HTC One X vs HTC One S – Whatphone’s in depth comparison

HTC One X vs HTC One S :

While not as diverse a range in form factor as the Samsung Galaxy collection, the HTC family of products includes 3 size and specification variants :

  • The HTC One X is the largest
  • The HTC One S in the middle
  • HTC One V at the smallest end of the spectrum.

Both the HTC One X and One S have made in in to the WhatPhone top 7 – the top 7 mobile phones that 90% of people actually buy in Australia.

Let’s look at the specifications and real life experience of each and see if we can’t help you find out what phone is best for you.

HTC One X vs HTC One S – Overview

Both the HTC One X and One S have ‘unibodies.’

The One X, as the higher end product gets a polycarbonate chassis. Polycarbonate is just posh plastic which, believe it or not, has been hit with LASERS to make it stronger. Really.

The One S has an equally premium feel to it although its’ chassis is largely aluminum.

The One S has a ‘snap on’ / ‘snap off’ back component ( there are a couple of color options ) at the top of the device which allows users in to install the SIM card.

On the One X, there is no such facility, the micro SIM card is put in to the top of the One X using a tray, inserted at the top.

They both look great but the stand out about the One S is how small it is. This size will appeal to a lot of people especially when compared to the One X. The device is light ( 166g compared to the One X’s 130 g ) and the One S is THIN ! The marketing blurb for the One S says it’s the thinnest HTC have ever made.

HTC One X vs HTC One S – What’s different

This is a comparison of the HTC One X vs HTC One S so I’ll leave consideration of the differences between their User Interfaces out of it.

There are none ! Both use Sense 4.0.

Perhaps because they’re both part of a deliberately diversified portfolio of products, almost every aspect of the HTC One X vs HTC One S hardware is different !

  • Processor :
    The HTC One X has a Quadcore 1.5GHz processor, compared to a Dual Core 1.7 GHz processor set on the HTC One S. They’re both super smooth when scrolling and moving around. There’s not nearly as much difference between them as you’d expect given that one has twice the processing power of the other. The One X chips got noticeably warm when I used it for a long time under high load as a tethered modem. The One S did not suffer the same problem.
  • Memory :
    Both devices, as I’ve said, have sealed body compartments. Neither can take extra memory. The One X comes with 32GB on board, the One S, with 16GB. Without the option to expand it’s hard to recommend a 16GB mobile for me. In my view, unless you are a very light user you’re going to need more storage than that. Even a moderate music collection and a couple of High Definition films / TV series is going to fill it up fast. We’ve got to recognise how these products are really used and, remember, you’re not just buying the One X or One S for now, you’re going to be using it for 2 years. Over that time, even if you don’t use a lot of multimedia now, you’re likely to find that you do !
  • Screen :
    Possibly the major difference between the two. The One S has a Super AMOLED display with 540 x 960 resolution. It’s 4.3 inches in the diagonal. The HTC One X has a Super LCD 720 x 1280 true High Definition screen. This one is 4.7 inches – which creates a lot more screen to be looking at.
    In addition, the  HTC One X’s is much brighter, clearer and doesn’t pixelate any of the screen contents. The One  S’s is adequate and some will prefer the colours when watching video but for me, the One X is streets ahead.
  • Taking video on the One S is actually, weirdly, slightly better than taking video on the One X. As I’ve said in other areas of the site, the One X has a lower FPS ( Frames Per second ) refresh rate which makes panning a let down – and most videos on a phone involve panning ! The One S goes to 30 FPS. They’re both 1080 high definition videos. While I prefer the playback on the One X, the videos themselves were better on the One S.
  • Battery life :
    The screens have different battery requirements. If you JUST watch video, the One S will outlast the One X. However, in normal usage, the One X’s battery was much better than the One S. I routinely got 10-12 hours and I am a very heavy user.

HTC One X vs HTC One S – What’s the same ?

  • Micro SIM. Both products take a micro SIM.
  • Both are 3G products right now. ( Telstra have the HTC One XL which has dual not quad core processors and is a 4G / LTE product. )

HTC One X vs HTC One S – other influences

Since the Sense User Interface is exactly the same and sitting on Android ICS ( Ice Cream Sandwich ) 4.0 on both devices, apart from small lags due to the processing power differences between them, there is little to tell between the 1S and 1X products.

It’s fair to say that operating the One S is easier ( than operating the One X ) with one hand.

However, using 1 hand on the One X is possible and in my view, this is not the sort of thing to make a device decision about !

HTC One X vs HTC One S – summing up

As a guy who uses mobiles a lot, and expects a lot from them, for me, this choice is a no brainer.

The HTC One X has a much better screen, battery, memory allocation, processing power and I’m not put off by the size of the unit.

I do recognize that the One S will serve the needs of those who put fewer demands on their Smartphone usage.

The size of the product – it’s thin and beautiful – will also divert the eyes of many.

However, considering the pretty marginal pricing difference between the One X and One S, I’d still recommend the One X. It’s head and shoulders over it’s little brother / sister.

However, these things are personal choices.

HTC One X vs HTC One S – price alerts

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Sept ’12

Written by:
Kurt Hands

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.