Watch SBS Live Streaming On Your Phone

How To Watch SBS Live Streaming On Your Phone

What is the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)?

Founded in 1978, the Special Broadcasting Service largely funded by the Australian government, and is considered one of the nation’s leading free-to-air television services. SBS operates 5 channels – SBS, SBS Viceland, SBS World Movies, SBS Food and NITV. The range of interests that SBS represents means the channels host diverse content, with hard-hitting journalism, a focus on comedy, and foreign language shows among the most-loved content.

What is SBS Demand?

As viewers are increasingly accessing content on devices, SBS has designed an app that makes that content accessible at any time. The SBS’s online streaming service is known as SBS On Demand. SBS On Demand allows Australians access to programs on the SBS network at all times and zero cost. Australians can watch their favourite SBS programs without being charged an extra cost for the service as common with other video streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu.

What Kind of Programs Can Be Found on SBS Demand?

A wide variety of programs can be found on the SBS service. Some of these genres include:

  • Documentaries
  • Cooking Shows
  • Sports Shows
  • News Programs
  • Drama Series
  • Comedy Series
  • Movies

How to Watch SBS On Demand?

SBS On Demand’s video streaming services are entirely free. This service does not require a subscription fee like its counterparts Netflix and Foxtel.

In order to gain access to content available on the platform, viewers will first need to register for a free account for the service on the SBS On Demand website. Registration information includes simple log-in information such as an email address and password. Once registered, the individual can access all content on the platform with an active internet connection – and at no cost.

What are the Perks Associated With SBS On Demand

SBS On Demand makes high quality content available to Australians, and with 5 channels worth of shows there is bound to be something for everyone. Some of the biggest advantages of the SBS On Demand app include:

  • Free Service.
    The biggest perk associated with SBS On Demand is the fact that it is a free service. Subscribers are not required to pay any subscription fees in order to access the service, although any data used during streaming is the responsibility of the viewer.
  • Widely Available
    SBS On Demand is a widely available service. It can be accessed across the country and over a number of technological devices.
  • No limits
    On the service, there is no limit to the amount of videos which can be streamed or length of period spent streaming.

On What Devices Can I Gain Access to SBS On Demand?

SBS On Demand is compatible with a wide range of electronic devices, such as:

  • Smartphones and Tablets.
    SBS can be accessed on Apple devices running on iOS 9.3.5 and above as well as Android devices running on Android 4.4 and above.
  • Computers.
    SBS is compatible on all computers.
  • Internet-enabled Television Sets.
    SBS can be accessed on select versions of Samsung TVs, LG TVs, Panasonic TVs, TCL TVs, amongst others.
  • Set Up Boxes.
    Stream SBS services through Telstra TV or Fetch set-top boxes
  • Gaming Consoles.
    Entertain yourself with SBS programs on your Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

What to Look Out For?

When utilizing the SBS streaming service, viewers need to pay attention to their data consumption.

Streaming video content —at any resolution — can be extremely data intensive. The service platform can utilize data at speeds as low’ as 100 Megabytes per hour for streaming and as high as 700MB per hour for very high quality resolution.

If you are unable to regulate the resolution of the video from the device being utilized for streaming, chances are you’re streaming with a very high resolution which could incur steep charges if the viewer exceeds their allocated balance.

In order to avoid situations such as these, it is advisable that individuals who spend a large amount of time streaming videos get data plans with a generous allocation of data from their telco, or are very careful to always be connected to a Wi-Fi service while watching.  That way, they are able to avoid steep overage charges while thoroughly enjoying the streaming service at no cost.

The SBS On Demand app allows Australians to view premium content for free. The app comes at no cost, and offers streaming and catch-up options. To access this wide range of content, sign up for a free account, download the app and watch your data usage to get the best experience with SBS.

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