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Samsung Galaxy S4 Introduction

How could it be more than an introduction at this stage. The Samsung Galaxy S4 release ( released in Mashable ) seems to be one of the increasingly funny incidents between Apple and Samsung. Samsung appear to be trying to undermine the iPhone 5 message with the promise of a Feb / March 2013 release of their new Galaxy device.

Remember, that’s only 9 months after the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 ! In fact, we still have the Samsung Galaxy S2 in the Whatphone top 7 !
Samsung Galaxy S4 comparisons with the Samsung Galaxy S3 are natural

This far out, of course, the ‘facts’ are thin on the ground. Mashable quoted some high level information. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released at Mobile World Congress and have the best blend of hardware and software – obviously. The shape and look of the device will not be changing much, we’re told. Most of the changes will be ‘under the hood.’

At Whatphone, we think that’s a shame in some ways. It’ll give them a chance to fix the TERRIBLE battery problems associated with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it means that possibly the worst feature of the product will be staying – the plastic outer shell. Compared to the HTC One X the Galaxy S3 has a low quality feel to it. Surely the Galaxy S4 represents an opportunity to address that ?

Samsung Galaxy S4 empty speculation

Still, more than 20 million people can’t be wrong. Stick Jellybean / Windows 8 on the S4, crank it up to LTE ( my S3 is still a 3G device – so old ! ) and add in features we can only dream of, and they could have a 6 – 8 month lead on the iPhone 6. The real question though is what can they do to beat what’s in market now ? The Quad Core processor the S3 has is already more than apps can use. The screen is LARGE – and if you wanted larger, you’d take the Galaxy Note wouldn’t you ? I guess it’s time to give the guys in South Korea a chance to see what they come up with.

Whatphone will keep this page updated with ‘news’ as it comes in so you stay abreast of all the specs and so you can get the best Samsung Galaxy S4 deal when it happens.
Samsung Galaxy S4 – January 2013 – Rumor Update

When is the Samsung Galaxy S4 due to be released?

As usual, in the absence of confirmed information from Samsung, different sources say different things about the much anticipated release of the new Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone is expected to be released some time between March and May of 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumors

  • Flexible Screen.
    Samsung have publically commented for some time now that they’ve been working on bendable screens. This has led to speculation in the industry that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a flexible screen. Whatphone considers this unlikely in 2013 although, at some point in the not too distant future, bendable screens will become part of the smartphone world’s range of options.
  • Stylus.
    Given the success of the Samsung Galaxy Note with its smart stylus, it has also been said that the S4 might come with some kind of stylus accessory.
  • 8 Processors.
    2011was the year of Dual Core processors. In 2012, most higher end smartphones had Quad Cores. Moore’s Law says processing power doubles every year so, naturally, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have 8 processing Cores ? Right ? Maybe. Some sources have forecast this product evolution. Again, Whatphone considers it unlikely. Since most mobile phone manufacturers have not found a practical use for 4 processors beyond video editing and doing the enormous quantity of processing that piecing together panoramic images requires, it’s more likely Samsung are going to focus on the software on their new Samsung Galaxy S4 which uses existing processing capabilities and differentiates their product.
  • More Memory.
    This rumour seems more likely. Advances in storage technology also might lead this new generation of Galaxy S phones to have higher storage capacity than ever.
  • Wireless charging.
    At the moment, only Windows Phones have wireless charging capabilities. It’s a neat feature and it’s certainly cool. Could the Samsung Galaxy S4 have a charging pad ?
  • Operating System Change.
    Restricted by Android’s update capabilities, some have even claimed the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will run on Tizen, Samsung’s new Operating System Platform.
  • It’s also been rumored that the new phone will not have any face buttons. This isn’t too hard to believe since many tablets already include virtual buttons for the home, back, and multitask buttons.

Which Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumors Are True and Which Are Not ?

It’s far more likely that the new S4 phone will run the latest version of Android, either Jelly Bean or Key Lime Pie. The rumors about the S4 running on Tizen are incorrect, although Samsung may also release a phone with a similar look and similar specs running Tizen.

The rumors about 8 cores seem to be real, and will use big.LITTLE architecture, which means it will have 4 large cores and 4 smaller cores.

Much of these rumors are hard to confirm or deny at this stage because of Samsung Mobile’s policy of not commenting on rumors or speculation.

What size screen will the Samsung Galaxy S4 have ? What camera?

It has been said that the phone will have a 4.99 inch 1080p screen with a 440 PPI resolution. The rear camera will have a resolution of at least 10 MP. Reports have even been claiming that the device will have a 13 MP rear camera, which has also been rumored about the iPhone 5S.

What effect will the recent Apple lawsuits have on it?

It is unlikely that the Apple versus Samsung lawsuit will effect the design of the Samsung Galaxy S4. If anything, we might see an increase in price for all non-Apple smart phones, but even that is not necessarily going to occur.

A large amount of money was won in the suit, causing Samsung to pay $1 Billion to Apple. Because of the number of units Samsung sells every year, along with the subsidized prices from telephone carriers, consumers have nothing to worry about. In this day and age, this is simply the cost of doing business.


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