Samsung Galaxy Nexus – What phone is right for Juggernaut ?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus – Intro.

Writing this Samsung Galaxy Nexus review for Whatphone, I recall my time using the iPhone 4S (my previous phone) as one might recall being in the digital equivalent of GUANTANIMO.

The Galaxy Nexus could not be a more different phone to the iPhone. Where the iPhone is locked down to iTunes and all the vicious play school simplicity of the iOS. The Galaxy Nexus is a shining light of customization and individuality.

The Flexible Operating System

Google – who commissioned the Nexus – does not allow any telco or manufacturer to touch the “vanilla” installation of their current flagship ICS ( Ice Cream Sandwich ) operating system on any of their Nexus phones. As a result what the users are able to experience is a mobile phone more like a computer than any other phone on the market.

For example my Galaxy Nexus has 3 different browsers for getting the best out of the net… Chrome, Firefox and the default ICS browser. For a geek like me installing your own browser is a non-negotiable feature of any device that can connect to the net. In a similar style my Nexus has 2 different video players, the default one and MX Player, which is exceptional at .MKV video playback.

So what am I trying to say?

In light of the Nexus being a completely open box, you can replace several of the core apps with your own solutions. Now that I have experienced this with the Galaxy Nexus, it will be the non-negotiable feature for all my future phones.

Creating the ultimate in geek Swiss army knives:

  • Don’t like the stock music player:       Fine, download a different one…
  • Don’t like the stock web browser:      Fine, download a different one…
  • Don’t like the stock photo app:            Fine, download a different one…
  • Don’t like the stock video player:       Fine, download a different one…

You get the idea.

The Actual Nexus Look and feel

I love the design… it’s just all screen… no hardware buttons… full touch interface. The screen is typical best-of-breed Samsung awesome, and the Nexus is weighted more at the bottom which curiously allowed me to hold the phone much higher in my hand without dropping it.

Nexus Features

I get the feeling when Google ordered this phone from Samsung they simply checked all the boxes on the order form.
Yes:     NFC
Yes:    Standard headphone jack
Yes:     Micro USB
Yes:     Strange 3 pin dock thing

The only thing missing is Micro SD. However c’mon it has 16GB already, and as it’s a Google phone so all your stuff is backed up with either Drive or Picasa or Google+. I seriously don’t see the need for more storage space.

Last Points and Wrap-up

The Nexus is not going to break instantly if you drop it… I dropped mine on hard tiles and came out with few scratches. Day-to-day app operation is completely customisable. By definition the Galaxy Nexus is un-tainted by any manufacturer or Telco bloat ware.

For me this is the new (and high) benchmark in Geek mobile phones.

Interested in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

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Neil Aitken

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