HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus – What phone is right for you ?

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Introduction

Here’s the Whatphone review of the the HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus to help you find what phone is right for you.

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Specification comparison

Comparing the HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus initially, looks like putting two very similar devices next to each other. Their physical dimensions, screen size, ICS ( Ice Cream Sandwich ) Android Operating System and many of their specifications are very similar indeed.

The build quality of the single unit ( no removable back ) HTC One X is much better than the Galaxy Nexus. HTC use polycarbonate to house their components which feels great in your hand and comes across as higher quality. I think the One X is clearly the better looking device although, of course, you might have your own opinion. We include lots of pictures on the product pages so you can form your own view of that !

However, they were released 6 months apart, and as has been said before in the archives of Whatphone, 6 months is a long time in the world of mobile phones. Here’s what you need to know when you’re choosing what phone is right for you.

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus – What’s different ?

  • Onboard memory :
    Both devices are constrained by their on board memory. The HTC ONe X comes with 32 Gig which I find sufficient although I’d prefer an extendable memory slot of the sort you’d find in the Samsung range. The Galaxy Nexus however, although built by Samsung, does not have an extendable memory capability. 16 GB is only enough built in storage for light users.
  • Camera :
    The 8MP camera on the HTC One X has burst mode capabilities and can take a snap of what’s on the video screen while you’re recording. The Nexus has a 5MP camera which gives good results but isn’t up to the caliber of the HTC in either quality, ease of use or additional features ( like burst mode – although there are apps which do this sort of thing for the Nexus in the apps market. )
  • Processing power :
    The HTC One X has Quad Core processors, compared to the Nexus Dual Core. There is little difference in the experience you get on either device – even when scrolling quickly through a complex web page.
  • Battery :
    I found that I had to be careful with the battery in the Nexus to make sure I didn’t run out of juice. Correctly configured, with screen on less than full brightness, avoiding leaving too many apps running and, in the end, using a battery control app from the app store, I found I could eek it out. However, even with little consideration for those factors, I managed to get a full day out of the HTC One X.

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus – What’s the same ?

Almost everything else is the same :

  • Size :
    The HTC One X and Galaxy Nexus are essentially the same size – within millimeters of each other. Their weight is within 5 grams of the other which, again, I consider to be the same for most people by way of practical usage.
  • Screen :
    Both have fine detail 1280 x 720 screen and they’re within 0.05 inches of each other on the diagonal. The HTC has a Super LCD screen, the Nexus a HD Super AMOLED. Your decision on which is the right one for you will be very personal but I prefer the super LCD screen on the HTC One X. I find it gives stronger, more natural colors and that it can be seen better in sunlight.
  • Video recording.
    Both record 1080p High Definition video at 30 FPS ( Frames Per Second. ) There’s little to tell between the outputs of the two in my mind. I like how you can take pictures while you’re recording video on the HTC One X.

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus – other influences

A key difference between the two products is the user experience. While they both use the ICS, Ice Cream Sandwich Android platform, HTC released the HTC One X with HTC Sense 4.0 – in my opinion, right now, Sense is a much easier to use interface than what’s available on the Nexus ( the Nexus comes with the default UI – User Interface installed.

I find the HTC is more configurable and has a bunch of useful apps installed at launch. So many that it might be a while before you go downloading int he play store.

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus – summing up

The Nexus was the first device released with ICS and it’s been in market for 8 or 9 months now. The HTC One X is a better looking product. On top of that, while a cursory glance at the specification list might suggest that there is not much between them, the reality is that the sum of the small differences adds up to a much higher quality experience on the HTC One X.

As usual, this quality difference is expressed, partly, in the price charged customers. The cost of a Nexus on a plan over 24 months is around half what you pay for the HTC One X which puts a slightly different light on the situation for some people when they’re choosing what phone is right for them !

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