HTC One vs. Top Selling Phones

HTC One versus iPhone 4s

The HTC One and iPhone 4s have a number of similarities in their features. Each excels in different categories. The HTC One has a larger screen that’s bright enough to use in direct sunlight and has more pixels per inch. The front facing speakers on the One are an improvement on anything you can find on the market today.

The iPhone 4s looks better than the HTC and has the cache of the iPhone collection. It’s 2 years old but people still enjoy the small sleek body of the iPhone. And that benefit is not just aesthetic. Its petite frame makes it much easier to navigate with a single hand – it’s an ideal choice for those constantly on the run.

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HTC One versus Samsung Galaxy S4

This is a competition between two heavy hitters. Even though both the HTC One and Galaxy S4 are Android phones they are as different as brothers raised in different families. The One’s appearance suggests reliability and sturdiness. It’s aluminum body means it deals well with wear and tear. And its super LCD screen means you’re less likely to have a problem viewing the screen in direct sunlight than when viewing the S4’s AMOLED screen.

That said, Galaxy S4’s screen is about the best in the business. The Galaxy’s plastic body means it’s slightly more economical to manufacture and it feels more ‘curvy’ in the hand. The Galaxy’s camera is better than the One’s, although the quality might fill your memory up faster than you’d like.

Neither phones will disappoint. If you need more in-depth comparison and reviews, find them in the thorough review : HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4.

HTC One versus iPhone 5c

Both of these cutting edge phones are at the top of their class in smart phone capability. Both phones have lightning fast, 4G wireless network speeds meaning online gaming and video watching is a breeze.

The iPhone gives you a couple of variant options on memory space ( 16GB and 32 GB ), the HTC One just gives you the 32GB and charges less ! Many people love the larger screen that the One is known.

The 5c, being smaller, is simpler to navigate, with a polycarbonate ( plastic body ) that Apple is proud of and which, whatever you’ve heard is plenty sturdy. The HTC One is all aluminum and glass and not quite as colourful. Both phones take day-to-day wear and tear better than other, more flimsy competitors on the market.

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HTC One versus iPhone 5s

These phones represent the premier releases from the Android and Apple families in 2014.

Each has a strong metal bodies built to survive life’s challenges. Both have LTE for better than you’d think internet speeds as well as super-fast processing speeds to help the phone keep up with you while you’re swiping. We found the iPhone is slightly faster with Apple Dual core A7 1.3GHz chip.

Depending on your preferences the iPhone’s sleek and slender body makes it easier for single-handed navigation, even though the screen is smaller with the iPhone in comparison to the One.

If you are in need of a phone with large memory capacity the iPhone would be your best choice. Apple has given 3 options to choose from when it comes to memory, topping out at a whopping 64GB.

The HTC has eliminated the need to squint at the screen while watching a video or texting your friends and family. The 4.7 inch across the diagonal screen is exceptional for video lovers and gamers. To go along with the larger screen, an audio junkie’s dream, HTC has developed louder front facing speakers making them the number one cellphone in terms of audio quality on the market.

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HTC One versus iPhone 5

HTC’s One was the company’s biggest phone release in 2013. Apple released the iPhone 5 the year before. Both phones have aluminum bodies and glass faces for a sturdy but smart feel.

The One’s larger screen invites you to be interact, which is nice because there’s plenty to interact with – one of the phone’s best features is the software that comes with it : Blinkfeed and Zoe.

LTE is another feature common to both. It’s becoming standard on new releases but most have yet to experience it and, when you do, you’re likely to notice the improvement from 3G, especially for apps like video while you’re on the move.

If you’re a night owl, consider the fact that the HTC’s camera functions much better than the iPhone’s in dim light making it the perfect accessory for a night out on the town.

The iPhone offers a variety of memory options, their highest doubling that of the HTC’s 32GB. In an industry that is revolutionizing the way cell phones are seen and used both the HTC One and the iPhone 5 are worthy adversaries. And if you want to find out more about them, click through to our in depth comparison : The HTC One or iPhone 5.


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