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Best accessories for smartphones

Smartphone accessories cover everything. From a piece of cloth to wipe the screen to a stereo system optimised for your Smartphone. When the tough bit’s over and you’ve chosen your shiny new Smartphone, why not start with the best of basic Smartphone accessories ?

An HTC Incredible S or Samsung Galaxy Nexus is winging its way towards you or better yet, is sitting in your hand ? You could, if you wanted, use the brilliant screen and browsing capabilities of either device to get hold of some accessories which will help you get the most from your investment !

If you’re interested in HOW to buy the right accessories, check out this article : How to Buy The Best Smartphone Accessories

However, if you know what to do when you’ve made your mind up and you just want some ideas on some outstanding Smartphone accessories then here is the list of Whatphone recommendations.

As we’ve said before, we don’t track the latest pricing of these accessories so the pricing shown here is a rough guide. We’ve included it because we think they’re probably a lot cheaper than you might have believed, having seen the pricing in the telco stores ( telcos are telecommunications companies – like Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, Optus or Telstra. )

The short version of where to get these little beauties is – get yourself on eBay! It’s heaps cheaper!

1 ) A case. Approximate price – Up to $15.

We, like you, have seen a hundred cracked iPhone screens as we’ve looked nosily over people’s shoulders trying to get on a train or a bus. While the Apple product is particularly susceptible to cracked screens because the glass on the front of them goes all the way to the edge, these days, enormous screens on a Smartphone are standard. The way to protect your investment is with the first basic Smartphone accessory everyone should consider : A case.

Cases are as much about showing the real you to people as the Smartphone you buy. Take some time to consider the options and get something which shows your sensitive, conservative or outrageous self. But whatever you do – get one !

2 ) FM Transmitter. Approximate price – up to $20.

FM transmitters plug in to the headphone jack ( opening ) on your Smartphone and transmit the sound coming from them on a frequency your car radio can pick up. They’re a great way to get the most use out of your Smartphone as you drive around. You can listen to international radio stations ( we use the free – in the Google Play store – TuneIn radio app for this ), music from your personal collection or podcasts ( we use BeyondPod – again, free in Google Play. ) These simple to operate and low cost basic Smartphone accessories can increase the usage you get from your Smartphone dramatically. On long journeys and commutes, you can stream audio to your heart’s content.

Whatphone has mixed feelings about FM transmitters. We’ve used a few over the years and sometimes they can transmit an imperfect sound to the car stereo. Local interference can reduce the quality of what you hear. However, unless your car stereo is Bluetooth enabled or, better yet, there’s a physical connection you can make by connecting a cable from your Smartphone to your stereo, FM transmitters are a lot better than listening to your passenger !

3 ) Get a screen protector. Approximate price $3.

One of the Whatphone journalists spent 27 minutes in the naughty corner ( one for every year of his life ) when he slung a new tester Samsung Galaxy SII in his sports bag ( do you do that ? ) just after he was lent it for a review about a year ago – and scratched the screen. There is no more terrible feeling than extracting your hot Smartphone from a bag or handbag and finding the screen has a long line etched in to it. Please, consider buying a screen protector for it. They’re so cheap that there is really no excuse for not having one of the most basic types of Smartphone accessory. ( I mean, unless you just don’t feel like it. )

Some screen protectors offer a ‘privacy’ view screen protector which allows you to keep your text messages visible only to you on the bus ( we know what you send ! ) These can be a nice option for the sensitive soul or person with secrets to keep.

4 ) Extra charger. Approximate cost $5-$15.

Smartphones are distracting. It’s why we love them. We spend literally hours each day staring at them, flicking screens, launching apps and living our lives through our handsets. With huge screens burning the battery, a second ( and third ) charger is the way to make sure your connection to the social world you now take for granted is always available to you.

At Whatphone, we made the investment years ago and we’re still benefiting now. For a few bucks you can kit yourself out to charge your Smartphone in the car, on the way to work and back and while you’re sat at your desk. It’s a tiny amount of money to part with to make sure you stay juiced and an extra charger is a must for anyone who is going to be using their Smartphone a lot. It’s a basic Smartphone accessory which pays for itself the first time you avoid running out of juice.

OK, so that’s it. You’re kitted out. There are always more Smartphone Accessories to buy though and if you’d like to move on up to more advanced accessories why not take a look at this Whatphone article.


Neil Aitken

Having worked in 3 countries for 4 telcos on both voice and data products, Neil is in a position to give you the inside track. Get beyond the marketing messages to the best plan for you.