Why Popular Broadband Plans are Not Always the Best Plans?

Popular Broadband Plans are Not Always the Best Plans

Australian NBN was popularly touted not only as a social good but also as a savvy investment. Redesigning its outdated infrastructure into fibre optic is somewhat costly. So, the result is a higher price among NBN plans. The cultural and geographic features differences also post challenges. Each Australian household has unique needs. Each state and territory are either isolated spaces, rocky mountains, or urbanized cities. Thus, choosing the right NBN deal may be tricky. There are factors you need to consider before subscribing to one. In most cases, popular broadband plans are not always the best plans. Here’s why.

How to find the best broadband plan?

Today, the internet is as important as other household utilities. We depend on it to connect to the world, do business, study, and work. It’s no longer used just for recreation. That’s why it’s important to find the right plan for your household. Here are some factors to consider to find the best broadband plan.

You will need to check what NBN plans and types of connections are available in your area. Fibre optics and Satellite NBNs are popular WiFi plans available to urbanized communities. But among rural communities, HFC or FTTN may be the only ones available. So, even though you may want a trendy NBN plan, your choices may be bound to what is offered in your area.

Bandwidth and Speed
The larger your household, the more members connect to the internet all at the same time. You should get an NBN plan with faster speed if you commonly do large file downloads, media-rich gaming, and 4k or HD video streaming. The average number of family members among Australian households is 3. For a family with 2 to 3 members, the recommended internet speed is between 25 Mbps to 50 Mbps.

Of course, budget is a topmost priority when deciding to get a broadband plan. The best plan should have a good balance between the typical evening speed, plan bundles, and its price. The average monthly price of a plan with around 25 Mbps or 50 Mbps speed and which offer unlimited data access is around $70.

Another important element to consider when getting a broadband plan is reliability. An unreliable internet connection is very stressful to deal with. Think of it that you want an internet connection to conveniently connect, play games. study, watch or work. If your WiFi plan is unreliable, then you are not getting the convenience. To check the reliability of an ISP, ask your family, friends, or neighbours about their experiences with their ISP providers. You can also check for reviews online.

Why are popular broadband plans not always the best plans?

Most people are influenced by mass decisions when it comes to choosing an NBN plan. Typically, they choose among the popular internet plans. But it should not be the case. Each of us has unique internet needs. Even our location affects our choices for the best WiFi plan for our household. Here’s why popular broadband plans are not always the best plans?

  • Some plans are not available in your area
    Not all broadband plans are available in your area. So, the gates of your choices for the best internet plan are limited. Package, prices, special offers, and speeds offered also vary per location.
  • Broadband plans vary in bandwidth and speed
    There are more than 100 NBN providers in Australia. Their bandwidth and speed depend on the infrastructure used by the ISP.  Most of the time, popular internet plans offer higher internet bandwidth and speed. You should first check if such offers are the best bandwidth and speed that is right for you.
  • There are better plans and deals out there in terms of cost
    There are more than a hundred NBN plans available in the market. The best plan is not necessarily a popular NBN plan. Be smart in considering your budget, need, and the package bundle that you may best take advantage of.
  • Popularity is not synonymous with reliability
    The best internet plan provides a reliable connection anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t need to be one of the most popular WiFi plans as long as it doesn’t give you headaches and stress.


Neil Aitken

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