HTC 8x Windows Phone Pre-Review – 8X Specifications

HTC 8x Windows Phone Pre-Review

The HTC 8X continues the naming conventions of the HTC 1X and 1S. One of the first HTC Windows Phone 8s, it was launched very late 2012, to compete with the Lumia 920, probably the best performing ( by Australian sales ) Windows Phone 8 devices on the market.

HTC 8x Windows Phone – Specs and Features

The 4.3 inch screen display has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, true HD. You don’t get sharper right now. Colors seem well delivered but when compared with the Lumia 920, it doesn’t have quite as much outdoor viewability.

The back of the phone has a very slight convex design,  similar to the back of the iPod touch 4th generation, although even more elegant. It provides the illusion of a much thinner phone, although, in fact, it’s about as thick, if not thicker, as most other phones out there – at 101mm. Also, just like the iPod touch, this type of design means that the phone was not made to be opened up. The battery stays inside.

Thankfully, the 8X breaks with the ‘heavy’ reputation of the Lumia models and offers Windows Phone 8 users a genuine alternative to their overweight cousins. The 8X weighs 130 grams.

HTC 8x Windows Phone – Operating System

Windows Phone 8 is a more viable operating system than Windows Phone 7 and likely to turn out to be competitive with both Android and iOS. It takes a while to get used to, when, like just about everyone, all you’ve used is an iPhone, or Android device. But it’s a grower ! I’ve really come to like the Windows Phone 8 look, simplicity and the ability to resize tiles. Together, and after a while, they actually makes for a very intuitive, efficient home screen. Microsoft designers and User Experience teams definitely deserves some credit for originality in this area.

The HTC 8X is a great phone but a downside to this type of unibody construction is that the storage capacity on this phone can’t be increased. If you plan to be downloading, picturing or watching a lot of on your phone, you might like to think carefully about whether this is the right phone for you. Put simply, the 8X doesn’t quite stack up to its competitors is in the area of storage space.

These days, even mid tier mobiles ship with 32 or 64 GB of storage. The HTC 8X maxes out at 16 GB which, along with the single core 1.5GHz processor and 3G ( rather than LTE which is rapidly becoming the standard ) leaves it firmly, in my mind, at the low end user side of the market.

HTC continue to differentiate their range with Beats Audio technology, which makes the sounds on the 8X crisp and beautiful when used with the right headsets.

HTC 8x Windows Phone – Colors make it stand out

Like the Lumia 920 and many of the Windows devices being released at the moment, the 8X is offered in a variety of colors including California blue, red, black, and limelight – essentially, yellow with a hint of green. Inductive charging , which allows you to top the battery up on your 8X with a dedicated charging ‘pillow’ is also an option.

As always, the availability of these colors, and the inclusion of inductive charger depends on the telco ( Optus, Telstra, Virgin Mobile or Vodafone Australia ) they are sold through so make sure you check what’s in the box with the particular operator you’re signing up with, before you part with your money !

Summing up on the HTC 8x

The 8X is a great phone, and if you are loyal to the HTC brand, this is certainly a device that will not dissuade you. The differences between this phone and the Lumia 920 are not huge, so it really depends on how much brand, storage, weight and form factor matter to you. For me, the Lumia 920 was a more flexible, more prestigious product.

Right now, the HTC 8x is currently available from Telstra and Vodafone as part of their ever expanding Windows Phone 8 range.

Vodafone have it in what they describe as ‘vibrant’ California Blue. We understand that there are concerns over the quality of the Vodafone network at the moment, and so do they. The HTC 8X will be offered with the Vodafone Network Guarantee.

Dec ’12

Written by:
Kurt Hands

Neil Aitken

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