The New Apple Watch 4 – Important Medical Applications

Apple Watch 4

Another year, we see yet another Apple Watch. But with added features, this device doubles as a potentially life-saving gadget.

The highly anticipated next-generation Apple Watch Series 4 is finally out for pre-order. On September 21, the tech giant will officially launch this advanced piece of technology.

Apple’s newest smartwatch will not only house all your apps, play music, keep track of your daily to-dos and make calls; it also carries features that can help its wearers to stay safe and healthy.

The Apple Watch Series 4 has been redesigned and re-engineered to help wearers stay more active and well. The watch packs in a range of new heart health focused features, making it great for wearers of all ages. Health is a major focus of the Series 4.

Here’s how the Apple Watch Series 4 could help keep you healthy.

Fall Detection

Falls are the second major cause of accidental injury deaths globally. Each year, millions of people are admitted to emergency departments for the treatment of fall injuries. Falls are also the most common causes of brain injury. Each year, 37.3 million severe falls occur that require immediate medical attention.

The new Apple Watch features an improved accelerometer and gyroscope for regular runners. It measures up to 32 g-forces and can analyze the wrist trajectory and impact acceleration to detect a fall immediately. Once a fall has been detected, it initiates an emergency call at the provided contact number.

If accelerometer and gyroscope sense that the person has not moved for one minute, it automatically sends a message, with your location, to your emergency contacts using the SOS feature.

Heart Monitoring Capabilities

The older models of the Apple Watch feature an optical heart rate sensor for tracking calories burned, resting heart rate and more. The new model packs in many more improved heart monitoring capabilities.

Screens your Heart Rhythm

The watch detects an irregular heart rhythm, which could be the sign of atrial fibrillation.

Atrial fibrillation may lead to severe complications such as decreased blood pressure, light-headedness, weakness or shortness of breath. Prompt medical assistance is necessary, and your watch could help you to get help when you need it.

Monitors your Heart Rate

The Series 4 features a built-in, second-generation electrical heart sensor in the back of the sapphire crystal and digital crown. The sensor measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat and heart rate. A low heart rate means your heart is not pumping enough blood to your body and you may need immediate medical assistance.

You can now take an ECG anytime and anywhere with the Apple Watch Series 4. Wearers can open the mobile app and put their finger on the digital crown, and receive results on their heart rate. You’ll also be able to share the ECG with your doctor for medical assistance.

Apple received FDA approval for listing the Apple Watch Series 4 as an FDA Class 2 medical device because of its do-it-yourself ECG ability. In fact, Series 4 is the first ECG device offered over-the-counter to consumers.

While the device isn’t able to diagnose any issues, it can detect potential abnormalities for you so you can then consult a doctor.

A quick look at specs and features

  • 30% larger display; 40 mm and 44mm
  • Apple’s next-generation S4, 64-bit dual-core processor
  • 18-hour, all-day battery life with increased outdoor workout time to six hours
  • Accelerometer and gyroscope with a double dynamic range

Price and Availability

The price of Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $499 for cellular models and $399 for GPS models. It comes in three shades – black, stainless steel and gold.

Pre-orders began on September 14 this year, and the product will be available for purchase on September 21.

Lastly, the Apple’s new wrist computer is arriving with the new Watch OS 5 software. Expect to receive improved notifications, access to a smarter Siri, the new Walkie Talkie features and auto workout detection.

Because of its great health and connectivity features, the Apple Watch is a highly desirable device. The health monitoring capabilities could open up a new market, as elderly people and people with health concerns may be open to purchasing one as a way to keep themselves safer. While there are always many exciting technological advances featured in new Apple releases, it’s a good thing to see more health-focused developments – and it’s likely that the market will agree.

Neil Aitken

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