HTC One X vs Every Other Device In The Whatphone Top 7

The HTC One X vs Australia’s Top 7 Phones

Whatphone has reviewed the HTC One X vs every other device, below. Check out the links to in depth reviews of the phones in real life situations.

When choosing a phone, there are certain things which are objectively comparable. First among them when you’re looking at the hardware component – phone specifications. It’s very easy to compare, for example, the number of processors a phone has. Does the mobile you’re looking at have a 1.2 GHz processor of 4 x 1.5 GHz processors. Put them side by side, and the winner is clear.

With that in mind, the HTC One X stands, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the new iPhone 5 as a market leader. The HTC One X has essentially the same hardware build as the Galaxy S3 and shares many features with the iPhone 5.

The HTC One X vs – The Top 7 & Your Buying Process

Whatphone has spoken to hundreds of visitors over the year to understand how they buy mobiles phones. One of the consistent elements of the buying process is to shortlist and compare. With that in mind, if you’ve decided you want one of the highest specification mobile phones on the market and shortlisted the HTC One X, you’re going to want to know how it compares with the other devices in the Whatphone Top 7.

The Whatphone Top 7 are the top 7 devices which more than 90% of people in Australia buy. On this summary page, Whatphone provides you with an overview of the comparisons and links to more detailed reviews of the HTC One X vs …. everything else in the top 7.

The HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Right now, the HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S3 is a competition between the best that the best two Android hardware manufacturers have on offer. With very, very similar hardware specifications, differentiation comes down to the form factor, harder to discern User Interface differences, a FPS video camera issue on the One X and a dodgy battery on one of them. Click the link above to check out the full comparative review and rest assured that you’re choosing between heavy hitters.

HTC One X vs HTC One S

By rights, with far superior specifications, the HTC One X should wipe the floor with the HTC One S. In reality, the competition is more fierce and the result closer than a glance at the hardware list might suggest. On top of that, the HTC One S shares some of the best tactile elements of the One X, feeling firm and high quality while benefiting from a smaller form factor. Put simply, it looks and feels great to hold and it’s much smaller and thinner.

Whatphone provides you a blow by blow review of these two top 7 devices, side by side. If you’re undecided between them, you might like to check it out. Here’s the HTC One X vs HTC One S article.

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is, in the opinion of Whatphone, much underrated device. It sells enough, even now, to comfortably make the Whatphone top 7 because it offers a truly differentiated capability – an enormous, eye catching screen. The HTC One X is slightly more refined and has a stronger, unibody feel, compared to the plastic of the Galaxy. Why not lift up the hood on both and check out Whatphone’s feature by feature comparison between two very different devices. The HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S2

If you’ve read any of the Whatphone reviews and analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S2, you’ll know we love it. At launch in 2011, it was months ahead of its time. Now, it’s offered on plans which are significantly cheaper than the HTC One X and, to many, represents huge value for money at that price. The HTC One X is newer, more modern, has all the bells and whistles but is it really a better phone for the average user  – or, more importantly, for you.

If you are comparing the HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy S2, and anyone on a budget should, then check out the in depth analysis from Whatphone before you decide. You might just save yourself some money.

The HTC One X vs iPhone 4S

In some ways, the competition between these devices is unfair, separated, as they are, by more than 6 months between launch times. The iPhone 4S represented a relatively small step forward for users. The HTC One X came out several months later – almost literally a lifetime in mobile phone terms.

Although these are still some of the best mobiles in the Australian market, they’re not the pick of the bunch ( any more ) and their price reflects that. If having a fantastic handset, rather than the most expensive one, is what matters to you then you may well be comparing the HTC One X vs iPhone 4S. We have the warts and all review for you right here. The HTC One X vs iPhone 4S

HTC 1X vs – Closing

Whatphone obviously reviews every phone on it’s own too. You might also like to read the Geek Review of the HTC One X.or, for that matter, Kurt’s Review or Tim’s Review.

In any circumstances, Whatphone hopes these articles help you find what phone is right for you. We genuinely want to support your decision making process and give you everything you need to be sure that you’re buying the phone which will best suit your needs. If there’s something you would like to see included in these, or future comparison reviews
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