Stop wasting your money – affordable Telstra access

3 easy steps to do better than the 85% of people who pay too much to access the Telstra network

Telstra’s network is the best in Australia. Everyone knows it.  People who need to have access to the network with the best coverage include :

  • Anyone in rural Australia :
    There are around 2.5 million Australians who live in Rural Australia ( that’s towns with less than 1000 inhabitants and includes everyone from farmers to downsizing retirees who have moved from city areas. )
  • Business people :
    Individuals who run their own business need reliable voice and data network access wherever they are. For many business people, a lost call means lost business.
  • Those who’ve had a bad experience :
    People who are sick of their existing phone company. There is nothing more personal than network coverage. If you’ve had a bad experience with the Optus or Vodafone networks ( whether you bought access directly through them or went to one of their partners ) then the chances are you just want it fixed. There is nothing more meaningless than national coverage statistics claimed by Optus or Vodafone if you don’t get a signal at your home, in your car or at your work.

Telsra have 2 national networks, their 3G and, separately, their 4G networks. Whatever phone you have, it will work with the Telstra 3G network. The Telstra 3G network covers 98% of the Australian population. That’s 1.26 million square kilometers – a larger network footprint area than any other Australian phone company network.


Here are the 3 things you need to know in order to stop wasting your money going direct to Telstra for access to their 3G network.

1. Cmobile resell the Telstra 3G network – starting at less than$15 per month

Around 1 out of every 6 people in Australia is on a plan from an MVNO. These phone companies partner with the major Australian networks and offer you affordable pricing to access their facilities.

Cmobile are an MVNO. They offer relatively new to the Australian market but have very successfully targeted a segment of customers and are signing them up fast. They have a range of plans which offer access to the Telstra network called Cmobile’s Blue Plans

Their entry level plan for access to the Telstra 3G network is $14.90.


2. Cmobile’s pricing is best at the lower end of the spend range

We recommend 3 of Cmobile blue plans in particular, because of their value when compared to the alternatives.

  • Blue $14.90 :
    Cmobile entry level plan is one of the cheapest possible monthly commitments you can make to get access to the Telstra 3G network. You’ll get 100 minutes or 50 x 2 minute calls to make per month. That’s around three calls you’ll be able to make every couple of days. Remember, you’ll be able to receive as many as you like for free. You’ll also get 150 MB of included data which is enough if you have a standard feature phone ( that’s anything other than a smartphone ) or you don’t find much use for apps in your life.


  • Blue $19.90 :
    This price plan is a hidden gem. We recommend it for rural use on our homepage. For $19.90 per month, you’ll be able to make around 2 calls per day and you’ll receive 500 MB of data – enough for a low to medium user. To give this some perspective, this is substantially better than Amaysim’s $ 19.90 plan – which offers around 20% less by way of call inclusions AND the Blue $19.90 plan is on the better, Telstra 3G network.


  • Blue $29.90 :
    If you have an average usage profile and need access to the Telstra 3G network, this might just be the plan for you. It’ll give you the ability to make more than 3 calls per day and 800 MB of data. This is exceptional value for inclusions on the Telstra network.


3. Cmobile is not perfect – be aware of these things

Cmobile is a relatively new player in the Australian market and they are ironing out a few buys in their approach. Be aware of these things

  • They will charge you $5 for the SIM :
    Unlike most phone companies, Cmobile look to recover the cost of the SIMs they sell on top of the plans they make available. $5 is a small amount but it’s unusual and therefore something you need to be aware of before you sign up.
  • You can exceed your data allowance :
    In some ways, this is a compliment to Cmobile. They’ve set up a facility which you can opt in to, which will check your data usage each day. If you have exceeded your allocated data amount, and you’ve opted in to this scheme, they will stop your data service at that time, reducing the out of plan fees you would have been exposed to. Of course, this means that if you’re using their network and you exceed your allowance, you will be charged UNTIL that daily check is run. It’s better than the alternatives but still no substitute for checking your usage and making sure you never exceed your limit in the first place which brings us to  the fact that they have :
  • No app yet :
    You can check your usage online with Cmobile, using their self service internet portal. However, they do not yet have an app to check your usage which has to be seen as a competitive disadvantage, given that most of their competitors to.

All the benefits of SIM Only

Cmobile only offer postpaid mobile SIM Only plans. There are a number of advantages to choosing this type of plan which we have covered elsewhere in articles for our site.

Summing up – Cmobile offer the best entry level pricing to the Telstra 3G network

Everyone wants Telstra network access. Noone wants to pay it. With their range, Cmobile give you the best of both worlds – especially if you are spending less than $20 per month.

Cmobile also have an innovative range of data plans for people who have a smartphone and find that they spend a lot longer looking at it than talking on it. If you want to read about their data plans, click here for our review.


Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.