The HTC One S Vs – Every other phone in the Whatphone Top 7

The HTC One S Vs – Every other phone in the Whatphone Top 7

Please feel free to check out the summaries and links ( below ) to the reviews below and to find all the detail you need on the HTC One S vs the phones 90% of people buy.

The HTC One S is a diamond mobile phone. It’s small ( only 0.8 cm thick – the thinnest that HTC have ever made ), perfectly formed, gives of a sense of quality and has a high quality feel to it.

The HTC One S vs the HTC One X

If there’s a negative component to the HTC One S, it’s only in comparison. When you put the 1S next to the bigger, bader, more famous HTC One X, it’s always going to come out second best. The HTC One X is the current flagship HTC device and the One S can never fully compare. Or can it ?

Why not delve in to Whatphone’s in depth comparative review of the HTC One S vs HTC One X and let us know your thoughts on what phone from HTC is right for you ?

The HTC One S vs iPhone 4S

Judged by their size, the HTC One S vs iPhone 4S is a fair fight. In fact, since their launches were separated  by several months, which is pretty much an eternity in mobile phone terms, they have more in common than they have differences. Both are sleek, good looking products, with Dual Core chipsets.

However, one runs IOS ( the Apple Operating system for mobile devices ) and one, Android ( the Google ‘equivalent.’ ) If you’re trying to establish what phone is right for you and you’re considering these two, you might benefit from the comparison that Whatphone has done between the HTC One S vs iPhone 4S.

HTC One S vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Comparing the HTC One S vs Samsung Galaxy S3 is an interesting match. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is more usually compared to the HTC One X, a device which has essentially the same hardware build. However, the HTC One S is targeted at a different market. And it serves that market well.

With a much better battery life, a firmer, higher quality chassis and a form factor ( size ) which will appeal to those who don’t just assume that big is always beautiful, the HTC One S might surprise when compared, even to the 20 million unit selling Galaxy S3.

HTC One S vs Samsung Galaxy S2

Although the Galaxy S2 is over a year old at the time I write this, it has remained in market and within the Whatphone Top 7 because it is a consistently amazing device. Take a look at more recent versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and those that have been upgraded by their owners, and you’ll see the latest Android OS – Ice Cream Sandwich ( ICS. )

ICS is what the HTC One S runs out of the box and the similarities don’t end there. With a substantial price differential between them, if you’re considering the HTC One S, in the opinion of Whatphone, you’d benefit from reading up on the Galaxy S2. It could be that you’ll end up with a bargain and much the same device capability.

Choosing either device will be easier when you’ve gotten underneath the hood in the Whatphone comparison review of the HTC One S vs Samsung Galaxy S2.

HTC One S vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Reviewing the HTC One S vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is like watching Danny Devito and Arnold Schwartzenager. They are almost comically different sizes. However, both are 3G, 1080P – 30 FPS ( Frames Per Second ) video recording Android products and there is more to them products than just the size of the screen !

If you want to know which Whatphone prefers, take a read of the studied analysis of these two smartphones in the Whatphone HTC One S vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 review.

Our view is that comparisons are part of the process of exploring what phone is right for you. Our aim, at Whatphone, is to simplify the process for you and make it as easy as possible for you to achieve your aim.

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Sept ’12

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