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The HTC Desire X Review – The Desire Range

Developed by the famous HTC Corporation, the HTC Desire is a new Smartphone that was officially released in Australia August 2012. Local operators didn’t start to range it until very recently ( late October. ) Some in Europe got it earlier.

Demand for the Desire X has been significant – especially given the limited marketing the company has put behind the product. As I write this, bizarrely, it’s only ranged by Virgin Mobile and Optus in Australia which is stunning given the interest in the product in Australia.

The HTC Desire X Review – It’s a low / mid tier device

Before we get in to the specifications of the device, let’s give you a bit of context. This is not a contender for best smartphone of the year. The Desire X goes in at the middle / lower end of the market. It’s hardware specs are close to the HTC One S and Galaxy S2 than they are the top end Galaxy S3 / HTC One X / iPhone 5.

The price point is very different too. Pricing changes all the time so we never include them in the reviews. You can check out the pricing on the Whatphone product page for the HTC Desire X here. For the purposes of the review though, the Desire X is one of the cheapest handsets you will get under contract in Australia.

The HTC Desire X Review – it looks better than the One Series !

Looks wise – I love it. The HTC Desire X has the polycarbonate chassis of the higher end HTC One Series – and they’ve added a few new flourishes. There’s an aluminum bezel trim around the screen which sets it apart and makes it look modern. On the back, with a reverent nod to previous Wildfire and Desire rage devices – the camera is off center and enclosed in a silver oval. It looks great. To me, it looks better than the One Series !

The size is perfect for your hand. Essentially, the dimensions are almost identical to the HTC One S product. The Desire is very slightly thicker. It feels great to hold – it feels high end. The HTC brand is not nearly as impressive as the Samsung Brand to most people but compared to the plastic which surrounds the Galaxy range products, HTC’s bodies are streets ahead.

The HTC Desire X Review – the screen is actually, very good

The screen specifications are unimpressive on paper. In reality though, the screen’s fine. Super LCD technology is a standard on HTC products. It works well in the Australian sunlight and is great for films or TV if you watch those on your phone. Personally, I prefer the deeper, richer colours of AMOLED but that’s a very personal preference.

Image clarity and speed of screen update are great. The device didn’t splutter when I used it – at all. 

HTC Desire X Review – You don’t need quad core

Quad core processors have been around for the better part of a year now as I write this in November 2012. The Desire X is a dual core device but there is little discernible difference in performance between this unit and even the flagship HTC One X. If you were worried, don’t be. As we’ve said many times, Quad Core is, at best, about future proofing your device. It’s possible that at some point in the future, software writers are going to invent something that needs quad core. Right now, dual core works just fine !

HTC Desire X Review – No Jellybean is disappointing

The HTC Desire X is another device available on the ever growing Android operating system. The device I picked up from Virgin Mobile had Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4.0. To be honest, this is slightly disappointing. Jellybean ( the more recent version of Android ) has been out for a while now. They’re going to release a Jellybean upgrade for it ( they haven’t said when yet ) and that’s a good thing.

However, the whole point of Whatphone is to provide expert information for people who aren’t experts in phones. In the opinion of Whatphone, swapping the operating system on a device is just too much hassle for most users. As a result, they won’t get or use the latest OS – Jellybean.

Please don’t misunderstand me. It’s not that Ice Cream Sandwich is bad. It’s just that, when you’re buying a phone under contract for 2 years, you want to make sure that it’s cutting edge when you buy it. This phone isn’t.

The HTC Desire X Review – not everyone wants a Ferrari

The stats on the devices people research and buy prove it. Not everyone needs a top of the range product. For those who are looking for a good device instead of a ‘wow’ device, the HTC Desire X will meet the requirement. It looks good, it feels good, it does everything OK but your socks will not be blown off.

You might like to compare the Samsung Galaxy S2 against the Desire X and see what you think.

Good luck finding what phone is right for you.

Nov ’12

Neil Aitken

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