Telecom service prices are set to rise! Here’s how the big three are making up for it.

Vodafone, Optus, and Telstra are Australia’s three tier-1 telecoms. Despite being some of the largest companies in Australia, they are set to raise their prices. However, they will also give people fantastic discounts and deals- after all, they still want customers. This article will explore the price rises and the deals the three giants will put in place.

How much will the price rises be?


Some contracts will increase by AU$4 monthly, starting from August 8. Optus realises that many customers will be upset about this decision, which is why they have teams for customers who struggle with the extra AU$48 a year. However, not all Optus customers will have to pay extra for their phone bills, only those on month-to-month subscriptions. Hence, people with Optus on a fixed-term contract will have the same monthly bill until their contract ends.

Even some people on month-to-month subscriptions have claimed that they stopped Optus from raising their prices for them after complaining to customer services. Another change from Optus is that customers will now have to pay to access “Optus Sport”, a feature that they used to get for free.


Telstra is also increasing its prices by up to AU$4 a month. The small plan will now be the “Basic Plan”, which has increased by AU$3 to AU$58. Users of this plan will get the same 40GB of data they did before. The medium plan will change to the “Essential Plan”, which will be AU$68 (AU$3 more than it used to be). However, whilst the “Medium Plan” gave users 80GB of data, the “Essential Plan” will provide them 180GB. And finally, those on the “Large Plan” will be on the “Premium Plan”. Although this new plan is AU$4 more at AU$89, people on it will get 300GB of data instead of just 180.


Vodafone’s price increases are a little more complicated, as their plans will increase anywhere between AU$5 and AU$40 per month, depending on what additional features their customers have signed up to. However, they are also offering heavy discounts to keep their customers happy.

The Inflation Dilemma

Inflation is a problem that everyone in the world is suffering from. And Australia isn’t immune from the global inflation crisis. But, inflation is causing a bit of a dilemma in the Telecom industry. The telecom companies are having to raise their prices because the cost of everything is going up for them.

From the materials used to build the infrastructure to their vast staffing costs. Therefore, their only option is to increase the prices for their customers. But, their customers are also affected by inflation. Their money is worth less than pre-pandemic, so they need to be more cautious about how they spend it. The telecoms need to raise their prices, but many customers will not be able to afford the rises.

Incredible iPhone 13 discounts!

One way that Telstra and Vodafone are trying to combat this dilemma is by offering discounts on the newest iPhone, the iPhone 13.


Vodafone currently offers people an incredible AU$400 discount on the latest iPhone to all customers signed up for a 12, 24, or 36-month plan. If you opt for this deal, you can choose between AU$946 for the 128GB model, AU$116.96 for 256GB, or AU$1467 for 512GB.

Vodafone can also give the iPhone 13 Pro and max at a AU$200 discount. The only catch is that to get this offer, you will need to stay with Vodafone for the entirety of the time you’ve signed up for.


Telstra offers a AU$350 discount by allowing their customers to buy it outright for AU$999. The only catch is that you need to have a Telstra ID. But, if you don’t have one, you can pop to your local Telstra store and buy a cheap SIM card for AU$2.

Other Discounts

All three are offering additional discounts too. Here are some of the ones we find most appealing.


  • AU$249 for the Vivo Y55, a phone that was AU$299. Additionally, this offer also includes a free SIM worth AU$30.
  • Other SIM deals for this phone.
  • AU$135 for a SIM worth AU$150
  • AU$48 for a SIM worth AU$60.


  • A FREE Galaxy 4 watch when you buy the Samsung Galaxy S22.
  • AU$500 off RRP for the “Galaxy Flip Phone”.
  • A SIM card with 500GB of data per month for AU$65.


  • Save up to AU$1030 on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • Save between AU$100-AU$300 on various other phones.
  • Get the Samsung Galaxy A3 for AU$2 a month.
  • Get 40GB (80GB for students) for AU$40 a month.


This frantic activity from the phone companies in our lives just shows you how hard it is to be a telco. Their costs are rising and recent profitability results they’ve reported have shown profit is falling. That may well be the impetus behind the price rises. At the same time, the strength of the offers they’re putting out shows that they may well have an overstock of iPhone 13s – which they need to use up before the next device is released in just 2 months now as well as the fact that they need to maintain subscriber growth at all times, whatever the conditions.

Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.