Unlimited Wireless Internet

Unlimited Wireless Internet

New unlimited wireless internet plans

Video calls and streaming have made wireless internet plans a top choice for Australian mobile customers. Targeting just the right amount of data needed requires a lot of calculations. Calculate wrongly and you’ll either pay for too much data or excessive extra data fees.

Customers want unlimited data

More than a third of Australians desire mobile plans with unlimited data. Source.

Hence, unlimited wireless internet plans. These plans come with data allowances that covers the needs of most people. With these plans, customers can avoid having to shell out hefty sums to pay for extra data charges after exceeding their monthly allowance. These plans are offered over the 4G network by various Australian telcos, providing users with state of the art internet connection at cost-effective rates.

4G unlimited plans 

It’s important to note that current 4G plans are technically not ‘unlimited’ — you won’t be able to enjoy state-of-the-art internet services for the rest of the month after exhausting your monthly allowance. In many cases, customers are only allowed to surf web pages and carry out other light internet activities.  Continuing with your regular internet activities for the rest of the month after exhausting their monthly bundle may incur exorbitant extra costs.

However, most Australian telcos are coming up with greater data allowances for these deals. For instance, Amaysim recently increased the data allowance of their $30, $40, and $50 plans to 10GB, 20GB, and 40GB, respectively. On average, a medium internet user consumes 1-5GB of data monthly, so these bumper data allowances are quite apt to heavy data consumption, and most users will likely not exhaust their data allowances.

But the unlimited wireless internet plans of Telstra and Optus, Australia’s largest telcos, have offerings that are much closer to the idea of ‘unlimited internet’ than similar offerings from other telcos. These plans from the two telco giants, only slow users’ data speeds down after they use up their monthly data bundles.

How 5G will change things

More data and unlimited plans will attend the introduction of 5G. The technology boasts of speeds up to 10 times faster than 4G, which will result in even more data usage. Experts believe that the greater capacity of 5G will lead to cheaper data rates and greater speeds than what is currently obtainable from 4G plans. As such, 5G will most likely bring about truly unlimited wireless internet plans with data allowances that any smartphone user can hardly exhaust within a month.

Data traffic globally

Mobile data traffic continues to increase. Source.

An example: Optus’ unlimited 5G plan

Optus are on course to be the first to materialize these 5G unlimited data plans this year. The company recently announced an upcoming release of a 5G fixed mobile broadband that will compete favorably with the best NBN plans. Currently, NBN plans are the most cost-effective for data-hungry customers.

The new unlimited data plan from Optus will come with a guaranteed minimum speed of 50Mbps (Megabytes per second) for $70 per month, while the current unlimited NBN plan costs $59.99. 50Mbps is currently the maximum loading speed offered on the second-fastest NBN speed tier, put in place to service a family of 4 heavy internet users. The new Optus plan will provide internet users with a great alternative to NBN, given that many NBN customers are currently dissatisfied with how their NBN connections have panned out so far.

Official reports say the Aussie telco giant has two 5G sites going live in Canberra and in Sydney, with 47 new sites set to go live before the summer. The company also plans to expand its 5G coverage to 1,200 sites across the country by March 2020, including sites in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth.

While Optus is guaranteeing a 50Mbps speed for the new 5G plan, the company claims that lab results show their 5G technology can deliver speeds of up to 1Gbps during peak periods. However, real-world speeds and lab speeds are usually markedly different, as real-word speeds are usually subject to the influence of several other factors, including network congestion, the user’s devices, as well as signal strength.

Final words 

Today, smartphone users consume a lot of data. From social media to video messages and streaming, using a lot of data has become the norm, and this will be even more of the case with the upcoming 5G rollout. As a result, mobile phone users are hoping for more unlimited data plans. The new Optus plan is a tell-tale sign of the types of data plans we can expect from telcos with the emergence of 5G. Given the technology’s capacity, 5G plans will most likely offer truly unlimited data plans with inexhaustible data allowances at cost-effective rates.

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