Tracking Your Kids Using iOS

Tracking Your Kids Using iOS

How to locate your kids using your iPhone or iPad.

Knowing where your kids are at all times is important to help ensure their safety. If you own an iPhone, you can easily keep an eye on your kids’ location by using iPhone apps and inbuilt features. Additionally, you can also help keep your children safe by using iPhone features to find out which apps your child is using, which sites they browse and who they call using their kids plan.

Here’s how to track an iPhone or your kid’s location using iOS.

Google Location

If your child uses the Google location service, you can access their location history. While you won’t be able to find the iPhone location on a real-time basis, you can check their past location records. Follow these steps to use Google Timeline as an iPhone tracker:

  • Go to Google Maps and log-in to the Google account linked to the target iOS device.
  • Tap the hamburger icon on the top and select Timeline.
  • You will get a detailed view of the location timeline of the linked iOS device. You can change the dates and get vital details about the routes taken by your child.

Use Google Location to locate your child

Use Google Location on iPhone to track your child

Locate your child using Google Location on iPhone. Source.


Find My Friends

The Find My Friends app is the most obvious way to track your children. However, locating your child with this iPhone app requires your children to enable AirDrop and accept the request to share their location.  You might want to discuss sharing locations as a condition of having access to the family phone plans.

To do this, open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of your Home Screen and tap the AirDrop bubble, and choose Contacts Only.

Enabling AirDrop on iPhone

Enable AirDrop on iOS

How to enable AirDrop on iPhone. Source.

Now, send your child a request to share his or her location by following these instructions:

  • Open Find My Friends and touch Add.
  • Choose a person from the contact list or type the name in the To: bar.
  • Tap Done for sending the ‘share your location’ request.

If you are using iOS8 version or earlier, you’ll have to install the Find My Friends app on your device from the App Store. Launching this app shows you a map featuring pulsing dots to show the location of those who have allowed you to know their location, including your child’s phone that you’ve set up.

Track your children with Find My Friends

Use Find My Friends to track your children

Locate your kid using Find My Friends. Source.


The Messages app

You can also find out your kid’s whereabouts from within the Messages app. View the conversation thread that includes your child, tap the ⓘ icon at the top right of the screen and a map will load showing their location.

Using the Message app to locate your kid

Track your kid using the Message app on iOS

Locate your child using the Message app. Source.

You can also do this in a private conversation with your child to check his or her location. If you attempt to find their location in a shared thread, you will see the location of those who have enabled location sharing from their own device. This is a more convenient option than using the Find My Friends app because it doesn’t require AirDrop, or that a person be nearby.

Locate your child’s lost iPhone with Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a great, native solution provided by Apple to track your child remotely. This service is a part of iCloud and often used to locate a lost or stolen Apple device. With your child’s credentials for, you can track their device from your web browser or the Find My iPhone app installed on your iPhone or iPad.  It provides a map and blue dots that represent the location of the phone.

Follow these steps to learn how to locate a lost iPhone or track your kid’s location:

  • Turn on the Find my iPhone service.
  • Go to the device Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone and turn it on.

Turn on iCloud on iPhone

Turning on iCloud on iPhone

How to turn on iCloud on iPhone. Source.

  • To use this iPhone tracker, log in to the account that is already linked to the device on the iCloud website.
  • From iCloud’s home page, tap the “Find my iPhone” service.

Enabling Find my iPhone on iOS Enable Find my iPhone on iOS

 How to enable Find my iPhone on iOS. Source.

  • You’ll see a list of all linked devices on that iCloud account. Choose the target device from the top dropdown menu.

You will see the exact location of the device on the screen.

Track iPhone by IMEI

Make use of the unique IMEI number of the target iPhone to find its location. While effective, this is a lengthy approach when compared to the other methods mentioned above. First, obtain the IMEI number and use any IMEI tracker, online or software, to track the location of the device.

Prioritise Safety

Technology is far more accessible to children these days, with all the positives and negatives that go along with having access to a powerful handheld device. With the right tools, parents can use the benefits of their child owning an iPhone to their advantage, by utilising the device to know the whereabouts of their children at all times.

Out of all the options provided above, Find My Friends and Find My iPhone are the most reliable and secure ways to track your child using iOS. Using the inbuilt features that come with your iPhone can help keep your family safe and connected.

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