Smartphone Accessories – How to buy the best – Whatphone advice

Smartphone accessories can add a great deal of value to the Smartphone purchase you make.

At Whatphone, we get a little bit of happiness from every visitor we help to find the right phone and we just wouldn’t be as happy unless we’d told you how to get the most out of your lovely new Smartphone device.

We like to think that by narrowing the field down to the top 7 handsets ( that more than 90% of people buy ) and the top 4 operators – Vodafone Optus, Telstra and Virgin mobile ( from which 96% of people buy ) we make the process as simple and fun as it possibly can be.

At some stage, you’re going to make your mind up and order through one of the operator’s websites. Just think – a hot little HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy s3 is on it’s way to you next business day and you didn’t even have to leave the house ! But what then ?

Well, it’s perfectly possible to get stuck in and start transferring your contact details over, downloading apps and staring at your Smartphone like it was your new baby ( that’s what we do – isn’t it what everyone does ? ) Really smart people though – like our standard Whatphone visitors – also make a little time to order some Smartphone accessories.

The right Smartphone accessories are, in the opinion of Whatphone, just about the best investment you can make when you’ve splurged on a new device. They can protect your screen, make sure the body of your Smartphone doesn’t get damaged when it is inevitably dropped. They can even make your car journeys safer and quicker.

A quick note before we get in to it. Obviously, on Whatphone, we can never be sure of the latest pricing for these items. Our goal is to give you a sense of roughly how much these things will cost – and our hope is that it’s much less than you think. Please check the latest pricing.

Here’s how to get the best accessories in 2 easy steps :

1 ) Decide what you want – the list below is a pretty good starting point.

2 ) Get yourself on eBay.

  • Delivery often takes a week or more but Smartphone accessories are significantly cheaper on eBay than in the operators stores.
  • The operators LOVE accessories. People buying Smartphones are in a buying frenzy and are liable to start picking things off shelves and throwing them on the shop counter like they cost nothing. The margin operators make on accessories is HUGE – 40 – 50% in some cases. Do yourself a favour and buy online ( as always ! )
  • Just try searching in eBay for PRODUCT TYPE <SPACE> ACCESSORY and you will see about 20 types of what you need pop up !

Whatever Smartphone you have, the range available online ( especially eBay ) is huge but if you have an iPhone then you’re in for a treat ! The sheer number of iPhones in market means that a huge ecosystem of Smartphone accessories has been developed for them.

Congratulations on making your mind up about what phone was right for you – we hope we contributed positively in a small way. Now it’s time to use the device and we trust that the right accessories help with that too !


Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.