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Best accessories for smartphones

Welcome Whatphone visitor ! What’s that ? Advanced Smartphone accessories ? Well, if you’ve read all about the Whatphone recommendations on the best basic accessories to buy ? You’ve also checked out our article on how to get the best accessories MUCH cheaper than buying at the telco stores ( a telco is just an industry name for Vodafone, Telstra, Optus or Virgin Mobile. )

If you’ve had your lovely Galaxy Note ( or any other Smartphone ) for a while, you’ve bought and benefited from the basic accessories then you’re an advanced user and you probably need a bit more information on where to go to from here. Luckily, Whatphone hears this a lot and, as a result, has put together a list of advanced accessories that James Bond would be lucky to leave the MI5 offices with on his latest adventure.

Remember, we don’t track the prices of these accessories, so please check the pricing before you buy – the costs show are approximate and may have changed by the time you buy. As always, we recommend eBay  for your purchase. In our experience, it’s the best place to get smartphone accessories at a reasonable price.

1 ) Back up power. Approximate cost $15-$20.

You’ve been out all day sightseeing in a new town. Your work charger is, erm, at work. Your car charger, well, we know where that is and it’s hundreds of miles away – because you’re sightseeing and who would do that at home ? The battery bar at the top of your screen goes from green, to amber and finally to red. No more Google maps to help you navigate to a bar for a beer for you I’m afraid. But wait, what’s this you have in your rucksack ? An external charger with battery power. Oh, Mr. Bond, it’s really true, as far as Smartphone accessories go, nobody does it better.

It might seem like an unusual use case but in the opinion of Whatphone, spending a few bucks on an external battery powered charger has come in handy more times than we’ve thought it would. They usually come with a variety of attachments which means you can buy one for your family and share it between you when you know you’re going to be away from power for a while and / or have to leave the house in a hurry knowing you’re already low on charge.

Back up power is clearly, most likely to be of use in ‘emergency’ situations. Think ahead, part with $15 and rest assured, you will always be able to call a cab without going in a stinky public phone booth again.

2 ) Smartphone Docking Station. Approximate cost : $15 – $100.

Docking stations’ main benefit is aesthetic. Basically, they look super cool. They charge your Smartphone for you without having to leave the thing lying on the counter top, cables thrown around it like spaghetti. If you like to look cool, perhaps this is an advanced smartphone accessory you might like to consider.

Originally used only by the most retentive staff in the Whatphone office ( that’s me by the way, I currently use the TC One X as my device of choice ), docking stations now sit by everyone’s laptop.

The better docking station accessories have speakers built in. If you’ve got an iPhone, you’re in luck because the very best manufacturers will turn your iTunes in to solid gold sound using these products ( although the better ones will set you back more than the indicative $100 we’ve mentioned above. )

If you’re putting a Hugo Boss suit away after work or a set of gold earrings then you don’t want your living space sullied by unsightly wires. Get yourself a Smartphone docking station and get yourself in to the Business Class of recharging.

3 ) Extra memory : Approx cost – up to $25

One of the most commonly asked question we get on the site about a new Smartphone is ‘can you extend the onboard memory with additional micro SD cards ) – visitors often ask that in a slightly less technical way. The Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII devices can, the HTC One X can’t.

The truth is that the minimum onboard memory a device comes with these days is 16GB. Extending that is the sort of thing that only advanced users do. You need to havea sizable music collection to transfer and / or a desire to watch significant quantities of video in order to need it.

However, if you are one of these people ( and if you are, I understand it, I am too ), extra memory is an affordable way to bulk up your onboard storage capabilities and to give you a tool to quickly transfer files you know you’re going to want whatever device you’re using, from one product to another. It’s an advanced Smartphone accessory you really should consider.

Again, eBay is much cheaper for these commoditised items.  32 Gig will set you back as little as $10. At that price, why not upgrade if you can ?

There is it physically beautiful Whatphone visitors – you’re fully kitted out.

We’re glad to have contributed in some small way to your purchase. However, accessories can make all the difference to what is likely to be 2 years worth of usage of a Smartphone so we think it’s worth taking some time to consider which of these advanced options will suit you.

Let us know how you get along. Drop us a line if you have questions and or comments and good luck using Whatphone is right for you.



Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.